Tongue Tied Over Three Words

17 year old Hannah is a foreign exchange student from America. She is visiting London, England when she runs into Harry Styles from One Direction. At the time she didn't know much about him, but when they spend more time together will he say the magic three words to her?


3. The Car Ride

  When we got to the hotel I was staying at I couldn't get into my room. One of my roommates was obsessed with One Direction and her favorite was Harry. The hospital must have called the room because she found out. She was jealous that I met Harry and she didn't. So threw all of my stuff out the window and into a small pond and she locked me out of the room. Harry and tried to get in but she locked the door then started to scream at us through the door. Then she called some people to come and get us for intruding. 

"Oh that's just great I have no place to stay and no cloths" I said sadly to Harry as we sat on a few stairs at the entrance to the hotel.

"You can stay with me" He said staring off into the distance. 

"Oh well, I don't want to be any trouble that's ok" I said.

"Ok well were are you going to go?" He said sarcastically.

"Good point I have nowhere to go"

"Come on" He said as he was dragging me to his car. I got in and when we drove off I looked back at the hotel and saw my mean roommate staring me down through the hotel window. 

"So where are we going?" I asked him.

"To my house" He said in return.

"So let me get this straight, you are going to take this girl that you just met and don't even know her name and let her stay at your house" I said.

"What is your name?" He asked me

"Hillary" I said.

"I'm Harry" He said.

"I know" I said laughing. He turned to me and smiled. I just smiled back while I was staring at his face and how the sunlight bounced off of his curls. I was just enjoying the moment.  

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