The Way You Look Tonight

Leighton Howard, a typical girl. She is a typical girl in all the wrong ways. Spending every free night drunk and drugged is typical for her, and for every girl with the wrong idea of what is live. She knows, what she does is illegal for her age. Her conception of Y.O.L.O is to live her life, extremely fun with alcohol, some hits of marijuana and cocaine, and having one-night-stands.
Everything in Lei's life changes when her mum informs her that an exchange student is coming to live with her for a whole year.
Harry Styles, a delivery from London, England to Palm Springs California.


3. Lei.

After our huge fight, i was really mad. It was less than an hour I've met him and he already told me he didn't care about me and that he gives a shit if i like him or not. He was so rude. I was confused at my self also. Why did i even care so much. When people at school hate me, i give a shit. But right now i feel sad, angry, rejected. I was so confused and frustrated i almost began crying. I held the tears.

He started singing while listening to music.His voice was so beautiful  It was angelical. I was perfect. The best voice I've heard in my life. He got sentimental. The song he was singing was so romantic, I've never heard of it, or heard it. 

There was a time, 
I was everything and nothing all in one 
When you found me 
I was feeling like a cloud across the sun 
I need to tell ya, 

How you light up every second of the day

But in the moonlight 
You just shine like a beacon on the bay 

And I can´t explain, 
But there´s something about the way you look tonight 
Takes my breath away 
It´s that feeling I get about you deep inside 
And I can´t describe 
But there´s something about the way you look tonight

Takes my breath away 
The way you look tonight 

With a smile 
You pull the deepest secrets from my heart, 
In all honesty 
I´m speechless and I don’t know where to start 

And I can´t explain 
But there´s something about the way you look tonight 
Oh takes my breath away 
It’s that feeling I get about you deep inside 
And I can´t describe 
But there´s something about the way you look tonight, 
Takes my breath away, 
The way you look tonight. 

The way you look tonight. 

The song was like writing by an angel, and singed by one also. It was perfect. I looked at him while he was humming another song. He looked at me and i noticed the blush in his cheeks. He didn't like him to be heard sing. I looked at him really peacefully and decided to leave my ego on a side. He was the most good looking boy I've seen. The nicest boys I've ever meet, had such an amazing voice. I just looked at him with a smile.

"Harry. I'm sorry i was so rude, I was just thinking about me and my ego. Can we be friends. I think you are really nice and really cool and i would love to give us a chance to be friends. I'm really sorry. " I explained and smiled at him one more time. I could see he smiled back. He had the most perfect smile I've even seen in my life. I felt butterflies in my stomach when he hugged me at a red light. I hugged him back but every second, the butterflies got bigger. Then i realized i had never felt like this before.

I was falling for him. Harry Styles, a boy i just met an hour ago, a boy that told me everything about me that no one has ever dared to, the boy who made me come back to the real world. The boy who seemed he didn't care what they thought or said about himself. The boy i hated a minute ago is becoming everything i can think of.

What I've heard of in movies and shows, this moment, when he is everything i can think about. i am falling, falling hard.

No, it couldn't be! I couldn't. But then i realized i was to late. I already was.


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