Please Don't Walk Away

After an accident at the market, Josie finds out she punched Niall Horan of One Direction. As everyone knows it was an accident. Except Harry who now despies Josie's being. As of now Niall and Josie are in love. But when Tyler comes back, who knows what could happen.


1. Market Place

Please Don't Walk Away. Chapter 1:
Josie's P.O.V: "Mom, please can you do it?! I'm busy!" Your mom kept bugging you for the last 2O minutes to run to the market to get milk. Truth was, you weren't busy, you just wanted to rest. "Josie, I am 7 months pregnant, you better get that milk." Again my mom played the "I'm pregnant" card on you. It was so stupid. "Fine." You clenched your teeth trying not to talk back. You put on your Old Navy sweater. It's cold in Mullingar. Like always. You came from America 5 years ago so your family could start a new life. You were always an only child. Until you found out your mother was pregnant.
You walked into the market and went to the dairy aisle. You picked up the milk and saw this blonde, blue eyed guy looking at you. You rolled your eyes. You just weren't in the mood. You were walking toward the cashier when you felt a hand on your shoulder. Not knowing who it was and why they would even touch you.……
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