Set this word on fire (Janoskians Fanfiction)

Amanda Stevens moves to Australia over the summer she meets someone on the plane. Jai Brooks. Jai falls for Amanda in a matter of minutes. But then so does someone else in the Janoskians...

Amanda has to pick over the two and soon when she picks, regrets she made the wrong choice... Or did she make the right choice? Amanda loves both of them and cant stand to see either one of them hurt. No wonder its a hard choice that leads to hospital rooms, crying, regret, and shock.

(I wrote this story when I was 11, now that my writing skills have improved, I am working on the highly requested sequel! (: )


11. Sequel!

Hey readers who are notified when I post a new chapter!

I AM BACK!!! (: 

I posted a comment if you wanna go read the whole story about my disappearance :O

I don't know if I even put why I left in there haha. 

Well, anyway, I decided to finally make a sequel anddddddddddddd




Go read it, leave feedback, and tell me if my writing has improved or not. 


Or don't.


I mean it's your option to do so or not.


I would appreciate it though.


M'kay I talk too much. 


Byeeeeeeee ~ Alyssa <3

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