Set this word on fire (Janoskians Fanfiction)

Amanda Stevens moves to Australia over the summer she meets someone on the plane. Jai Brooks. Jai falls for Amanda in a matter of minutes. But then so does someone else in the Janoskians...

Amanda has to pick over the two and soon when she picks, regrets she made the wrong choice... Or did she make the right choice? Amanda loves both of them and cant stand to see either one of them hurt. No wonder its a hard choice that leads to hospital rooms, crying, regret, and shock.

(I wrote this story when I was 11, now that my writing skills have improved, I am working on the highly requested sequel! (: )


5. Chapter 5: Bros before hoes...

Amanda's pov

I really had no idea where I was going. I just ran. To get away from him. To get away from the boys. To get away from life. I stopped and looked around. Now I knew where I was, I was at the street where the diner is. I walked into the diner and only a couple old people where there. I walked to the back and sat in a booth in the back. I got why phone and and surprisingly it didnt get wet. I saw I had 10 messages from James. 5 messages and 2 calls from Skip, 20 messages and 5 calls from Luke. 25 messages from Beau. And 30 messages and 10 calls from Jai. I just switched off my phone, if I stay away from them they wont get hurt anymore. I just want to go back home. I want to have never met Jai on the plane. None of this wouldn't have happened. I sat there and hung my head in shame. Alex was right...I should start cutting again...


Beau's pov

I pulled into the diner. "Beau! We dont have time to eat we need to find Amanda!" Jai shouted. "Shes in there!" I shouted back. It was still pouring out and starting to storm even harder, and the winds where picking up. I told the boys to stay in the car and I went into the diner. I looked in the back, and there she was. Still bawling her eyes out. I ran over to her and hugged her. "Its ok Mands." Mands was her nickname from me. She just kept crying. "I mess everything up." She said. "No you dont." I looked at her and kissed her cheek. "Come on babe lets get back to my house." She nodded in response. We walked out side still pouring and I hugged her close to me and walked her to the car. She got in and sat on Jai's lap. We drove back quitely beside some sniffles from Mands. We pulled into our driveway and Jai carried Mands in bridal style. "I can walk you know." Amanda said quietly. "I know but I want to carry you" He smiled. We went inside and Jai brought Amanda up to his room. Then everyone fell asleep.


Jai's pov

I brought Amanda to my room and I gave her, her pj pants and her tank top and she got changed into them. I took off my shirt and changed into sweat pants. Amanda already got into bed so I crawled in next to her and I put my arms around her and she put her head in my chest. "Amanda?" She lifted her head and looked me in the eyes. "Yea?" "I-I love you." I said it. I finally told her I loved her. I just pray that she feels the same way. "I love you too." She smiled and placed her head back on my chest and went to sleep. She loved me. She really loved me. But what if she thought it was a friendship 'I love you'... Then Im in deep trouble. Im falling to hard to fast.


 The next day...**Still Jai's pov**

I woke up and Amanda wasnt there. I put on a shirt and woke up Luke,James,Skip,and Beau. We all walked down to the kitchen and living room and she still wasn't there. "Where is she?" I asked "Who?" Beau asked. "Really. The only girl here." Skip said "OH! Mands" Beau said. "Took you long enough" I mumbled. "Wasn't she sleeping with you?" James asked. "Yes but when I woke-" "Hey!" I turned and Amanda jumped down the last few steps."Where have you been missy?!" Skip did his gay voice again and but his hand on his hip. "Putting on clothes." She said in a 'Duh' voice. "Hey Amanda can I talk to you alone outside?" I asked. "Sure" She responded. We walked outside. "Whats up?" She asked. "Erm, last night...How did you mean the 'I love you' I just dont want to take it the wrong way." My hands started to sweat. God please say the realthionship way. "Oh, I do really love you Jai I ment it more as a friend way though.Your brothers also like me.... Your guy's brotherhood is way more important then my love life. Bros before hoes right?" She smiled and gave me a hug.


Amanda's pov

"Erm, last night....How did you mean the 'I love you' I just don't want to take it the wrong way." My stomach churned. I loved him. To death. I would die for him. But...I dont want to ruin his realthionship with his brothers. "Oh,I really do love you Jai I ment it more as a friend way though. But your brother also like me... Your guy's brotherhood is way more important then my lovelife. Bros before hoes right?" I smiled and hugged him. What the hell did I just do?! Why didnt I just say 'I ment it the way you think I did' "Oh ok." Jai said,he sounded depressed. "Why dont we do the drink a bottle of ketchup challenge and the winning team gets to throw eggs at the losers?" I said trying to cheer him up. "YES!" He shouted he ran inside grabbed the car keys and ran into the car. I followed him to the car and got in the passanger seat.

     "No get the bigger bottles of ketchup!" I said and I grabbed 6 bottles of  ketchup and up them in the cart. We already had 3 dozen eggs and we grabbed some water guns and a giant stuffed bear. We went to the check out line and everyone was looking at us weird. "That will be $38.52." The check out lady said. Jai got out his wallet and paid. We grabbed the bags and ran to the car. We pulled out and I turned up the radio. The Fray 'You Found Me' Came on and I sang along while Jai just smiled at me.

            "So for today's video you are drinking bottles of ketchup with our bestfriend Amanda." James said. "It was her idea too,and if you throw up to lose. And the winner team plets the losers with eggs." Jai added. "The teams are Amanda and Beau. Jai and Luke. And James and I." Skip said. "Ready.....Set....GO!" Beau shouted we all grabbed a bottle of ketchup and stuck a straw in the top and started to drink the ketchup. Frist sip it was good. Next sip it was ok. Thrid sip I was sick of it. I manged to finish first though "Done!" I shouted. "Come on Beau we need to win!" James and Skip already threw up so they lost. Luke finished his second and Jai was almost done with his. Beau only had about 2 skips left "Come on Beau!" "DONE!" Beau shouted. "YES!!!!" I screamed. "IN YOUR FACE." I get really competive. I looked at Beau and we both had a evil smile. We grabbed the eggs and pelted the guys with them. I smashed one on Jai's head and he grabbed one and smashed it on me. I grabbed a ketchup bottle and threw it and him. "Amanda you got something right there." Jai said. "Where?" "There" He kissed me. "All gone." He smiled. "Awkward" Skip said.I turned around and all the guys were staring at us....


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