Light right ahead

Susie Roswell is an orphan after the unknown death of her parents Linda Roswell and Dave Tompling. She is send to the special school for the uncontrolled youth. A school where the next generation of criminals is placed so they don’t pollutes the society. Susie has never done a felony, she has not even smoked a cigarette. Susie fights for comfort and friends in the new school which will be her new home from now on. Her Goth like roommate Flora sneaks out of their little cottage at night, where is she going? Susie is searching for the answer, but something makes her turn around every time.
Susie is trying her best to keep up with the troubled daily base, with danger around each corner.
Is the mysterious Jay Trank the danger or her savior? Who can Susie trust? Why is Jay filled with so much anger towards Susie? And what is that place secret?


2. The beginning

The beginning

A scream behind the door made me turn around, it was Greta who finally got herself together and woke up. I toddled around in the bathroom, with my hands fumbling with my short hair. It was weird to feel the air sweeping against my exposed neck.
The sound of stumping steps outside the bathroom made me bite my lip and sent a shiver through my body. The door was busted open and a ferocious Mrs. Ranger stood before me with her pink dress suit, creased after her heated walk from her office to the bathroom. I did not even get to say a single word, before she stood over me like a hawk ready to kill the defenseless little mouse, and that mouse was me. Mrs. Ranger took me by the ear and dragged me down to her office. It was hard to keep up, and one wrong step was enough to make my ear feel like it was goanna get ripped off. She went into the office with me trailing behind. The room was decorated with pictures of the old France and porcelain plates with small kittens. The walls were painted in a light pink and the floor was hidden under a white rug. She pushed me down in one of her soft chairs and sat down opposite me. She folded her hands and looked closer at my hair.
“So Susie what is your explanation for this absurd action.” She waited for my answer while tripping her heels in the floor and tipping the head a little to the right.
“I just thought it was time for a change” I tried to look her in her eyes instead of looking at my shaking legs.
“A time for change, is what you say?” She stood up and walked slowly over to my chair placing her hands on the back.
“Listen up young lady I make the rules here, I decide when it is time for changes! Understood?” She grabbed my shoulder when she came up in front of me, and forcefully made me look in to her small burning eyes.
“It is my hair and my life, your old hag!” Unaware I threw the words against Mrs. Ranger without thinking. Her pale choppy face went red like a fresh tomato. Her hand swung back and I held my breath, knowing that I could not stop what was about to happen. When her hand was about to make a painful mark on my cheek, I could hear a rustle from the door. The aggressive force of her hand was a millimeter away from my face when the door busted up. Two men in suits, one wearing a black and the other a grey, stood in the doorway. A surprised Mrs. Ranger took her hand to her, and backed away from me with small unsecure steps. The one in the black suit starred at Mrs. Ranger’s shaking little body trough his sunglasses. He reached inside his jacket and took out a badge with a shiny sign on.
“Give us Susie Roswell.” He just said it while holding the badge up so both of us could see it. My jaw fell down leaving my mouth right open. What did they want from me? And more important who the heck were they? I peeked over at Mrs. Ranger, but I was not confident about her look. Her eyes were wide open and all blood had left her face. I could not hide my delight and the two men saw it. They went over to my chair and one of the men pushed Mrs. Ranger backwards, so she would not be in the way. I was forced into the back rest when the man in grey leaned over me.
“Susie, Susie Roswell?” I did not answer. I did not know if it was because I did not want to tell them, or if it was because my whole body was frozen. The men stood calmed and waited for my answer, but I must have had been looking out in the air for a long time because the man in grey began to wave. I thawed up and nodded to the two man, indicated that I was Susie. Surprisingly the men smiled and pulled away from the chair.
“Nice to meet you Lucy, my name is Tor Stullbuck and this is Richi Herman” The man in black who called himself Tor pointed at his friend Richi in grey. I grabbed his outstretched hand, which was held in front of me, and shook it lightly. I looked at Richi and gave him a little nod as hallo. He was not as old as Tor; he was about twenty years old, a few years older than me. Richi had black wild hair curling down the sides of his face, he looked serious actually a little too serious. There was no sign of emotion in his face, he only had a little worry-wrinkle between his eyebrows.
“Susie, please focus.” Tor snapped his fingers in front of me, and I discovered that I had been staring at the muscular Richi all the time. Flustered I focused on Tor as he continued to speak.
“Susie you do not belong in this pink controlled house, actually your new home is with us.” A smiled crossed his face like a kidnapper before he drags the screaming child away. I froze and kept all the questions inside myself, with nodding and hesitating sounds I worked my way through the talk with Tor.
“Enough talk lets go.” Without any further instruction he grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the chair with a low whispered comment; “here we go.”

To be continued
The car drove through a iron gate and parked beside a large yellow building. I turned around in the seat and saw the gate close behind me. Where was this?  

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