Little Bird

Little Bird is about a famous singer you all know, Ed Sheeran. I love his song Little Bird so I'm making a movellas story about it.

Carter, a 28 year old young man, is dating 26 year old Layla. They love each other and spend every text messege together. But love gets too strong. Layla has a baby, and chooses to take time wisely. Layla moves in with Carter, so they can prepare for the baby. But as time goes on, Layla has the baby. Layla is diagnosed with cancer, and can't get out of the is situation. Carter tells her she's his little bird, because Layla never gives up. This love story is one that will be making you want more.


1. Hang Out

It's Friday night. Mom and Dad are out of town. Today I was going to the best bar in town, McDaniels Wine and Liquor.

I grabbed my phone from my nightstand and looked at my text message from Layla.Layla is my girlfriend who I've been dating for a while now. It was seven o'clock and I was thinking of what to wear. I threw on an Areopastale t-shirt and jeans. I slipped on socks and tied up my sneakers. I threw a mint in my mouth and dashed out the door. I hopped into my new car and drove peacefully to Layla's house. I checked my phone. Six thirty. I arrived at Layla's house. Her house was old, but in good shape wooden house. The brown paint peeled by the door. I rang the doorbell, and out popped a young, medium woman. Her hair was laying on her shoulders, the rest was on her back. She wore a tight, pink dress up to her knees. She wore a white shall over her shoulders.

"You look great!" I said with a smile.

She looked at me from top to bottom, smiling. "You too!"

I held out my hand, and her skinny hand grabbed my big hand.

"Carter, are you still playing college football? Your arms look larger." Layla said, holding my hand.

"Yeah I am. I've been working out too. Why did you ask?" I asked

"Your arms just looked bigger." Layla said, looking up to me.

"Alright enough of telling me how good I look get in the car." I said, laughing.

"McDaniels Bar and Liquor here I come." Layla said, looking down the road, smiling.

"McDaniels Bar and Liquor, here we come." I said, speeding down the road.

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