The No One's Girl

There's a reason Zayn's nickname is Bradford Bad Boy. It may not be a pretty one but it's a reason. Blaire knows he's the kind of person that she shouldn't interact with. She's a good child but always longing to do something bad in her life. They don't talk to each other nor glance their way, but when one project puts them together... Will Blaire fall into his world? Will she be the person she always dreamed to be? Love, Loyalty and Friendship are put to the test. Worlds come crashing down. Lies are told while Truths come out. All because Two different worlds collide.


1. Chapter 1

"Blaire! Blaire! Blaire!" I cover my ears as the loud sound corrupts them. I angrily turn to glare at whoever wanted to burst my eardrums. I wasn't surprised to see Courtney, she always likes to try to scare the crap out of me. She blew her blond hair out of her face "Did I get yea this time?" she asked.

"Does it look like I'm scared?" I asked, her green eyes filled with disappointment.

"It's not fair that you're not scared of anything!" Courtney said heavily sitting beside me.

"Then maybe you should just give up," I suggested.

"No! I will not stop till I find something that scares you!" Courtney declared. I rolled my eyes and went back to people watching. I always did this during first break, I ate a snack and just watched the world around me though nothing seemed to interest me. That is until something caught my eye, I noticed how people were moving out of the way for someone. I squinted my eyes and tilted my head in attempt to see who was causing the commotion. I saw a glimpse of leather and sighed knowing it was the "bad boys" so pretty much nothing interesting. They were all ass wholes, everyone was scared of them. I would get out of there way if they demanded but they don't scare me I just don't like picking fights, so I find every possible way around them.

"Blaire!" Courtney yelled again and I noticed the hand waving in front of my face.

"Okay seriously you need to stop screaming in my ear!" I said annoyed with her constant attempts.

"I wasn't trying to scare you this time. I was actually in the middle of telling you something but you wet off into Blaire Evens world and daydreamed again!" Courtney said.

"I do not daydream!" I said pouting at her.

"You do to!" Courtney yelled poking my stomach.

"You are unbelievable! Do you know how childish you're being?" I asked, while Courtney continued to poke me in different places. I heard someone clear their throat from above us. Both Courtney and I looked up. She quickly grabbed my hand and crawled behind me. I rolled my eyes, "Can I help you?" I asked the boys staring at me none of them answered, "Well?"

"You're in our spot," Zayn, their leader said.

"I'm sorry I don't see your name on it, but you know what were done here so feel free to settle in," I said. I pulled a gawking Courtney up and started walking away.

"Oh but babe!" I recognized the voice as Styles, I turned and raised my eyebrow at him, "You're more then welcome to stay," he said winking. The rest of the guys but Zayn laughed. I don't think I've ever seen him smile, only smirk, but he mustn't of found it funny because his mouth didn't even twitch.

I tapped my finger on my cheek, "Hm... I think not!" I turned around and pulled Courtney with me. I heard a bunch of oo's coming from behind me. They're such losers.

"What the hell were you thinking Blaire?" Courtney yelled in my face.

"That their name's weren't there so it wasn't their spot..." I said like it was obvious, because it was.

"You just talked back to Harry Fucking Styles! Second in command in their gang!" Courtney shouted quietly so they wouldn't hear.

"You actually believe they're bad people?' I asked.

"You don't?" Courtney asked in disbelief.

"This is ridiculous! Of course I don't! They're just boys with a bad attitude!" I fought back.

"Look, my brother is part of that group and he told me to never get on their bad side, because if I do he'll try everything but won't succeed in protecting me," Courtney said wide eyed.

"Are you still trying to scare me?" I asked wanting to end this stupid question right now.

"Stop trying to end the conversation by changing it!" Courtney said, Damn! She's knows me too well!

"I'm just saying it's ridiculous that you think they're bad people. Your brother is one of the nicest people you'd ever meet so that just proves my point," I said. Jarred is truly one of the nicest people you could ever meet. He always joked with people trying to make them happy. He was just the type of guy that everyone likes, not someone to be afraid of.

"That's because he know you!" Courtney half whined half stated.

The bell rang, "Look we just wasted our break fighting over losers, your brother as an exception, lets just forget about it. It's not worth it anyways," I said. She linked arms with me smiling. meaning she agrees, we're too close to let a simple disagreement get in between our friendship. We've been friends since kindergarten and there's nothing that I haven't told her. We have no secrets between us.

"Just because you're friends with my brother doesn't make him any less of a loser then Styles or Horan are," Courtney said.

"You're right Jarred is a loser," I said laughing. I felt an arm slip over my shoulder, "Because I love you so much and Courtney would kill me if I did anything I'm going to let that one slide," Jarred's voice rang in my ears making me laugh.

"Did I say that? I meant Jarred is the most awesome person in the world and I love him!" I said making him laugh.

"Truth be told!" Jarred yelled out. He kissed mine and Courtney's cheeks before leaving to head off with his 'friends'.

We stopped at mine and Courtney's locker which weren't far away from each other, "See you at Science?" I asked.

"See you then!" Courtney said and walked off. I heard a whistle and saw Niall watching her. I rolled my eyes at her, "Please like she'd give you a second glance," I mumbled. I grabbed my art supplies and shut my locker door.

"Hey girlie ready to amaze everyone with your drawing skills?" Kyle asked wrapping his arm over my shoulder. Kyle had sandy brown hair with bright blue eyes like me, just his were a shade darker.

"If you mean amaze as in 'oh wow Blaire that's so beautiful but Kyle that's even more beautiful' the totally!" I said pushing his arm off my shoulder.

"Awe Blaire stop it you're making me blush!" Kyle said softly shoving me.

"Whatever you say Kyla!" I said making fun of him acting gay.

"I'm sorry you must have pissed of Kyle please call back when he decides if he's going to forgive you are not, leave a message at the beep." Kyle dropped his fake phone and winked.

I laughed, "Hey kyle it's Blaire if you ever want me to talk to you again you might want to forgive me. Other then that HAVE A NICE DAY!" I say between laughs.

"I can go a day without talking to you!" Kyle said crossing his arms.

"You just broke it!" I pointed out.

"Fine now!"

"Just broke it!"

"Ugh! I give up I can never stop talking to you!" Kyle said hugging me.

"Room.... Going.... Dark...." I said pushing on his chest.

"Oops! well we're here!" Kyle said releasing me and I pretend to pant really loudly. Kyle walks into the room completely ignoring me, "Thank you for your consideration!" I said poking Kyles rib making him jump because I know its his ticklish spot, "Hey you can't use my weaknesses against me!" Kyle protested.

I patted his cheek, "Sorry babe just did!" He pouted and slumped into his seat. I shook my head and sat in the seat next to him. People started to come in and I just fiddled with my pencil, "Hey what'd you do gang leader's watching you," Kyle whispered in my ear.

I looked up and my eyes connected with Zayn's. We stayed like that neither of us wanting to back out of our little staring war. He started walking towards us his eyes never leaving mine. I watched him go to the table behind us, "Move." just one word and the original people there jumped up and changed tables very quickly. Zayn and Harry sat in there now empty seats. I turned around and looked at Kyle who's eyes were filled with question. I shrugged. I felt eyes burn into my back but I didn't want to turn around in fear that it was who I didn't want it to be. Kyle was texting on his phone when the teacher came in. I whispered is names multiple times but he didn't hear me, so I poked his ribs again. He jumped in his chair and it pushed back.

"Is something wrong Mr. Leon?" Mrs. Stylo asked.

"Nope! Everything is just peachy!" Kyle said through gritted teeth. Mrs.Stylo nodded and went back to talking. Kyle glared at me and I silently laughed, "What was that for?" he hissed.

"Maybe you shouldn't be texting your girlfriend and paying attention in class instead," I said smiling at my success.

"Like you would know what true love is," Kyle said.

"Oh but I do, I have had more then one boyfriend. I'm just focusing on university now don't have time for them," I whispered.

"How's that working for you?" Kyle asked.

"Good actually, I have so much more concentration that way," I said.

"Yeah so much concentration. By the ways Mrs. Stylo's calling you," Kyle whispered.

I looked up, "Mrs. Even's are we having an issue not talking? If we are I'll gladly move you," Mrs. Stylo said.

The class laughed. Yeah its so funny, that is until it's you. "No I'm fine please continue."

"As I was saying You will be partnered up with-"

"Wait I'm sorry what's the partner thing?" I asked.

"Maybe you should listen instead of talking to Mr. Leon, and don't you think I'm letting you off the hook for texting young man," Kyle looked up from his phone shocked, "But to answer your question we're doing a drawing project. You and your partner will choose something that means most to you and some how make a picture out of the two," Mrs. Stylo informed, "Your partner will be-" she grabbed a piece of paper out of a hat, "Mr. Malik." My heart almost stopped, and Kyle looked at me wide eyed. She called out the rest of the partners and told us to go to our groups.

"Good luck," Kyle whispered. I was about to get up when Zayn pushed me back down, "I'm sitting here," He said narrowing his eyes at Kyle. Kyle didn't even take a second to jump out of his chair.  Zayn sat down and immediately put his legs up onto the table. I didn't like the way he spoke to Kyle so I was going to call him out on it, "That was very nice," I said.

Zayn laughed, "Babe, do I look like the type of guy who's nice?" I didn't reply, "My point exactly."

"Doesn't mean you have to push me," I said.

Zayn leaned forward and I leaned back, "Your Jarred's sister's friend right?" I nodded, "You've got a lot of guts babe. But don't rely on them all the time cause they'll get you killed."

"Are you threatening me?' I asked. Zayn shrugged, I sighed in defeat, "So what's most important to you?" I asked.

"Protecting my family and mates," Zayn said.

"Protection... Okay I can work with that." I said. "I'll do friendship." Zayn didn't say anything, "Are we going to start?"

Zayn laughed to himself, "Too tired right now."

I rolled my eyes, nice excuse, "Look I don't care who you are I'm not doing this on my own and you're going to help me." He grabbed my arm. I tried to pull it away but he was stronger then I was, he took something out of his pocket. I started to get worried and tugged on my arm ore forcefully, "Damn girl calm down I'm not going to hurt you." he pressed whatever it was to my skin and I shut my eyes, "There text me and I'll give you my address you can come over and we'll work on it. Happy?" I looked at my arm in disbelief. There in black tiny numbers was Zayn Malik's phone number, "Uh yeah, thanks." I said. The bell rang and he left without another word. Kyle came up behind me, "What did he write on your arm?" he asked.

"Nothing. He was just trying to scare me," I lied. I can lie to Kyle but I'm telling Courtney once I see her.

"Yeah right, but I'll get it out of you soon enough," Kyle said smirking.

"Sure you will pretty boy," I scratched the top of his head and he swatted my hands away, "Be like that and I won't sit with you at lunch," Kyle said crossing his arms and pouting a bit.

"That's okay I still have Courtney!" I said laughing.

"Yeah you have me!" Courtney said linking her arm through mine, "But what do you have me for?"

I laughed, "To sit with me at lunch."

"Ew you? Kyle tell Angela to shove it over I'm eating lunch with you!" Courtney said sarcastically.

"Fine be like that!" I said turning around, "I'll just sit with someone else!"

"Who Zayn?" Kyle asked.

"What now? I'm missing something!" Courtney said.

"They're partners for a project," Kyle said making kissing faces. "Shut up Kyle!" I said hitting the back of his head.

"I'm sitting with Blaire at lunch!" Courtney proclaimed, "Sorry Kyle tell Angela I say hi though." Kyle shrugged and walked away, "Ready for Science?" 

I groaned. I hated Science I don't even know why I joined. Oh yeah that's right to make Courtney happy, but that's okay I made her do gym with me, "No I am not ready but you don't care!" I said.

"Nope! lezz go!" Courtney held onto my hand and pulled me through the crowd.

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