House Rules

When Marius Pontmercy and Charlotte Courfeyrac live together, rules will need to be set. Sleeping during exams, teasing poets, and disastrous baking are just some of the things that need to be stopped.


2. Rule 2

Rule two - Never ever tease Jehan about his poems. You will be bitch slapped. Hard.

"Whatcha doing?" Charlotte asked as she sat across from Jehan.
"Poem for class. Shh." He replied, scribbling out what seemed more like an essay than a poem.
She rolled her eyes and pulled a game boy out her bag.
"I thought your games were confiscated?" He asked, quickly looking up.
"Nope, just my Pokémon." She said, sighing. "This is Sonic. Back to your essay/poem thing..."
He rolled his eyes, and got back to work, ignoring Charlotte and her temporary moments of rage whenever she lost rings or got killed. After about 5 minutes Bahorel walked in and saw Charlotte and Jehan. "Hello people!" He said and sitting down between them. "How are you?"
He got shushed by both of them.
"Shut up! Trying to kill Eggman!"
"Trying to write."
He sighed and looked over Charlotte's shoulder, only to be promptly shooed away, so resorted to try and annoy Jehan.
"What's your poem about?"
"Stuff? What stuff?"
"Just stuff."
"Gory stuff or lovey-dovey stuff?"
"Love is an aspect, yes."
"Can I read it?"
He sighed, then promptly reached over and grabbed it. Jehan tried to grab it back and shouted 'it's mine!' many times, but to no avail.
Bahorel began to read it aloud, a mock flowery air evident in his tone.
Once he'd finished, he handed it back to Jehan with a laugh. "Beautiful, mon ami. It truly is." He said sarcastically.
Jehan, who was bright red with embarrassment and anger, clearly did not see the funny side. He glared at Bahorel and promptly slapped him around the face.
The sound echoed around the room as everyone looked at Jehan in shock.
Soon after everyone bursts out laughing as Bahorel mutters a quick apology and sits down, rubbing his red raw face.
"Here we are!" Marius says as he walks into the cafe, paper in hand.
"No, you haven't, have you?" Charlotte asked, sighing.
"Haven't what?" Bahorel asked, walking to Marius.
"He's got the paper of our house rules. It has one rule on it though."
"No, it doesn't! It has two now!"
He grinned as he pinned the paper on the wall.
Under the rule which stated that Charlotte was banned from Halo and Pokémon (causing her to groan once more) was a rule with said, 'Never ever tease Jehan about his poems. You will be bitch slapped. Hard.'
Charlotte starting laughing as Bahorel sub-consciously rubbed the spot where Jehan slapped him. It really was hard...

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