My life was total shit. I met this boy around age 12 and ever since then I tell him everything. We had an amazing friendship. One day he wanted to become something more. But what happens when his friend comes down from his tour.


2. DFA (Damn, Falling Already)

" What is It Christian?" I held my phone up to my ear as I answered his call. Pacing in the hallway infront of my apartment door I tried to not bite my fingers, a bad habit of mine.

"Looks like two of them. 30th and Caral street" He gave me another location which we've been doing for the last week. There has been a massive growing population of these 'people'. My best friend, Thee Christian Beadles was the biggest small help. I had the smallest of feeling for him but hated it knowing it could ruin our friendship. I was to busy with these 'people' anyways. I started my way out of the apartment, heading down three flights of stairs and out the door heading to 30th street. I was planned for a fighting scene to take place but something else was in store for myself.

 "Christian" He was sitting there with a grey button up shirt and blue jeans on and a bundle of orchids wrapped by his hands " What are you doing?". He stood up with the biggest smile on his face. He does this every so often not thinking of any consequences of his actions taking place every time.

" Please accept these gorgeous orchids" He held out the flowers wanting me to snatch them out of his hand and smash my lips onto his. I rejected the offering as I knew I would have to do many more times in my future.

"Christian do you understand how much of a risk this puts our friendship in and I have know time for a relationship anyway" I looked at him with pleading eyes hoping he would understand that I just wasn't into dating my best friend. He looked slightly at me with wide eyes.

"Move" He warned me pushing me out of the way and throwing a punch at a dark dressed male which I could tell was danger. I moved my way into Christians attempt to fighting the 2x stronger male. He took a swing for my lower stomach before I ducked and kicked my leg out messing his balance up. I grabbed his sides and turned to his backside kicking him on the lower spine making him fall onto a park bench. I stretched onto his back pulling out a syringe and sticking it deep into his neck. He instantly began to flutter his eyes into sleep before I took a pocket knife and cut a small slit on the back of his neck and stabbed a tracker in the cut making it begin to glow light blue.

"I hope that's all" I groaned before walking with Christian following not surprised to the scene he watches everyday.


Christians p.o.v.

 I watched in amazement at her skill she was only just beginning to teach me. I felt awkward of how I got rejected by her once again, I seemed to take her for granted. I mean I need to step up my game a little bit. Earlier today I got a call from Justin which is Justin Bieber and he plans to come down and visit me since he's not on tour. We reached the apartment after the windy and silent walk. She unlocked the door and walked inside still saying nothing. I spoke up before she opened the door to her room.

"Alli, Im beginning to understand that we should stick to just friends" I stated watching the back of her head, wanting to hear a response.

" Christian it not like I sometimes think of maybe if I never rejected you, but as I told you to many things are happening right now as if they have been my whole life" She looked at me with her green eyes and I smiled in my head knowing that she thinks sometimes of non-rejecting my offers. I stared at her before she whispered a goodnight and walked into her room. I stood trying to say another thing before the phone began to ring. I walked over and sat on the couch picking up the phone.

"Hey Christian, its me Justin" I became confused of why Justin was calling me since we already made plans of me picking him up this weekend.

"Hey, Whats going on?" I asked hoping he wasn't having change of schedule.

"Well I'm planning to come down early, is that fine?" Shit. I smiled hoping I didn't say it out loud.

"Yeah, Sure that's fine" I agreed to his change of plans and hung up the phone after saying our goodbyes. I rubbed my face yawning deciding it was time to go to sleep.



 Allison's p.o.v.

I laid in bed waiting for sleep to consume me but I kept tossing in the sheets. I groaned fighting my pillow for a comfortable feeling. I closed my eyes and heard Christians voice. A quick image of him showed up, and it made me embarrassed to think of him in that way. I needed to stick to my words, I wasn't  going  to fall for my best friend and that was final. I closed my eyes only once again to hear his voice in the other room. Another image and I sat up in the bed groaning and grabbed the extra pillow at the end of my bed slamming it up to my face and laying back down again screaming into the pillow.

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