Molloy's Island

Two kids fall overboard. They wake up to find they are on some kind of tropical island. That night they discover something very odd.


1. Falling Overboard

It was around 4.00. Michael and John where going to Cyprus for their summer vaction.They had it all planned out.First they would go to the beach and go surfing /boady bording.Well, thats all they planned on doing now that they thought about it.As they approched their house their father was packing the car with numerous numbers of bags.Their father was a big jolly man with a beard like a leperacons,he was tanned head to toe (no not that kind of tan reader, the one you get from being in the sun)and had a spot on his left cheek that looked like Santa Claus.Then there mother also became visible she was sitting on the bonnet of the ferrai.Unlike their father this women was very slim, (slim enough to be on super fat vs super skinny)she had blond hair and like their father she was also tanned head to toe (yes reader that tan).Come on boys we are going to be late their mother shouted,we have to stop at tesco to get some cookies for their father.Yes mother the two boys said.When they reached the harbour their father stepted out and brushed him self down before freeing the rest of the family from the roasting hot ferria.You take good care of my state of the art ferria, their father orderd.Of course sir I will handle it like my own replied the man.Thats what I was worried about,Frank leave the fellow alone, Shellia you know how much this ferria means to me.Yes, we all do, lets just go the sooner we leave the better.

On board the ship there was a gaming room, cinema,fast food area and a surf board zone Michael and John tried everything it was all great especially the surf board zone but nothing was good as a gamme of hide and go seek.Michael was seeking and John was hiding.As Michael was searching behind some boxes and a man wearing a black mask pushed Micael into the water soon after John came looking and the same fate met him.                          

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