The Way You Look Tonight

Leighton Howard, a typical girl. She is a typical girl in all the wrong ways. Spending every free night drunk and drugged is typical for her, and for every girl with the wrong idea of what is live. She knows, what she does is illegal for her age. Her conception of Y.O.L.O is to live her life, extremely fun with alcohol, some hits of marijuana and cocaine, and having one-night-stands.
Everything in Lei's life changes when her mum informs her that an exchange student is coming to live with her for a whole year.
Harry Styles, a delivery from London, England to Palm Springs California.


1. Lei

I was tired. Really tired. I closed the door from the apartment i was in. I didn't even remember who i slept with. I saw that his apartment was just a few blocks away from school. I walked to school and from there I took a cab to my house. It was Sunday, 12:01 pm. My mom, like usual would be at church so i had to sneak into my room and wait for her till she comes back. I knew how to do it. It was usual for me. I opened the door of my house after i made sure my mother left with her car. I got to my room and locked it so I could take a shower. I still had the effect of whatever I took last night, my head was pounding and I still had a head ache that i knew will last all morning.

After a long and relaxing shower, it was already 1:13 pm. I got dressed with my typical tank top and really short jeans shorts. I walked out my room to find my mom sitting on the couch waiting for me.

"Leighton, I'm glad your awake, we need to talk about something serious, come sit next to me." My mother Donna pointed at the place in the sofa next to her,i sat down, dragging my body,

"Yes mom, do tell me your news please." I told her extremely politely, even though i was not interested at all.

"My precious Leighton, I'm so glad of you. What I was starting to say was that a British kid is going to stay with us, his name is Harold. He is really intelligent but he unfortunately couldn't pay a year of school He is 18, almost 19, he is in his senior year. Lei-Lei, he is going to be like your brother for a year! I'm so exited, aren't you?" she was so exited. For me, it was a nightmare.  An extremely poor, intelligent, nerd senior staying in my house, me taking care of him. NOT IN MY PLANS!

"That is magnificent mother. How lovely it will be. We are going to be inseparable Yay!" I said. trying to convince my self that i am happy. My mom would freak out if i told her no, since I've never told her such.I smiled hugged her and excused me to leave.

I was so angry and stressed. This new nerd kid would start on Wednesday, that means in three days, he would be here. My did my mom have to volunteer for that stupid boy! I even bet he is horrible and so up on his ass. I decided i needed a night out, alcohol and some hits so i am out of the stress that is my life. I hate it! Why do i have the worst life. I grabbed my iPhone and dialed Michel's number, he was always available if i needed some bed fun.

"Michel, i need some banging right now, are you free?" i asked I'm straight away. I was quick and clear in this things.

"Yes! Off course  come right now to my flat, I'm with a friend, you know, you could have double fun tonight." He agreed. It wouldn't be the first time I've had a trio, and i was up for it. I put some marijuana in my bag and exited my house after telling my mom i was going on a pajama party at Emily Garcon's house. My mom hated her mom so i knew she wouldn't be calling her. I got to Mich's house before i even counted to one hundred. It was two blocks away. I got there and soon enough we were having some action in Mich's bed with a really hot guy called Ashton.

Three days has passed quickly, it was time to meet this nerd, geek, or what ever he was, Harold. I was waiting more than an hour in the airport. I was getting so frustrated i was already sick of this guy. I saw two or three guys that looked like nerds pass by me. I had a huge sign that said Harold Styles so i guess it weren't them. Then I saw the cutest British boy I've ever seen. Smiling at me and walking towards me. O my God, I'm stuck with a dam sex god! 

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