Why Me? (Zayn Malik FanFic)

Chloe Addison is an 18 year old girl. Her whole life has been terrible. She gets abused by her parents and has no friends. School is a misery and it seems like the whole world hates her until she meets Zayn Malik and the rest of One Direction. Meeting in a bad situation, they grow to like each other.


20. Why?

Zayn's POV

We loaded into Liz's car. We couldn't take mine because it was too big and it would be very loud and obvious. We squished in but luckily I was allowed to sit in the front.

I looked back at the boys and even in the bad situation we were in, I couldn't help chuckling at them. Harry, Niall and Liam were sat down and Louis was laid across all of them.

"Sorry boys," Liz said," this car isn't exactly what you're used to." "Nah, it's fine," Louis said," I'm quite comfortable." "Liz chuckled. "Now boys, what are your names? We aren't going to get very far if we don't know each other."

"Yeah," I agreed," I'm Zayn, Chloe's boyfriend." Liz nodded. "I'm Louis!" "I'm Niall." "I'm Liam." "And I'm Harry." Liz smiled at all of us. "Right well, I think you know but anyway I'm Liz, Chloe's cousin."

"How come you know where she is?" Harry asked as we turned onto the motorway. "Because I know her dad and I was l always suspicious of him. I'm sorry if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure I know were they are," she said.

"Well your guess is better than ours," I said. Liz nodded," ok boys. Here is the plan..."

Chloe's POV

I woke up by someone slapping me. God, slapping me seemed to be their favourite sport.

"Get up princess," said someone nastily. "Yeah, your father wants to see you," said another voice. I got up, my bruises hurting a little less. I followed the men, stumbling a bit on the way. We went into another room and I saw my father sat down on a big wooden chair, smirking as I came in.

I just wanted to kick him hard and punch him and slap him. Ugh, how had I lived with him my whole life

"Remember this place?" my dad snarled as I was pushed in front of him. I just nodded. "Come on speak, I am your father, you can speak to me," he said, grinning evily.

"Fine then, why did you kill my mother?" I asked. I don't know why I suddenly felt confidence rush through me but I did. Maybe it was because I knew that Zayn would save me. I just knew it.

My father's face changed from smirking to anger. "How dare you?!" he roared. He slapped me harder but I somehow didn't feel anything. "Ow," I said sarcastically.

"For god's sake dad, why are you doing this? You just keep on repeating the same abuse. What is it doing for you? How is this making you feel better?" I asked. Something flashed across my dad's eyes but it was too quick for me to recognise.

"You are going to pay for this you little b****. He punched in the face. I knew there was going to be another bruise but all I did was flinch slightly. My dad looked at me in confusion and disgust.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked again. "Shut up," he snarled. I didn't say anything. He slapped me again and again, punching me. It was painful and soon I was a heap on the floor but after he stopped I said," ow."

"My pain isn't as big as yours," I said, trying to sound stronger then I was. My dad kicked me and then walked out the room, leaving me a bundle on the floor. I tried to get up but ended up collapsing back down on the floor.

I guessed that I would be staying here tonight.

Zayn's POV

We trundled through the trees, creeping slowly. "We are near," Liz whispered. Don't ask me why we were whispering, we just were. "Remember the plan boys," she said. "Yup," we all said.

Liz slowed the car to a stop and we crept out. "Ow," whisper-shouted Niall as Louis stepped on his foot. "Sorry," said Louis. I returned my concentration to the plan.

Liz was ahead and I was following. We were hardly making a sound which was good. "Right, seperate,"Liz whispered. We did so. I went with Liz. Harry went with Liam and Louis went with Niall.

Liz and I went forward and the others went to each side. Every step we took I felt the nerves engulf me but also the determination. I was going to get Chloe out of here, no matter if I died or not.

Liz and I stopped behind a tree and looked round the sides. What seemed like an old and abandoned shed stood. There was dim light in one of the rooms and 2 cars peeping out from the sides.

"I was right, they are here," Liz whispered. I nodded and Liz beckoned me onwards. I heard distant voices. I strained my ears to try and hear what they were saying but I couldn't, they were too far away.

"Lets go back to the car and wait for the boys. Tonight we are going in."


So... they are going tonight!!! Hope you liked the chapter!!! And Chloe speaking to her dad!!!!

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