My life was total shit. I met this boy around age 12 and ever since then I tell him everything. We had an amazing friendship. One day he wanted to become something more. But what happens when his friend comes down from his tour.


1. The secrets of Allison Ray

Young at the time, To Allison a promised day of fishing was a promised day of fishing. But soon just before they were to leave the lake, only one of the two were going to leave alive. A distant gun shot killed her father traumatizing her for a lifetime. With her mother and father divorced her uncle took guardian of her until she turned eighteen. But before then, Her sixteenth birthday her uncle gave her a necklace of a red dove. Her uncle promised her that one day she would tell her everything of the families past. Allison's Uncle trained her to black belt in Martial arts promising her as many times before that she would need to trust him with every skill she is being taught. One day of training and Allison was returning home from running errands. When she opened the door of the house in the doorway was her uncle murdered and a note stating that she was never going to be safe again.



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