District 1. - Catching Fire

From District 1's POV. Kasee is just an average 17 year old girl. Aside from three things. 1- She's from District 1. 2- She's a victor of the 73rd Hunger Games. 3- She's madly in love with a boy she barely knows from District 12.

She met him when his father brought him to personally deliver bread through District 1. They fell in love whilst he was there for around a week or so. Then he left. She doesn't train like a career from her District should. She sees it as rule breaking. Then she volunteered for a twelve year old girl in the reapings. She met Finnick again but this time in the games. She won those games.

Now it's the 75th Hunger Games- The Quater Quell. Victors are to be reaped. Rebellions are to be started. Uprisings are to lead to more.


3. Chapter 3.

I wake myself up by falling off the sofa. I look around forgetting where I am and see Peeta and Katniss cuddling. I smile before walking towards their dining room. Effie's there, Haymitch, Cinna and Portia too. They're eating and look at me strangely before remembering who I am and why I'm there. "Morning." I say. Cinna pats the seat next to him. I sit next to him. I plate up a small amount of food.

"You can have more." Haymitch says kindly. I hear someone walking down the hall. No, two people. Peeta and Katniss walk in and sit next to each other. I plate up a bit more. I swallow my last moutful as Effie looks at the time and gives us all a panicked look.

"The games are today! Go! We don't have time!" She wishes Peeta and Katniss good luck, kisses and hugs each of them. "Oh and good luck Kasee!" She yells remembering I'm here. I hug her too. Haymitch privately speaks to each of them as I make my way to the roof. Peeta and Katniss catch up and I manage to hug each of them before walking onto the hovercraft, being strapped into a seat then being injected. My tracker. So they know where I am at all times. I'm strapped in next to Peeta and opposite Katniss.

"Good luck." Peeta whispers to me as we fly through the sky to the remake centre. I turn towards him, and for the first time, look at him. His blonde hair. Blue eyes. Nothing like Finnick. If you didn't know they were brothers you wouldn't be able to tell. Finnick with his brunette hair. Seaweed green eyes. They don't look alike.


"You too, Peeta." I squeeze his hand as a symbol of peace, let go and close my eyes until we land. I'm rushed into a cell like room and I wait for Tigris. When she enters she runs right up to me, dropping the packaged clothing and giving me a huge hug. She pulls away and silently helps me change. It's a fitted blue jumpsuit with zippers down the front. It has a six inch wide padded belt covered in purple plastic.


"Something water related. There's going to be water. Maybe a beach too." Tigris says, as though to herself.


"You can tell that from this costume?"

"Sweetie," She says whispering and leaning in. "I know the shape of the arena. One of the Gamemakers got very drunk, told me, then was fired. Or executed. It's a..." People break in. I run to the tube and get on the metal plate. They start beating her. The peacekeepers. It's because she knows. "Tick Tock!" She yells as I shoot up through the tube.


The white hot sun beats down upon us. I don't understand Tigris' clue until I look at the layout. It's a clock. Twelve hands. Cornucopia in the middle. A ring of water surrounding. Then a ring of beach. Then a huge ring of forest. No jungle.


"Ladies and Gentlemen let the Quater Quell begin!" Claudius Winklemen announces. I run straight to the Cornucopia. Finnick Odair shoves me away from Katniss and I go flying. I feel a rib or two snap and my spine crunches as I hit the ground, full force. I force myself to stand even in the pain and grab a knife, a bow and a sheath of arrows. I dodge Finnicks trident as I run towards Peeta. He's stranded on his metal plate. I place his arm over my shoulders and drag/swim him to the beach surrounding the water. I let go of him, stand up and turn around to be faced with Finnick who raises his trident to kill me. This is it. You helped Peeta and you're about to die.

"Finnick! Finnick no!" Katniss screams at him. "She's with us." Us? They teamed with Finnick? Nice.


"Ok." Finnick says lowering the trident. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! "Eight. We'll only know tonight." Katniss nods and suggests they move into the forest. They begin to move.


"See you guys later. Careful of the forcefield." I say as they walk off. Katniss turns back and looks at me confused. "I don't like jungles." She nods.

"I hope to see you again. So be careful, ok?" Katniss says. I nod as she walks off with the rest. It's a peaceful un-eventful night and I manage to make a camp on the beach with no interuptions. The antheme plays and the Capitol seal appears before the tributes.


Yarrow- District 5

The male morphling- District 6

Cecelia- District 8

Woof- District 8

Fancy- District 9

Twill- District 9

Thicket- District 10

Seeder- District 11.

I feel almost sad to see them all go. I've only been a victor for two years but I feel as though I've known them forever. It appears Peeta, Katniss, Finnick and Mags made it through the forest alright. After the seal leaves the sky I pick up my weapons and walk over to the waters edge. I take a breath and dive down into the salty sea. There's some shellfish down here. I grab a few and surface. My camp is left untouched as I sit on the badly woven grass mat. I split one open and eat it fresh. Nice. Hint of flavour. And tastes a bit watery. Good at least there's some clean water somewhere in this forsaken arena. I fall asleep after packing my supplies away. Tomorrow I venture into the jungle to find some food. I sit up, sweating from the intense heat. The suns directly above me signalling it's noon and I slept late. I pick up my black backpack, kick down my grass woven 'hut' and begin my treck into the jungle.I judge it to be about 2 o'clock when the fog arrives. I stop still. Where can I go? It's in a straight line. The beach. Jump in the water. I tighten my backpack and start running. I'd had a good little spot. I found some nuts which I'd judged to be non-poisonous. I jump over vies and trunks and head in the direction of the beach. The fog begins to prick at my skin. Then I hear them. The people screaming. Cannons boom as I change course and run towards the screamers.

"Katniss!" I yell seeing her signature braid. She slows but decides not to stop as she carries Mag. She trips down as I catch up with them. Finnick turns to Mag and I watch as she gives him a kiss and walks into the fog. I help Katniss run to the beach. I slam down into the water and little puffs of white fog pours out of my body. I sigh in relief and pain as I roll over and strip off my jumpsuit. I chuck it onto the sand and lay in the water in my undergarments. I completely forget about the others until I'm tapped on the shoulder. I open my eyes and jump up.

"Relax, it's me, Katniss!" She says trying to calm me. It must be about 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon now. She tells me about the gift they received and the fog and everything I missed.

"Wow. I missed a lot. What's that staring at Peeta?" I ask Katniss looking at the trees where Peeta is tapping a tree. There are tiny eyes staring at him. Katniss jumps up and slowly walks over, calmly talking to Peeta. I try to stand but my leg is in an awkward angle. I must've twisted it when I tripped. They're all attacked by some weird looking monkeys. I drag myself to my bow and fire arrow after arrow at the monkeys. Katniss, Peeta and Finnick all run past me towards the cornucopia. One of the morphlings is writhing around from a bite. I attempt to drag myself and my weapons through the water but it's too deep. Someone runs up to me and grabs me round the waist. They effortlessy carry me to the Cornucopia. They place me down. I look up to see Finnick was the one that carried me. "Thanks Finnick." I gasp.

I judge it to be about 5 or 6 o'clock when Finnick arrives back at the Cornucopia with some shellfish. Katniss arrives back with a parachute and Peeta managed to start a fire.

"What's in the parachute?" Asks Peeta. Katniss shrugs her shoulders, sits down and unwraps it. District 3 bread I think. "That's District 3 bread." Peeta answers. Finnick immediately sets to work counting them. There are 24. Suddenly I remember something important. District 3- District is the Day. Day 3. Rolls of bread- The time- 24. It comes flooding back to me. That's what Haymitch told me when we said goodbye. I remember the plan now. Finnick sees the realisation in my face and slowly shakes his head so the others don't notice. The antheme plays and the Capitol seal appears.

Gloss- District 1

Wiress- District 3

Mags- District 4

Atala- District 5

The female Morphling- District 6

Blight- District 7

Parsley- District 10.

I get sympathetic looks, as does Johanna, Finnick and Beetee. We've all lost our District partners. To be completely honest I don't feel the slightest bit sad. But I know Cash will be destroying the place. We share out the bread, that's when Beetee comes up with an idea. He shows us the wire then says he wants to attatch it to the lightning tree then run it through the beach and sink it into the water. Killing all the careers. It's more than that though. He's going to destroy the forcefield. I offer to guard that night, I just can't sleep. Peeta joins me as I hear the 11 o'clock section. It must be some form of insects. He wraps his arms around me. I'm about to speak then he does.

"Just an act of truce between us two. Ok?" I want to pull away. "For Finnick." I relax myself, give him a hug back and we spend the rest of the night silently watching the jungle.

"It's 12- midnight." I say to Peeta. We wake the others help each other pack up. My job is simple, stay on the beach, when Katniss and Johanna run back towards the forest, I run back with them. They all head off towards the lightning tree. It's roughly 2 in the morning by the time they've set off. It's going to be a boring day, for them and for me.

At around 3 in the morning I decide to get as much food for the day as I can. I dive as low down into the water as I dare getting shellfish and oysters. I surface and see two careers. Enobaria and Brutus. I panic. They'll spot me if I move. They'll kill me if they get any closer. For a good couple of hours they stay on the beach. I've been in the water too long, my skin is getting all wrinkled. I take a deep breath before diving back into the depths of the saltly sea. I swim round the Cornucopia, hoping they wont spot me. A cannon goes off. No. Not Katniss. Not Peeta. It's not the careers, they're still there. I surface and crawl out onto the land holding the Cornucopia. I lean on the side of the big metal horn. It must be 11 o'clock again. Katniss and Johanna must be on the way.

"There. That's where the noise is coming from." Brutus points at the route Katniss and Johanna are on. I need to  distract them. I run round the back of the Cornucopia. I chuck shellfish at them. Their heads snap in the direction of me. I chuck more. They start walking this way. I see Katniss, she sees me and tells Johanna to be quiet. They see the careers getting closer to me. I'm going to have to fight them. I pull out a knife and chuck it towards Enobaria and Brutus. One screams. It's not long before I hear a cannon signalling one of their deaths.

"You're going to pay for that District 1." I hear Enobaria say. I risk a quick glance towards Katniss, Johanna cuts the tracker from her arm. Johanna runs away leaving Katniss. I turn back, Enobaria is still looking for me. I risk running to Katniss. I help her up and although we're a similar weight I half carry half drag her back towards the lightning tree. It's not until I see the tangled mess of wire that I realise Brutus must've cut it. I climb up the slope and once at the top I leave Katniss with an injured Beetee.

"I'm... Going to.... Find Peeta." I say out of breath. I practically fall down the slope. Peeta is screaming katniss' name. I land right in front of him. He's confused but helps me up. "Peeta... Shhhh.. up the slope." I say brushing the dirt off of my face and helping him climb. The forcefield erupts and all I see are explosions of colour, fireworks. The outside world is so close. I drop Peeta next to Katniss. Some huge claw things drop down from the sky, no from a hovercraft and grabs Katniss. Another one drops taking Beetee. "Katniss! Beetee!" I scream. Peeta grabs my arm as one falls and takes him. He instantly lets go so I don't fall. "Peeta!" I scream even louder. Another hovercraft claw flies down towards me. I know it's District 13. Well I hope it is.


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