Little Bird

Little Bird is about a famous singer you all know, Ed Sheeran. I love his song Little Bird so I'm making a movellas story about it.

Carter, a 28 year old young man, is dating 26 year old Layla. They love each other and spend every text messege together. But love gets too strong. Layla has a baby, and chooses to take time wisely. Layla moves in with Carter, so they can prepare for the baby. But as time goes on, Layla has the baby. Layla is diagnosed with cancer, and can't get out of the is situation. Carter tells her she's his little bird, because Layla never gives up. This love story is one that will be making you want more.


5. Not Expected

Layla was diagnosed with breast cancer today. She is doing horrible. Her face is curled up, and she is loooking bad. Ella Marie is with my mom and dad, and our money is gone. We are selling the house, and I am living with my friend. Layla can't live this way. She can't. She is leaving love in places of the Earth where people can reach out and grab. My little bird is letting go of her branch. Or the branch is letting go of her. Layla is my girl. She makes me everything. Happy, funny, cheerful. I love Layla. I am crying. She means everything to me. She is leaving now. Her baby is sitting in a crib, waiting for mom to get home. I feel sad. Layla is going. Layla is sitting on her bed, looking at me. Fluids are running into her body, saving her heart. But it's giving its best. I hate to see Layla go. Layla is looking at me. I'm looking at her. I kneel down to touch her hand. I wipe her tears. My mom comes in and hands me Ella Marie. My mom is looking down at Layla. My dad comes in, looking down at layla, and gives my mom a hug. I never had a chance to put a ring on Layla's finger. A diamond the size of our love. The diamond would grow everyday.

'Carter," Layla whispers. "I want you to know, that I love you. You make me everything. Happy, funny, cheerful. All of that. You are my best friend. Take care of Ella Marie. She needs to live life to everything. Make sure she getts married, has a kid for each minute she lives and have a family, the size of the universe."

Layla falls on my arm, and I stroke her hair. I cry, wetting her hair. My dad rubs my back, and my mom gives me a kiss. Layla's mom comes in, with her dad, and they all surround Layla. Layla is looking up, asking for time with me and Ella Marie to be with us.

"Layla," I say, rubbing her hand. "Don't go. Stay with here with Ella Marie and me." I say.

"Carter, I have to go. I need to go. It's my time to see how it looks with my love scattered everywhere."

"Don't go." I say, tears dropping down.

"Carter, I have to." layla says.

"My little bird. Don't fly away." Layla says.

"Carter, I have to go." Layla says crying.

"My little bird. Don't go. Don't let them beat you up." I say.

Layla is letting go, and falling down.

"Layla! Don't go! I love you Layla! I love you! Don't go! Layla!" I scream.

The machine told us it's time. Layla says one word.

"Carter, don't let me go. Leave me here. With you and Ella Marie." Layla whispers.

I hold Layla's hand. She lets go, rolls Ella Marie to me, and Layla's body is lying on a bed. My little bird has flown away.


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