House Rules

When Marius Pontmercy and Charlotte Courfeyrac live together, rules will need to be set. Sleeping during exams, teasing poets, and disastrous baking are just some of the things that need to be stopped.


3. Rule 3

Rule three - Never let Marius bake anything. The result will be disastrous.

"I'm back!" Marius called as he walked in. He'd been to the supermarket and got the weekly shop, along with some extra things.
"Alright. I'll be down soon to help pack the stuff away." Charlotte called down.
"Ok." He shouted back up. He quickly put away the extra stuff he bought and started on the rest.
"Right, I'm here!" She said, peering round the corner. "Did you get the basics?"
"Ice cream, popcorn and Oreos, yes."
She nodded with satisfaction. "Good. Now let's put the rest if the crap away!"
"Yep." He said with a laugh.
10 minutes later and everything had been packed away. Well, almost. Charlotte had taken a tub of Cookie Dough and stalked back upstairs to continue play Prototype, blissfully unaware of what was going to happen in the kitchen.
Marius waited until her door clicked shut and pulled the stuff he'd hidden out the cupboard and onto the side.
Flour, sugar, chocolate chips, plus anything else Delia Smith had told him in the recipe.
"Let's bake some cookies."


"What's all that- oh my days what the hell have you done?" Charlotte shouted when she saw the mess. Flour was spread all up the walls, with bits of eggshell over the floor. Butter stuck to the counter, and all three of the food items were stuck to Marius.
"I made cookies..."
"You made a bloody mess! Clean it up!"
"But the cookies?"
"Where are they?"
He pointed to the side, which had a plastic box holding about 15 cookies. They looked burnt and black and horrible but all the same Marius looked proud of them.
"Beautiful Marius, they really are." She sighed "but please, just clean this kitchen."
He sighed before making a start on the monstrous mess.
"Where's that paper by the way? The rule list."
"On the fridge. Why?"
"Hold on..." She pulled a pen out of her pocket and wrote: 'Never let Marius bake something. The results will be disastrous.' "There you are. Banned from ever doing this again."
He smirked and carried on with the hard work as Charlotte looked at him, eating ice cream, thoroughly amused that a rule complied to him for once.

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