living in a lie


3. grandpa's story

"It began last week, I was hiking up the mountains. The ranger had told me to be careful of the birds but I didn't listen. In fact it seemed like he was trying to get me not to hike at all. Of course your old grandpa doesn't listen to anyone but himself," he chuckled to himself and then continued. "After many days I got out of this hell hole and saw the outside." his face was alight with a glowing smile and his eyes twinkled as he described his adventure. "I had to climb the steep mountain first though, that would have been hard enough as it was but I also had to hunt. Unfortunately I forgot to bring food. I thought it would only take a day or so. You've heard all those stories people tell, about how they get outside within six hours, well I thought I could be one of those people." at that point she chuckled everyone knew her grandpa wasn't considered the most athletic man in the town. "On the second day I was past starving and found a bird nest that looked like it had fallen from the nearest tree. I ate the eggs in it quickly but the bird returned as I was eating the last egg. I tried to run but this was one of the fast ones that live up in the mountains. It was obvious I wouldn't be able to get away in time so I snagged a branch and crouched down, when the bird went down for what would have been  the killing swoop I speared it and killed it. I spent all of that night walking and in the morning I was very tired. I came to the bottom of the mountain and was so happy. In fact I skipped the rest of the way to a nearby city. It was magical, there were moving vehicles they call cars, they move fast and they're all different colours. The sky is the most amazing colour, blue! Can you believe that? Blue! The ground is green, not yellow." there was a look of awe on his face as he spoke but then it darkened. "But there is a reason for this story, other than for me to boast. This whole world we live in is a lie. Everything we know is wrong." she looked at him with disbelief and shook her head. "Stop it grandpa-" she began but he cut her off. "It's true I spoke to the people in the town, they showed me. It's you, you're the key." she got up off the sofa and walked to the door, journal in hand. "I'll come back when you've gained some sense." she announced as she stomped out the door. How stupid did he think she was, this is a lie. What did they do to him over there, he might not even have gone, maybe he had just lost it like most of the old people in the town did.




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