living in a lie


2. salt tree lake

It was a calm morning in salt tree lake. The small town lay hidden between the two mountain ranges separating the lake side village from the world outside. The small houses in the town were bright pastel colours, standing out compared to the crystal waters of the lake. There were no fish (that you and me know) but instead bright creatures that move so fast they could swallow you whole within two seconds. Despite the clear water the creatures, locally known as ocean haunters, would hide between the coral reefs waiting for their prey, which they draw in using their beauty. Soaring in the majestical; purple skies are the birds. With only one type of bird, beautiful but deadly, they occupy most of the trees in the town. Swarming in summer and nesting in the tall trees surrounding the lake. On this morning the light of the sun managed to creep across the land, peeking over the mountains to the welcome eyes of the town.

Sitting by the lake, writing in her journal, was Leslie. Her golden locks cascaded down her back; sparkling in the sun. Scrawling down thoughts in her journal she managed to stay well away from the water, she had learned by now the dangers the water held and she was not going to end up going the same way as her primary teacher. She looked up at the mountains and wished they weren't there, how she longed to see the world outside. Of course there were many stories circling Salt tree lake but no one she knew well enough had ever been, as people called it, outside. Suddenly a dark feathered bird swooped down from the nearby tree. Leslie ran faster than she ever had before, they'd been taught this at school, see a bird and run, find the nearest shelter and hide. A house appeared on the horizon, lunging for the doorknob she was glad to find it was her grandpa's house. She slammed the door shut and leant against it in relief, letting out a breath and hugging her journal to her chest.

She shuffled to the lounge glad to see her grandpa in his chair. When she looked at his face she saw a hint of a smile and settled down on the sofa opposite. Turning to her he asked her if she wanted to hear a story. She nodded and he began.

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