Set this word on fire (Janoskians Fanfiction)

Amanda Stevens moves to Australia over the summer she meets someone on the plane. Jai Brooks. Jai falls for Amanda in a matter of minutes. But then so does someone else in the Janoskians...

Amanda has to pick over the two and soon when she picks, regrets she made the wrong choice... Or did she make the right choice? Amanda loves both of them and cant stand to see either one of them hurt. No wonder its a hard choice that leads to hospital rooms, crying, regret, and shock.

(I wrote this story when I was 11, now that my writing skills have improved, I am working on the highly requested sequel! (: )


7. Chapter 7: Flash Back.

 Amanda's POV

Beau started to leave but I quickly grabbed his arm. "Is something wrong Am-" he started to say. I cut him off and kisses him, and he kissed back. I pulled away after a couple minutes and he was smiling. "Wow." He said. I smiled. "Now get out of here before the boys get suspicious." I said. "Ok bye. Oh and before I forget here's your bag." He handed me my bag"Thanks and bye" he walked out and I flopped on my bed. That kiss... It felt just like Jai's. both of their lips were perfect match to mine. Same sparks with both of them... There's no way to pick one of them.

I checked my phone and its been two hours since Beau and I kissed. I also got a text from Jai. I opened it and it said 'I saw you kiss Beau...' I quickly texted back.
Me- Oh..
Jai- Yea
Me- I'm sorry.
Jai- I understand you like him not me.
Me- No it's not that I just like both of you equally.
Jai- ...yea ok...
Me- Whatever Jai. I wished that I never met you that day on the plane and that I never moved here!

I put my phone down and walked into my bathroom. I looked in the mirror and I hadn't realized I was crying. I looked like a wreak my hair was messed up, my makeup was smeared, and my eyes were red and puffy. Why did I say that! I just lost my only friends. I'm such a fuck up. I locked the door and grabbed a razor. I'm ending my life now. Then I started cutting watching each blood drip fall into my white sink... Then everything went black and the last thing I remember is my mom shouting for me to get ready or dinner and her pounding on the door.

"Where I'm I?" I said. Everything was black and I was the only one there. I kept hearing crying. I looked up and I saw two people sitting there, my mom and Jake sitting in chairs crying. Then a younger man walked in wearing a white coat. "It's positive that's she's in a coma." He said. Wait what? I'm in a coma? Or is someone else in a coma, I'm confused. I could see and hear everything but why could I move? Maybe I was the one in the coma. The man in the coat walked out and 5 more teenaged boys walked in. "BEAU!" Jake screamed. He ran over and hugged a nice looking boy. "Hey jake." He responded. I'm still confused though. "How is she?" One of the guys asked, he was wearing a gray beanie. "She's fine, but she's in a coma." My mom said said.

**3 days later Jai's pov**

Day 4 of Amanda's coma. I haven't left her side since. Her mom and brother left the night she came. The boys stayed for a while but James and Skip had to leave because their moms wanted them too. Beau was really depressed and left about after an hour on the first day and hasn't came back. I wanted to be alone with Amanda so I sent Luke to watch Beau.. Even though he's almost twenty. The nurse came in and handed me a sandwich. "Thank you ma'am" I said. She smiled at walked out. I looked at Amanda. She still looked as beautiful as the day I first met her...

**Flash back**

"Beau please just be quite." I said. "NO. WHY AREN'T YOU ANSWERING YOUR KEEK WAR?!?!" He shouted causing the whole airport to stare at us. I quickly pushed him to the boarding area where the other boys were. We boarded as Beau wouldn't stop shouting. "ANSWER YOUR KEEK WAR. ANSWER YOUR KEEK WAR. ANSWER YOUR KEEK WAR." It's hard to believe he'll be twenty soon. I looked for my seat and in my row I saw the most beautiful girl ever. She had dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, she was wearing a bright blue beanie that matched her eyes and made them stand out, she was also wearing a Call of Duty Black Ops II shirt like mine. "EARTH TO FREAKING JAI." Beau shouted in my face. I looked at him and slapped him. I glanced back over at the girl and she was looking at us trying no to laugh. "Shut up Beau. Your really annoying sometimes." I said and walked over to my seat by the girl. I sat down and said "hey, I'm Jai." "Amanda." I smiled. The perfect name for the perfect girl. "I like your shirt by the way." I said. "I like yours too." She responded. "Twenty questions?" I said and smiled. "Heck yea!" She shouted. A couple people looked at us including Skip and James who have me a thumbs up. But you know I flipped them off and she laughed. "Ok so favorite animal?" I asked. "Erm... zebra? Favorite color?" "Gray. Best band?" "Hmm gray. Interesting. I say The wanted or the Fray. Ducks or Geese?" "Ducks! Geese poop everywhere! I mean haw they not heard if a public restroom! And even if they haven't doesn't mean they have to poop all over the freaking sidewalk!" I said causing Amanda to laugh and almost cry. I started laughing too, and before we knew it most of the plane was looking at us weirdly. We kept laughing and a flight attendant had to come over and tell us to be quiet or she'll kick us off the plane. "But mrs? We're in mid air you can kick us off! WAIT. I have fucking wings! This is going to be EPIC." Amanda said. I started to laugh and the flight attendant to roll her eyes and walk away. "That's right you bitch just walk away." Amanda said in between laughs. After a couple more minutes we calmed down and I suggested we play dare or dare. Which she accepted. "Erm... I dare you to go up to... Her." I said pointed at a teenaged girl sleeping on a teenaged boys shoulder. "And start dancing and singing to One Direction then walk away." I smiled. "Erm... Okay!" She got up and started singing One Direction 'what makes you beautiful' in an annoying tone and danced the sprinkler and shopping cart. Then she strutted back over to me and sat down. "Boom." She said and we both started laughing.

**end of flash back**


I went and grabbed Amanda's hand. I want to see her bright blue eyes shine into mine. I miss her so much. I over reacted about her kissing Beau, if she likes him she does. I cant change that. I got up and kissed her cheek. Just because she likes Beau doesnt mean I cant still love her.


Amanda's pov

It was still pitch black and I couldnt see anymore, only hear. I kept trying to push to the top where a little light shone through. I jumped and jumped. Nothing. I didnt evem get an inch closer. "Amanda? I know you might not be able to hear me but I kept trying to tell you this time after time, I love you." I didnt know whos voice that was. "I love you too!" I covered my mouth. My whole body gave me the earge to shout that. But I dont think he was able to hear me. "I love you too!" I shouted even louder. Still nothing. It suddenly got all cold and all white. I started walking and I saw a girl my age wearing white. "Um, hello?" I asked. She turned around and she looked just like me. "Hi" She said and smiled. "Im Alex." "Im Amanda." "Dont worry I know who you are." "How?" "Im your twin sister." My twin? I have a twin?! "What?" "I died during the birth. I manged to still grow old in heaven." "Woah Woah Woah. Im in heaven? Im I dead or something?" "Yes, you're dead."


Jai's pov

I called the boys after Amanda's mom and brother got there and they arrived in a matter of minutes. "Hey guys." I said. "Hi." They all said at the same time. "Snything new Jai?" Jake said. "No." BEEEEEP! I looked over and the line on Amanda's meter was stright.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AUTHORS NOTE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Woah! What a shock! Amanda is dead :O New chapter tomorrow possibly, latest would be Thursday? Yea Thursday. Give me feedback (Comment), favorite, and be a fan of my book :) Thanks!


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