My life was total shit. I met this boy around age 12 and ever since then I tell him everything. We had an amazing friendship. One day he wanted to become something more. But what happens when his friend comes down from his tour.


3. Harson Night

" Are you ready now" Christian has been doing this for about half an hour sitting outside my bedroom door.

"Christian I'm not ready but I will be in five minutes" I heard him groan in annoyance from outside the door. I was wearing a Black tank top with a Hot pink jacket over with some dark blue skinny jeans, and pink pumps.  I walked out the room after touching up my outfit with diamond earrings. Christian stood up from the carpet flooring.

"Finally" he groaned pulling on his own over jacket.

"Boy watch it I can kill you 67 different ways" I threatened him before we left the apartment with my curiosity of me not knowing where we were headed. 

~ In The Car ~

" NOW I'M FEELING SO FLY LIKE A G6 LIKE A G6" christian was singing like a G6 halfway there until I got him to shut-up, How, with pain by me singing. Pulling into the parking lane of the airport I stared at Christian confusingly wanting him to not ship me off to some far a way place.

"Why are we here?" I asked looking around the airport. Before Christian came into view with a hopeful smile.

"I invited someone to stay at 'our' apartment" he stated making sure I knew he was making the apartment ours. I glared at him restraining myself not to choke him or make a scene of any kind.

His phones ringtone of Ooo Killem Ooo went off and I shook my head as he answered it. I don't know how many time I told him to change that ringtone.

"Okay, were over by that gate" he responded into the phone. He took a look around as we were standing by the Gate 8.

"Is that you?" he began to wave his hand in the air signaling his friend. I watched as the boy made his way through the crowd and into my view. Christians friend is Justin Bieber?


Christians p.o.v.

I was so happy to see Justin and happier for him to meet Allison. But I totally forgot about how he might steal my chance with allison. I need to come up witha plan or just go with the flow better choose quick cause allisons coming. Go With The Flow.

"Well hey sweetcheeks" Justin was more sweeter than normal. I didn't like where this was going.

Justins p.o.v.

She was beautiful why didn't christian tell me about her amazing figure and smile. We hugged and went out to christians car. I was tweeting while Allison and Christian were talking about dinner plans.

" Arbys" Allison suggested.

"Burger King" Christian argued.

" Amigos" I butted in. They shrugged there shoulders. We went to amigos and ate and talked in the car while parked in the parking lot. I was really starting to like Allison, Alot. We got back to the apartment and I asked if they wanted to watch a movie.

" Uhm every saturday night me and Christian go to the club" Allison said taking off her jacket.

"Really" I pulled my two suitcases in to the small living room. Christian nodded and headed in to one of the rooms which probely was his room.

"So do you wanna change in the bathroom" Allison said pointing to a door next to a small window.

"Uhm well first where am I sleeping" I asked

" Christians room so yeah" She walked into another room while I went to grab my bags and walked into the  room christian walked in earlier. I walked in on him trying to see which shirt looked better.

"Wow" He looked and me " So whats the clubs name" I started to look through my clothes.

"Harson Night" He started combing his hair.

"Cool" I walked out the room with my clothes and went to the bathroom to change.

Allisons p.o.v.

I changed into a black short sequin dress with a cut out back. I curled my hair and put loads of hairspray in it. I got on My 3in black pumps and gold designer braclets. It was already 10:17 so I went out there to get the boys. I grabbed my leather jacket and Fixed my make up and touched up my hot pink lipstick. The boys came out looking cuter than ever.

~ Justin and Christians conversation ~

"Damn Allisons sexy" Justin said putting on his gold shoes.

"Whoa dude I already called dibs" Christian joked.

"Well I bet I can get her before you can" Justin stood up.

"Okay sure me and her already made out two times" Christian bragged

"And youv'e been living with her for like two years"  Justin Mocked

" Fine your challanged" Christian said pulling on a light purple jacket.

"Its on" Justin said walking out the room with Christian following.

~ End ~

Okay so these boys are dressing hot, bieng nice, Giving compliments. I might have to drink a little, Maybe. :)

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