The No One's Girl

There's a reason Zayn's nickname is Bradford Bad Boy. It may not be a pretty one but it's a reason. Blaire knows he's the kind of person that she shouldn't interact with. She's a good child but always longing to do something bad in her life. They don't talk to each other nor glance their way, but when one project puts them together... Will Blaire fall into his world? Will she be the person she always dreamed to be? Love, Loyalty and Friendship are put to the test. Worlds come crashing down. Lies are told while Truths come out. All because Two different worlds collide.


2. Chapter 2

"Okay so he gave you his number?" Courtney asked clarifying for the I-don't-know-how-many-timeth. 

"For the thousandth time! Yes!" I said. Courtney seemed to be off in her own world which didn't really surprise me.

"Why?" Courtney asked.

I groaned I knew she was just doing this to annoy me, "So I can go over to his house to work on a project! But you already knew that and are just trying to annoy me!" I said.

Courtney lifted up her phone and checked something, "Three minutes and forty-four seconds until you discovered my amazing plan," She said laughing and putting her phone back into her back pocket.

"You actually timed that?" I asked raising my eyebrow at her. I don't know I asked that she's Courtney of course she would do something like that!

"Yup!" she said popping the 'p', "Kyle already told me that Zayn wrote something on your arm so I assumed it was his phone number, but I wanted to know why he wrote it on you."

"Thanks!" I said stretching out the word.

"I didn't mean it that way! But you already knew that," Courtney said.

I smiled innocently; it's my turn, "Already knew what?" I asked.

"That I didn't mean that," Courtney said.

"Didn't mean what?" I asked sipping my coffee.

"That Zayn didn't want to talk to you!" Courtney said getting frustrated.

"Why didn't he want to talk to me?" I asked through gritted teeth, as I try to hold in my laughter.

"Jesus Blaire get a brain! He didn't want to-" Courtney stopped and looked at me, "Oh I see what you're doing."

"Pay backs a bitch isn't it?" I asked fluttering my eye lashes.

"Yeah sure, let's go now!" Courtney pulled me out of Starbucks and we walked to my car in the school parking lot, "Ready?" I asked as she buckled her seat belt.

"Ready!" she said smiling up at me.

"Here We Go!" I said imitating Peter Pan as I stepped on the gas petal. 

"So when's your date with Captain Hook?" Courtney asked breaking the silence.

"It's not a date and I don't know. I'll text him later," I said concentrating on the road. 

"Do you really want to text him?" Courtney asked.

I sighed. I really didn't know if I wanted to. I know it's for a project but I'd be texting Zayn Malik so I can go to his house. I would never admit this to anyone but he is intimidating. I was confused so I decided not to answer Courtney's question. Courtney being my best friend understood and decided to drop the subject. She started talking about the boy she wants to have as her new boyfriend. I think she said his name was Michael... I wasn't really listening though. The longest time Courtney has gone without a boyfriend is a week. I wouldn't call her a whore because she's still a virgin but she doesn't dress the most appropriate at times. But really who does these days?

"Thanks for driving me! I'm going to text you either way but tell me if you are going to Zayn's or not. If you are, have the police on speed dial," Courtney said jokingly.

"Sure Courtney. Tell Michael I said hi," I said.

"It's Mitchell!" Courtney said annoyed to discover that I wasn't listening to her.

"Sure," I said and started to drive away.

I got a text from Courtney right away but since I'm driving I didn't look at it. That girl can't go a second without texting someone. I barley use my phone but by the end of the day it's almost dead because I keep getting notifications from her. I finally get home and walked into my parents having a make out session, "Woah! Woah! Woah!" I said covering my eyes with my hands.

"Oh hey Blaire!" Dad said as if nothing just happened.

I was probably the spitting image of my father with the exception of my mums eyes. My dad had dirty blonde hair, pale muscular body tone, high cheek bones, big eyebrows, dark brown eyes, naturally pink full lips, and he was tall. My mother on the other hand has dark brown, almost black, long hair, she's tan, bright sharp blue eyes and a little on the short side, she's native but the only way people can tell that I'm native is if they see me with my mum.

"Hey, wrong time?' I asked my hands still covering my eyes.

Someone removed my hands and kissed my cheeks, "No, how was school?" my mum's voice asked.

"It was school nothing exciting, though I did get an A on my Science test. Only one answer wrong!" I said hoping to make them proud. I'm always trying to impress my parents.

"Congratulations sweetie!" mum said pulling me into a hug. I guess you can call me a goody-two-shoes or a parents daughter. Well I am. So what?

"I guess this deserves a celebration! Julian's?" Dad asked. Julian's is a popular ice cream parlour. Since its become so popular the prices have gone up and I'd rather spend my money on things I need so I never really go there.

"Awe... Bad day. I need to ask mum a question, you can be here but I don't think you'd have a second answer." I said.

"Its about a boy, Karen she's all yours!" Dad said throwing his hands up in the air. He chuckled and left us to talk. 

"So is he cute?" mum asked.

"Mum!" she threw her hands up in surrender, "I don't know we aren't friends. But we're doing a project together and he was wondering if I could go to his house so we can work on it," I said resting my elbows on the counter.

Mum sighed, "You know how I feel about you going to your friends houses on school nights. And the fact that its a boy doesn't help it."

"I know mum buts it's just for a project," I said.

She thought for a minute, "Fine but if I see any clues that mean he was touching you, you and I are going to have a little talk."

"Ew! Mum the only reason we'd lay a hand on one another is to probably kill each other!" I said.

Mum laughed, "Okay, but Blaire I mean it if I see anything I'm not going to be happy!"

"Don't worry mum when I come home you'll be happy," I said. 

I texted Zayn telling him my mum said yes. He then called me a goody-two-shoes followed by his address. I ignored the first text and followed his second one. I got lost a couple of times, but I'm me so what can you expect. Once I finally did reach his house I almost drove right past it. It was huge! I don't think I've ever seen a house so big before. I checked the address he gave me just to make sure I was at the right place.

I walked up to his door and hesitated before knocking. I waited for a few seconds before Zayn answered the door. How he heard me knock in the big house was beyond me.

I looked up to talk to him when I noticed he was shirtless, I felt my cheeks heat up and I started to notice how interesting the ground was.

I felt a hand come in contact with my skin and my chin was lifted up, "Am I that ugly to look at?" Zayn asked.

"I uh...." I looked down at his tan chest before looking back up at him, "Like what you see?" I blushed again making my hair fall around my cheeks so it was hiding my red embarrassment. I noticed Zayn wasn't at the front door anymore. I looked up and saw his back facing me while he was walking down the hallway, he turned to face me and once again the ground was fascinating! "You can come in you know!" Zayn said.

I started walking down the hall when I saw pictures lining up on the wall. One in particulate seemed to draw my attention. Out of curiosity I walked up to it. There were 3 beautiful girls who all looked like Zayn a very small soft looking woman, a caring but serious looking man and finally Zayn himself. I felt someone's breath on the back of my neck, so I turned around and almost jumped when I saw Zayn standing behind me.

"That's my family, those three girls are my sisters," Zayn said staring at the picture.

"Where are they?" I asked.

"College, University, living their life. Doing something," Zayn said. My mouth formed the shape of an 'o', "You didn't come here to learn about my family, you came here to do work so let's get started so we can finish this thing." Well at least I can say he wasn't goofing off and wanted to get this project done. Zayn led me up the unreasonably long staircase and into what I assumed as his bedroom.

I walked in completely shocked, Zayn must of noticed because he said, "What? You don't like it?"

"No it's just I didn't expect you out of all people to have a clean well organized room," I said.

I wasn't kidding though. His bed was made perfectly without any wrinkles or creases in his sheets. His books were all lined up straight in his bookshelf, I was surprised that he even read. His walls were bare and white the only thing on it was a tack board with drawings tacked onto it. The desk under the tack board was clean and all the papers were placed into piles. No clothing what so ever was on the floor. Who knew the schools bad boy was a clean freak! 

"Yeah well you can't always judge a book by its cover," Zayn said shrugging.

"You just gave that saying true meaning," I said.

Zayn rolled his eyes, "Okay I get it my rooms clean! So are thousands of rooms in the world! Stop acting like the worlds going to end!" Great 5 minutes and you've already gotten him mad.... You are amazing Blaire! Zayn sat down on his bed and pulled a piece of paper out from his backpack, "Here I drew this as my symbol for protection." It was a bunch of chains stuck together. I was actually amazed by his picture, and also the fact that he drew it after school. I didn't draw anything yet, "Umm I haven't drawn it yet but I was thinking I could draw an eye with two people holding hands in the pupil," I said.

"Sure do what ever you want," Zayn said shrugging, "You can use the desk if you need anything that's at least a tiny bit important I'll be downstairs." and with that he left. I slowly walked over to his desk and grabbed one of his blank papers and started to draw on it. 

Whenever I draw I lose myself in a world where all that matters is my pencil, my paper, and my imagination. I don't know how long I was really drawing for, it could hours upon hours and I wouldn't even realise it. Once I was finally satisfied with my drawing my phone rang.

"Hello?" I said into the speaker.

"Blaire where the hell are you?" Courtney's voice yelled through the speaker. I had to pull the phone a little ways from my ear.

"I'm at Zayn's house," I said.

"You're where? I told you to text me!" Courtney said, "No wonder you didn't answer! Did he rape you?"

I laughed quietly, "No Courtney he didn't rape me. I was drawing," I said.

"Oh. Well that also explains it," Courtney said, "So what's it like? His house I mean."

"Are you seriously asking me that?"

"Yes! So answer me Woman!" Courtney spoke loudly.

"Well it's very clean and big. I mean its a huge house! But other then that it's pretty much like every other house I've been to," I said.

"So no guns or drugs laying around?" Courtney asked.

I sighed frustratedly, "No. I don't even think he owns a gun, and you can tell just by looking at him the he doesn't do drugs." I heard some movement behind me but I decided that I was going to pretend I didn't hear him, "Hey listen, I've got to finish this picture and what time is it?" I looked at my watch and saw it was already 5:30, "And I've got to head home soon so I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?" she replied with an okay and I hung up. I went back to drawing and acted like I didn't know Zayn was there.

"Stop pretending like you don't know I'm there. Your body got straighter when I opened the door, I could already tell you knew I was there," Zayn said.

I gave up my cover and turned to face him, I noticed he was now wearing a shirt "How much of that did you hear?" I asked.

Zayn smiled the first time since I got here. Well it wasn't a smile since he doesn't smile but it was a smirk, "I heard enough." he started walking up to me with that smirk still plastered on his face. I didn't know what to do so I just stood there. He put his hands on either side of me and rested them on the edge of the table. My thighs were hitting the table so I was stuck in between the table and Zayn. Not the first position I would like to be in.

"Do you want to see what a gun looks like?" He whispered into my ear, his lips grazing over them. I shivered a bit. He moved his lips down and lightly pressed his lips under my ear. He didn't kiss the spot though he just placed his lips on my skin, "And trust me it's not rape if you enjoy it," he removed his lips from my neck and walked over to his bed. He sat down like nothing just happened. I stood there eyes wide, mouth partly open, staring at the door. 

The door swung open and I blinked bringing me back into reality, "Zayn dinner-" the woman from the picture opened the door, "Oh. I didn't know you had a friend over."

"Mum this is Blaire," Zayn said gesturing to me, "We're doing a school project together."

His mum smiled warmly at me, "Hi Blaire, I'm Zayn's Mother," she grabbed my hand and shook it.

"It's nice to meet you Mrs. Malik," I said smiling sweetly. 

Zayn's mum grinned at him, "So polite!"

I blushed and Zayn cleared his throat, "We aren't together mum!"

His mum rolled her eyes, "That's what they all say! Well dinner will be ready in half an hour. Will you be joining us Blaire?"

"Oh, uh... I don't want to be intruding..." 

"Nonsense! Having you will be a pleasure! Since all the girls are gone now it will be lovely having another female in the house," Zayn's mum explained.

"Uh...." Zayn's wasn't even looking at me he was shaking his head, while his mum was almost pleading me with her eyes, "Sure?" Zayn's mum looked very happy.

"Excellent! Dinner will be ready in ten!" she said walking out of Zayn's room.

"Why didn't you say no?" Zayn asked.

"Because not everyone is rude in life and she looked like she was about to go on hands in knees," I said.

"I don't care what she was about to do! Only this time Evens!" Zayn grumpily stomped out of his room. Not wanting to be alone I walked out behind him.

When I got down stairs I smelt one of my favourite foods in the world, "Is that butter chicken?" I asked sniffing the air.

"Why yes it is! You like?"

"I love!" I said going to look at the pot Mrs. Malik had on.

"Do you need any help?" I asked. Since I was at their house and they were making me dinner I felt implied to do something to help.

"Not right now but you could set the table with Zayn," she said. I winced a little but Mrs. Malik didn't seem to notice. Zayn isn't really the person I wanted to be around. But I didn't want to be rude so I went to go help him set the table. 

Once dinner was served Mrs. Malik wouldn't stop with the questions. I didn't really mind, but she was asking personal questions that I didn't really want to answer in front of Zayn.

"So do you have a boy friend?" Zayn stopped moving his fork around and looked up waiting for my answer as well.

"No. I'm trying to keep my focus on University right now," I said truthfully. Zayn raised and eye brow at me but went back to picking at his food, occasionally eating some of it.

"Getting into University is important for your future," Mrs Malik said a bit disappointed. "Do you have any siblings?"

"I have an older brother named Benette, but we call him Ben for short," I said. I haven't seen Ben since he left for the Military. He always said that his purpose in life was to die fighting for his country. Hopefully he doesn't actually die.

"How is he?" Mrs. Malik asked. I found out she is a really outgoing person with a curious mind.

"I assume very happy. He's doing something that he loves and has wanted to do for as long as I can remember," I said. She doesn't really need to know that he's in the military. The only person who knows that is Courtney because she grew up with us so she's like another sister to him.

"Then I'm sure he must be very happy. Zayn?" Zayn looked up at her, "Would you mind clearing the table off?"

"Mum I'm going to be late for-"

"I don't even like that fact you're going there so just clear the table off before I make you stay home. And I mean it I'll put a lock on all the windows if I have to," Mrs. Malik said. I wondered what's so important that he has to go to. Zayn groaned in protest but stood up and did what she asked. Once Zayn was out of earshot the real personal questions started coming out, "So do you like Zayn?"

I almost choked on the water I was drinking, "I'm sorry, can you repeat the question?" I asked, I wanted to make sure I heard her right.

She smiled, "I think you heard me."

"Well I- Zayn is- I uh-" I didn't exactly know what to say, "Zayn and I aren't friends the only reason I know he is, is because I'm best friends with his friend's sister."

She smiled, "Zayn knows who you are," she said.

"Excuse me?" What did she mean by that? Zayn knows me.... Of course he knows who I am! We're doing a project together.

Mrs. Malik opened her mouth but Zayn entered the room, "I think it's time Blaire went home," he said glaring at me.

Mrs. Malik looked horrified at him, "Zayn!-"

"No it's fine, I should get going anyways," I said Interrupting her. Mrs. Malik frowned but made no further comment. I went upstairs to grab my backpack. Zayn walked by me and motioned me to wait. He disappeared into his room and I heard somethings banging around. When he came back outside he was in a different outfit and had a piece of paper in his hands.

"There. I did my drawing but you can add them together," Zayn said.

Aren't I lucky to have him as a partner? I followed Zayn down the stairs where Mrs. Malik was waiting for us, "Thank you for dinner Mrs. Malik," I said smiling at her. I really did like Zayn's mum I'm just confused by how a jerk like him can come out of such a sweet woman.

"The pleasure was mine," she said kissing my cheek. I smiled at her one last time before exiting the house. I was surprised to see Zayn following me.

"We will not speak of this day again okay? It didn't happen," Zayn said harshly.

"Agreed," I said slightly rolling my eyes. I hoped into my car and drove away. 

When I got home all the lights in the house were out so I assumed that my parents were asleep. I crept into the house and made my way into the living room. I opened the fridge and pulled out an apple, "Look who's back!" I dropped my apple in surprise and turned to see my dad leaning against the counter. I let out a sigh of relief and picked up my apple that managed to roll under the island stool.

"Hey dad," I said.

"Hey why are you back so late?' he asked. I looked at the clock on the microwave it said 8:45.

"I'm not home late," I said, taking a bite out of my apple.

"You were at a boys house, it's too late," dad said. I could tell he was just messing with me because his mouth was twitching as he tried to hold back the smile.

"A boy that I don't like," I reminded him, "His mum was there to. She's so sweet I have no idea how he's related to her."

He shrugged, "Just because your nothing like someone doesn't mean you aren't related or can't be friends with them. You never know something could've happened to this boy and he's actually nice but has these walls built around them." My dad always had the right things to say.

But could that actually be the reason Zayn was the way he was? Was he an actual human being with a heart hiding behind a bad boy attitude?

(Author's Note: Just clarifying that I do know Zayn is second eldest, I looked it up today to see what his siblings names were :P Oh and true fact about the butter chicken! One Of My Top Favourite Foods List! It's Indian and if you haven't tried it go now and try it other wise you will be cursed!!!! OOH OOH OOH!!! aha but actually go an try it it's amazing. KayBear OUT!)

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