Little Bird

Little Bird is about a famous singer you all know, Ed Sheeran. I love his song Little Bird so I'm making a movellas story about it.

Carter, a 28 year old young man, is dating 26 year old Layla. They love each other and spend every text messege together. But love gets too strong. Layla has a baby, and chooses to take time wisely. Layla moves in with Carter, so they can prepare for the baby. But as time goes on, Layla has the baby. Layla is diagnosed with cancer, and can't get out of the is situation. Carter tells her she's his little bird, because Layla never gives up. This love story is one that will be making you want more.


4. House Buying

Never buy a house that need work. This house is full of stuff. Mold in the corners, stains, everything. Its gross. Layla is having her baby in October. Now being that its close to that time, what will we do? Its October 17, and nothing is going on. Nothing. Mom and dad are fighting about moving to somewhere, Layla and I are fighting and my family needs money.

A few days later

Layla had her baby. We named her Ella Marie. Ella Marie's room is a tan room. We shoved a crib in the corner and had a mirror in the corner. Her closet is full of stuff.

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