District 1. - Catching Fire

From District 1's POV. Kasee is just an average 17 year old girl. Aside from three things. 1- She's from District 1. 2- She's a victor of the 73rd Hunger Games. 3- She's madly in love with a boy she barely knows from District 12.

She met him when his father brought him to personally deliver bread through District 1. They fell in love whilst he was there for around a week or so. Then he left. She doesn't train like a career from her District should. She sees it as rule breaking. Then she volunteered for a twelve year old girl in the reapings. She met Finnick again but this time in the games. She won those games.

Now it's the 75th Hunger Games- The Quater Quell. Victors are to be reaped. Rebellions are to be started. Uprisings are to lead to more.


4. Chapter 4.

I keep my eyes closed as I feel myself being carried and placed on a padded table. No not a table, it's a bed. I decide to open my eyes. I sit up but feel a pulling sensation in both of my arms. There are wires hanging out of them leading to some machinery. I look at my leg. It's in the position it should be. Not twisted. I attempt to lift it, it doesn't work. I go into panic mode making a machine beep loudly and two people run in. Haymitch. And a man. I think he's District 12. I remember him from Katniss' first games, the one she volunteered for. He carried her sister, Prim, away.

"Calm down, relax, your ok." He says, calmingly. I lay back down again.

"My... my leg wont move." I say nervously. The man stares at Haymitch as if to ask what his response should be. "Why wont it move? Tell me straight." Haymitch signals for him to leave. He then sits on the side of my bed.

"That's what I need to talk to you about. When you twisted it, you snapped all the nerves in your leg, smashed your bones with your landing and there's practically no way of reparing it." Any expression I had on my face has been wiped clean off. Snapped nerves. Smashed bones. No way of reparing it. "There's uhh only two options. Amputate and clean it up a bit or amputate and fit you with a mechanical but real looking leg. You don't have to decide today." He goes outside. I just lay back and close my eyes for a brief moment before re-opening them to find the man and Haymitch. "We found you a wheelchair." The District 12 boy lifts me into the chair. I can't even feel my leg. They push the chair through the hospital on board and into the main room. Katniss is sat on the sofa next to Peeta. Katniss looks up at me and the guy from 12.

"Gale!" She yells running up to him open arms for a hug. Haymitch wheels me over to the sofa. I look straight at Peeta's leg. The one that was replaced. He catches me staring at it and I look away.

"It's ok." He says trying not to look at my leg. "Were you given a choice about your leg?" I nod. "Say yes to this." He says, kicking his leg into the air and lowering it again. I smile and he smiles a cheeky smile back. There's something about that smile... Finnick. That's how he smiled.

"Is it fully functional?" I blurt out, I cover my mouth in shock of what I've just asked.

He laughs as he answers. "Yep. Kicking, walking, running, climbing, anything you want." That's impressive. "As fully functional as a normal working leg." He says. There's something about his voice. He can make anything better. Like Finnick could.

"We're almost at 13." Says the head gamemaker. The head gamemaker. Why is he here? "Hello Kasee."

"Hello..." I'm not sure what I should call him. "Hello." I decide that's all I'll say.

"We should be landing in about 5 minutes. I'm going to pry Katniss and Gale apart before we land." He says jokingly before walking off. Peeta stares at Gale with envy. Not just I want that type of envy but proper envy.

"I see you're not taking Katniss and Gale too well." I say as nicely as I can.

"I love Katniss. I'll never stop loving her, but I gave her the choice. Me or Gale. She chose Gale. I'll try to move on. I'm ok with it, really." I can tell he's not but I decide to drop the topic of Katniss and Gale. "Looks like we're landing." He says as everyone starts seatbelting up. Peeta straps my wheelchair to the wall with the safety straps and straps himself into the chair next to me. I'm going to try to move on. What does that mean? Does he like me? I liked his brother. He grabs my hand and squeezes it gently. Then I hear Gale say something. Something shocking.

"Katniss, there is no District Twelve."

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