Set this word on fire (Janoskians Fanfiction)

Amanda Stevens moves to Australia over the summer she meets someone on the plane. Jai Brooks. Jai falls for Amanda in a matter of minutes. But then so does someone else in the Janoskians...

Amanda has to pick over the two and soon when she picks, regrets she made the wrong choice... Or did she make the right choice? Amanda loves both of them and cant stand to see either one of them hurt. No wonder its a hard choice that leads to hospital rooms, crying, regret, and shock.

(I wrote this story when I was 11, now that my writing skills have improved, I am working on the highly requested sequel! (: )


2. Chapter 2: Heart Brake

*****Theres some bad words, read at your own risk :)*****

2 Days later

Amanda's pov

I finally finished packing everything. I pulled out my phone, Im happy mom signed me up for the world wide plan. I tapped on Jai's contact on my Iphone. I tapped text. Then I typed in 'Hey :) Just finished unpacking. Still up for the skate park? Xx." Within seconds he texted back 'Yea! The boys are gonna come to, is that okay?' I smiled. 'Yea, thats fine!' I typed in my adress and hit send. I got out of bed when he texted back 'K, be there in 15 minutes.' I smiled. I ran to my personal bathroom and strightened my hair. I put on one coat of mascara and some blue eyeliner. I went to my closet, I pulled out some black ripped shorts and put those on. I also put on a pink short sleve shirt and black converse. I grabbed a pink beanie and put that on also. I was ready and had 5 minutes until they got here. My skate board was by the door already. I went into the kitchen. "Mom Im hanging out with the guys from the plane today." I said. "Okay hunny, no sex" She winked. I laughed "Mom!" "Im kidding, but really no sex your 16." I smiled. I heard a knock on the door. "Bye mom." "Bye hun." I answered the door and saw all the guys there with skate boards. "Hey!" Jai said. "Hey." I grabbed my board. "Leggo!" "I think were to old for leggos Amanda." Beau said. I rolled my eyes. "Lets go!"


Beau's pov

I think Amanda's perfect. Shes really pretty, and she skates! Never saw that coming! We got to the skate park and we all started skating. Luke had some trouble and Amanda was helping him. "Your hopeless to teach Luke!" She giggled. "Oh shut it!" Luke said and smiled. Once Luke got a hang of it I grabbed a empty water bottle of mine and threw it at him and he fell off. "EY!" Everyone started laughing. Then Amanda's phone rang. "Hold on guys." She walked over to the park at started talking. "Bet it her boyfriend." Jai said annoyed "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!" She screamed into her phone. "Yea thats not her boyfriend." Skip said. We laughed. I looked over and saw her in tears and not talking on the phone anymore. "Shes crying guys." I said while getting up and walking over to her. "Hey you ok?" I asked. "J-just go." She said and walked away. She got back out her phone and called someone else. I walked back over to the boys "What happened?" I just shrugged and looked back at her.


Amanda's pov

"Hey Alex!" I said, shes my bestfriend back home. "Amanda your gonna be mad." She said she sounded really angry. "Whats up?" I said. It was silent. "Alex?" "Jacob...He might have had sex" I teared up. "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!" I screamed into the phone. "Im sorry Amanda!" She started crying "Dont ever talk to me again. I hate you Alex" I hung up on her and bawled my eyes out. "Are you ok?" I heard someone ask I looked up and saw Beau. "J-just go" I managed to say. I walked away and called Jacob. "Hey Babe!" He said. "Dont 'Babe' me you asshole!" I said. "Oh.. She told you." He said quitely. "NO FUCKING HELL SHE TOLD ME! YOU DONT GO AROUND HAVING SEX WITH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS BEST FRIEND." I screamed. I glanced at the boys they were all staring at me with worry in their eyes. "Listen babe Im sorry I was drunk and one thing led to another.." "You could have stopped if you cared..." I said quitely. "We're over Jacob, dont ever call or text me again." I hung up and kept in the tears. I walked over to the boys. "Sorry guys... I have to go.." I grabbed my skate board and started walking away. But then I felt someones hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Jai. He looked me and the eyes and mouthed 'Go ahead' he hugged me and I hugged back and started bawling my eyes out. The other boys came and we had a group hug. I cried until I was out of tears. "T-thanks guys. I-I should go now" I said. "Nope! Your going to our house for pizza and a sleep over!" Beau said. "You need friends right now." I smiled and jumped on his back. "Away you pesant!" I giggled. We started walking back to Jai,Luke,and Beau's house.


"GIVE ME THE PIZZA SKIP!" James yelled. I laughed. "Have mine" I handed him my pizza. "No you need to eat" He looked at me. "Im not hungry." I said. He shrugged and ate it. "Thanks" I took out my phone 57 text messages and 20 calls from Jacob, 32 calls and 98 text messages from Alex, 6 Messages and 1 call from mom. I looked at my mom's texts. 'Hey hun! How things?' 'Hun? Are you ok?' 'Hunny! I said no sex! ;)' 'At least use a condom.' 'Please?' 'Where are you! Dinner is done and over with!' I texted her back 'Dont worry mom, Im spending the nights and Jai's ok?' She texted back 2 seconds later 'Ok...Whos Jai?' I laughed. 'A guy from the plane. All the guys are staying over.' 'Ok hun, just no sex without a condom' I almost chocked on my water when I read that. I started laughing really hard. "What?" Luke said. I gave him my phone and he read the texts out loud and we all started cracking up. "Your moms awesome" Skip said. "Yea" I said. "Im bored" James said. "Lets play darts!" Beau screamed and ran into their game room. We all followed him "Whos playing.. ME!" Beau screamed "Me" Skip said "Me" James said "I will" Luke said. "Me also!" Jai yelled. They all looked at me "Im good" I smiled and pulled out my phone and started reading Jacob's texts mostly 'Please babe! Forgive me!' and 'I love you!' and the most popular one 'Babe! I love you! Please! We used a condom!' Then I read Alex's texts. They were mostly 'Im sorry please forgive me!' And 'Please your my bestfriend!' But then there was the last one 'Ok fine stay mad at me you bitch! Jacob has the most sexyest body in the world! You are fat ugly and worthless! No wonder he had sex with me! GO DIE! Your a waste of space and air! Maybe you should start cutting again! But this time your neck instead! Your dad left because of you! I mean I would be ashamed if you were my daughter too! Bye Bitch!' I started to tear up. I got up and walked outside leaving the boys standing there confused.


Luke's pov

"BULLS EYE!" I shouted. "Im winning Im winning!" I bragged. I looked over and saw Amanda on her phone reading something and tearing up. I nudged the boys. "Guys." I said. Just then Amanda got up and walked outside leaving me confused. I started following her and turned to the boys. "Are you going to stand there or what?" I asked annoyed then I started following Amanda again. They all started to follow me. When we got outside she wasnt there at all. "Ill go look around the block. Skip stay here in case she comes back James go look up and down the streets Beau see if shes at her house and Jai go to the skate park." I said and we all seprated looking for Amanda.


Beau's pov

I cant understand why she would run away. I walked up to her house and knocked on the door and her mum answered. "Hello can I help you?" She asked. "Im one of Amanda's friends from the plane, is she here?" "Im sorry no...She told me that she was spending the night at Jai's house with you guys." "She was but she walked out of the house crying and I was wondering if she came here." "Im sorry no, Ill try and call her come on in" I walked in and she closed the door. She walked over to the phone and called Amanda. "Im sorry no answer. Your welcome to wait here for a little while if she comes back." She smiled. "Thanks." Then a little boy who I guessed was Amanda's brother walked down. "HI! Im Jake!" He smiled. "Hey there Im Beau." I smiled back.


Jai's pov

I ran, no I sprinted to the skate park. I heard crying and a bunch of swearing. I walked over to the park and I saw Amanda. She was crying on a swing and had a razor in her hand. I stopped. "No" She said. She threw the razor into the lake and cried. I ran over and hugged her and she hugged back. "Its ok babe. Hes just a jerk. You deserve better." She just sat there crying. "Its not that. Its the person he had sex with. I-it was my bestfriend." She showed me a text on her phone from

her 'Bestfriend' I couldnt think that anyone would say that to her, shes beautiful, skinny, and perfect. "Amanda, your perfect." I said looking into her eyes and she looked back into mine. I slowly leaned in and kissed her and she kissed back. I pulled away and smiled. "Lets get back so the boys dont worry about you. Luke was almost ripping his head off." She giggled "Ok." She said. We started walking back to my house hand in hand.



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