Tongue Tied Over Three Words

17 year old Hannah is a foreign exchange student from America. She is visiting London, England when she runs into Harry Styles from One Direction. At the time she didn't know much about him, but when they spend more time together will he say the magic three words to her?


1. London

  When I went to London I didn't expect much. I know it's a great place to visit, but I was still heart broken after my boyfriend just cheated on me. I decided to go on this trip to get my mind off of it but it wasn't working. I saw him where ever I go. I decided to go on a long walk through London. I looked down and saw the beautiful cobble stone road I was walking on. I looked up and I saw great old buildings towering above me. I decided to go to a near by park and just sit down and take in the beauty of this city. 

 When I sat down I was just looking at an old building when I saw a few people kicking around a soccer ball.(or in London a football) They looked about my age maybe a year older. Then I realized that it was Harry Styles from One Direction. He was the only one I remember from One Direction because I thought he was the cutest. The sunlight run off of his beautiful curls. I saw him look my way and flash me a quick smile. I felt joy rush through my body. In return I gave him a little smile back. I was just looking at some old building when, BAM! Something hit me in the side of the head. The last thing I remember was someone running towards me. Harry was running towards me!

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