House Rules

When Marius Pontmercy and Charlotte Courfeyrac live together, rules will need to be set. Sleeping during exams, teasing poets, and disastrous baking are just some of the things that need to be stopped.


1. Rule 1

Hello Guys! New Movellas here! I have 3 facebook roleplay accounts (Charlotte Courfeyrac, Nicolette Montparnasse and Gavroche Thenardier) and here is the product of the RPs of one of the chats!


Rule 1 - If Halo night is the night before a big exam Charlotte is not allowed to attend. Punishment will be confiscation of ALL Pokémon games for a week.

"Just drop it Jehan!" Charlotte said grumpily as she unlock the door and walked in.
"No, I won't." He replied, following her inside. "You can't do that in an exam!"
Marius looked out from the kitchen sighing "What's she done now?"
Charlotte groaned as she collapsed onto her chair, picked up the remote and turned on the latest Doctor Who episode. The Crimson Horror.
"She fell asleep in the middle of her Bar exam."
Marius looked at Charlotte in shock. "You fell asleep? How did you do that?"
She ignored him and stared at the Crimson doctor. Jehan sighed, grabbed the remote off her and switched it off.
"Dude! Give it back!" She said, jumping from her chair, arm outstretched.
"Tell me why you fell asleep in your exam."
"It was Halo night! I couldn't miss Halo night!"
"You could! One night!"
"And we were against these kids in Japan!"
"That's no excuse ma cherie." He sighed.
Marius (who'd disappeared during this argument) appeared with a piece of paper in his hands, a note on the top of of it. He thrust it into Charlotte's hands. "Read it."
"What is it?"
She sighed and read the note. Once she read it she glared at him and threw the paper on the sofa, storming up to her room.
"What was that about?" Jehan asked confusedly.
"If Halo night is the night before an exam then Charlotte is not allowed to attend. Punishment will be confiscation of all Pokémon games" 
"I think she's noticed..."


Links to the RP accounts:

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