The Way You Look Tonight

Leighton Howard, a typical girl. She is a typical girl in all the wrong ways. Spending every free night drunk and drugged is typical for her, and for every girl with the wrong idea of what is live. She knows, what she does is illegal for her age. Her conception of Y.O.L.O is to live her life, extremely fun with alcohol, some hits of marijuana and cocaine, and having one-night-stands.
Everything in Lei's life changes when her mum informs her that an exchange student is coming to live with her for a whole year.
Harry Styles, a delivery from London, England to Palm Springs California.


2. Harold.

I just got to California. The airport was really big a comforting  While i walked out the aduana and baggage claim i walked outside to search for my new "family". I was exited to be here, i really was but i just couldn't stop thinking about my family, staying there alone without me. I promised them to send money, so i need to get a job and figure things out. I was sad about my family but exited about my future opportunities this year. I walked out and the first thing i saw was a girl, pretty girl holding a sign with my name on it. I walked over her with a polite smile.

"Good afternoon, I'm sorry to keep you waiting, the plane had a lightly problem in London." I explained my self. She looked at me and rolled her eyes. Shit! I was stuck with someone who without reason didn't like me. I rolled my eyes, not at her, at the fact of my situation. She looked at me shocked  I guess she wasn't used to winning every fight. I looked at her with my annoyed face.

I really didn't like the people who had that attitude towards life. She guided me to her car, it was a really cute car. I put my bags on the back and hopped in the front seat. She started the car, but it seemed like something was wrong with it. It didn't start. She huffed and hit her head to the drivers wheel. I got out and opened the motor door. I checked it to find the surprise that some fool had disconnected some wires. I quickly fixed that and hopped in once again.

"What did you do to it?" She asked me looking at me with disbelief  i just shrugged my shoulders and looked down the window. I heard her sight. "I'm sorry for not being polite, i was just already missing my family. Your car was sabotaged  Someone disconnected some wires i reconnected." I apologized and explained. She smiled at me while nodded and took off to were ever we were going. It was going to be a long year and i knew it. I was listening to music while i noticed she was kind of nervous  Maybe she has never had male company, or has had a lot of male company, but not talking, just screwing. 

"Um, Harold, would you mind if i pass through my friends house for a second?" she looked at me quizzically and i just nodded. i hated how she said my name,

"Call me Harry, i don't like to be called Harold." i told her, she just nodded, just like i did a few minutes ago. i laughed and i could see she was intrigued at what caused me the laughs. 

"So. Ugh! Why are you so shy!? I am trying to be nice you know, you make it so difficult  you are so irrespective and annoying and so rude" she yelled at me, clearly frustrated  I wasn't the kind of guy who would just respond back in the wrong way. I liked people knowing what they did wrong so they could change. Everyone had the right to be treated right, but they had to treat people that way before.

"Leighton, when i first saw you i was polite and i even apologized for the tardiness of the plane, i tried to be very respectful and really cool. The only thing that you did was roll your eyes and give me a death glare. If you don't want me here i can just leave. I have been homeless before, and i bet here in California it is going to be the same. I came here to have an opportunity in my future, not to make friends, love, or ever screw girls. Leighton, if your just going to judge me for what they have told you about me, i just prefer to leave. I don't want to be in a place where I'm not wanted." i responded harshly and honestly.

Back in London when my mother was taken to jail, i had to take care of my sister Gemma, and my four cousins that lived with us. I was the oldest from all six  of us. I had to take care of all of us until mom payed her days at jail and came back with us. I did skip that one year of school.

All i wanted in life is being able to have a family, and raise them with everything they need, phones, cars, nice houses, and LOVE. I wanted a life that would be worthy of putting on a frame.  I was really disappointing at the civilization. The only thing they cared was if they got drunk or got put into bed with some random dude,. That is really disappointing, that the era when i live is the one i'm ashamed off.

"I didnt have the option to choose, and my mom will kill me if you leave so just stay quite, i will too and after a year i will have nothing to do with you. okay?" She asked. I knew how girls like that were. She was being strong because she didn't want to loose the fight, i laughed at what she said and looked at me with the face that told me i had to explain once again, why was i laughing.

"You think i'm going to beg for you blessing. I told you already, i didn't come here to make fiends or have sex with girls. I am here because i have to take care of my family, which needs me, so if you hate me, i don't care. After all your just like all the teens. Your nothing special. Your just the typical teen, the typical teen that has the wrong idea of what is life, and how to live it." I responded. I was tired of fighting now. I just made her a sign that i was listening to music and got lost in the view of beautiful California.

My favorite song started to play. The Way You Look Tonight, by Micheal Buble. I loved that song since i fell in love the first time. To bad she left me when my mother got taken. i was devastated., and still am.

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