Light right ahead

Susie Roswell is an orphan after the unknown death of her parents Linda Roswell and Dave Tompling. She is send to the special school for the uncontrolled youth. A school where the next generation of criminals is placed so they don’t pollutes the society. Susie has never done a felony, she has not even smoked a cigarette. Susie fights for comfort and friends in the new school which will be her new home from now on. Her Goth like roommate Flora sneaks out of their little cottage at night, where is she going? Susie is searching for the answer, but something makes her turn around every time.
Susie is trying her best to keep up with the troubled daily base, with danger around each corner.
Is the mysterious Jay Trank the danger or her savior? Who can Susie trust? Why is Jay filled with so much anger towards Susie? And what is that place secret?


1. The orphan


“What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do”

—John Ruskin

The orphan

People told me all kinds of stories; They died in a car accident, they were killed in a fire and they even tried to convince me that some bad people murdered them, but no one really know what happened. They just disappeared.

The door was wide open when Susie woke up. The curtains were drawn from the windows and the sun lit up the room. The sleeping hall was filled with plain-looking beds covered in white sheets. In some of the beds children had crawled under their blanket with their nose over the edge. I stepped out on the cold floor, which utter a little plaintive sound when I walked over the hard surface of the floor. I reached the door out to the kitchen, it swung up and an overwhelming noise reached my ears. The other children ran screaming around in the kitchen, with pans and pots whacking against each other. The old lady in charge of the kitchen tried calming the kids so they would not destroy the entire place. I just stood there looking at the chaos; I shut all the sound out, followed a little buy running around with a pan swinging over his head, with my eyes. I was placed here after my parents sudden disappearing; no one knew what happened, neither did I.
I did not discover Mrs. Ranger stepping into the room before a little unpleased sound slipped her throat. All the children dropped everything they had in their hands and stood straight shoulder by shoulder on a settled line. I did not move, speak or look up when Mrs. Ranger’s shadow bent over me.
“Susie Roswell?” When I heard the old hag say my name, I looked up and saw into a pair of grey eyes. Mrs. Ranger was a short fat woman with curly piled-up hair. My guess would be that she was in the end of the fifty’s. Her lips were painted red and a rosy smell filled the air around her, it was so strong I struggled not to hold my nose.
“Susie?”  She grabbed my chin and turned my head so she could see my profile.
“Oh dear look at that, such a pity your pretty little face is all ruined.” She clapped my cheek and placed her gnarled fingers on my shoulder.
“Greta, please help little miss Roswell get presentable. Now!” It did not sound like a friendly request and Greta, the woman in charge of the kitchen, knew that. She grabbed my hand and dragged me with her out of the kitchen. The children’s home was big, and from the decoration you could see it was old too. Greta held my hand all the way down to the bathroom in the end of the corridor. Behind the bathroom door a room with white tiles lit up.
“Dear, you can tidy up in here please call if you need anything.” She closed the door with a short nod. There was a shower placed in the right corner beside a crockery washbasin, where a little oblique mirror hung. I turned on the shower and stripped off my nightgown I had borrowed from the children’s house. The warm water streamed over my body and loosened all my muscles. I washed my hair and scrubbed all the dirt of my body. It felt nice to finally relax, my mind had been going on ever since they came to our house, and told me that my parents were gone. I did still hope that they would drop by, take me in to their arms and never let go again. When I turned off the water and felt the last water drop slide down my body a shiver went down my spine. I ran out of the shower and took one of the fluffy bathrobes, I toddled over to the washbasin a looked in the mirror. My wet hair went down over my shoulder and clung to my pale face. I looked like my mother, Linda Roswell, one of Ohio’s best lawyers. A tear fell down from my deep blue eyes; it was like I was looking at my mother through a window. Why did they disappear? My body begun to shook and I desperately rummaged around in a little locker on my left. All kind of small bottles fell out and a toothbrush was thrown down on the floor. On the second self a little nail scissor lay hidden behind an orange plastic cup, I reached for the sharp tool and faced the mirror again. Me decision was made. I took the scissor and begun to cut my hair strip by strip. The hair fell down on the floor and my eyes were overflowing with tears. The last thing that reminded me of my parents was gone. The reflection in the mirror was not my mom neither a reflection of me; the short haired girl in the mirror was a different girl with deep blue eyes looking at her new way forward. I touched the hair, it was rough and I felt the air sweep against my neck. It was done.
A sound from the doorway made me turn around, Greta stood with her hand over her mouth cursing my stupidity over and over again. In her hands she held a pair of black jeans and a white t-shirt. She just kept standing still so I went over to her and took the clothes. Her eyes followed me all the way and see blinked for the first time when I shut the door before her. When I got the clothes on, the t-shirt went down to the middle of my thigh, but the jeans stuck to my legs like glue. Now I have official left my old life behind me. It’s time to move forward as the orphan Susie.

-To be continued-

Mrs. Ranger took me by the ear and dragged me down to her office. She was about to place a hand on my cheek with an aggressive force when the door busted up. Two men in suits, one wearing a black and the other a grey, stood in the doorway. The one in the black suit starred at Mrs. Ranger’s shaking little body trough his sunglasses.  
“Give us Susie Roswell.” He took a badge out from his inner jacket pocket and my jaw fell down leaving my mouth right open. What did they want from me?


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