Set this word on fire (Janoskians Fanfiction)

Amanda Stevens moves to Australia over the summer she meets someone on the plane. Jai Brooks. Jai falls for Amanda in a matter of minutes. But then so does someone else in the Janoskians...

Amanda has to pick over the two and soon when she picks, regrets she made the wrong choice... Or did she make the right choice? Amanda loves both of them and cant stand to see either one of them hurt. No wonder its a hard choice that leads to hospital rooms, crying, regret, and shock.

(I wrote this story when I was 11, now that my writing skills have improved, I am working on the highly requested sequel! (: )


8. Chapter 8: Baby come back <3


Jai's pov

I over to Amanda's side and grabbed her hand. "No.No.No.No.No! Please god no!" I said and started to cry. A doctor and some nurses ran in and rolled Amanda away causing me to have to let her hand go. I started to brake down in tears even more then her mother. I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder. I looked over to see Jake half smiling at me. "It will be okay Jai. I-I found this in her room." He said and handed me a piece of paper that was folded. I wiped my tears and opened the note:

 Dear Jai,

Jai by the time you read this I'm dead. Im sorry. Im sorry for yelling at you and saying that I wish I never met you. That day on the plane was the best day of my life and I'm so happy I knew you. Please dont cry over me- Im not worth your tears. But I just want you to know... I made up my mind. I chose you Jai. I love you

Xxx. -Amanda. <3


She loved me... And I loved her... 


  Amanda's pov

"I-im dead?!" I said confused. "Yes.. But if you have a reason to stay alive.. You can go back down. Whats your reason Amanda?" "Love." "Ah. I get that...A lot!" Alex smiled. "Whats his name?" "Jai.." "Well Amanda. I can tell you really love Jai, Im letting you go back down." "Thank you so much Alex!" I said and hugged her and she hugged back. "I love you" I said. "Love you too." Everything started to go back to noramal. I started to see the hospital room again... "OH! And tell mom I said Hi and that I love her!" Alex yelled before she almost disappered. "I will!" I yelled back. And before I knew it I shot my eyes open and saw doctors and nurses around me. They all back away and a nurse gave me some pills and helped me sit up. They all left and before I knew it my mom,Jake,and those boys came running in. "Do you know who I am the doctor said you had memory loss." My mom said and hugged me. "Of corse mom. And then theres Jake, Jai, Beau, James... and Im sorry I forgot you guys...." I said. "Im Luke and thats Skip or Daniel." "Oh yea!" I smiled. "Can I talk to Amanda alone?"  Jai said. Everyone left and I looked over at Jai. "Jake showed me the note you wrote me... And I love you too... And I mean it not in the friend way but Amadna I lo-" He said and I crashed my lips on to his. He kissed back and I smiled. I finally have it right this time.


Luke's pov

I walked to the waiting room and sat down by a girl with brown hair and blue eyes. "Uh, Hi Im Luke." She looked up and smiled. "Taylor." "Thats a beautiful name! So why are you here?" "Ah, my little sister got a barbie shoe stuck in her finger and I dont even know how thats possible!" She said and she started to laugh. I also laughed. "What about you?" She smiled. "Well. My friend tried to commit suicide and she went into a coma, she died for about 5 minutes but shes fine now. And by the looks of it she and my brother might be making out." I said.

             Its been about an hour since Taylor and I met and I think Im in love. "Come on Luke!" Amanda yelled. "Er, Taylor I have to go... Can I have your number?" I said and blushed. "Sure." She smiled and she wrote her number on a piece of paper and I did the same. We exchanged the papers and I gave her a hug. "Bye Ill text you later." I said and followed Amanda and Jai out the door. "Bye!" Taylor shouted after me. I smiled to myself. Yep Im in love. No doubt about it. "Someones in looove." Amanda said once we got in the car and she satrted to care at me. "Yea..." I said and blushed. "Details now!" "Her names Taylor and shes really  fun,outgoing,loud, and quirky." "Dude text her now and ask her out!!" Amanda yelled in my face causing the boys to laugh. "Someones feeling better." I mumbled. "Yep! Now text her!" "OKAY." I got out my phone and tapped the contact I made for Taylor. 'Hey Taylor! Its Luke. I was wondering if you wanted to uh.. go out some time?' I looked it over nervously. I clicked send. "There!" I said and Amanada smiled. "THANK THE LORD!" She screamed. I felt my phone vibrate. I opened my texts and saw that Taylor responed....



Dere! Sorry I didnt update yesterday I was busy... and sick :( Im stil sick too :( ANYWAY. I hoped you liked it even though it sucked unicorn balls. Love you guys! (Not like that just like a friend :/ )

                           Xxx. -Alyssa



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