Why Me? (Zayn Malik FanFic)

Chloe Addison is an 18 year old girl. Her whole life has been terrible. She gets abused by her parents and has no friends. School is a misery and it seems like the whole world hates her until she meets Zayn Malik and the rest of One Direction. Meeting in a bad situation, they grow to like each other.


19. Pretty Boy

Chloe's POV

The car pulled up to a stop. It was pitch black outside and I coudn't see anything. "Wait in here," the man snarled. I did as I was told and waiting, my bruises throbbing.

A few minutes later I heard a door open and close, men's feet shuffling over the ground. "She's in there," said an un-familiar voice. I heard other muffled voices before seeing a torch flicker on and a ghostly man's face come closer and closer.

The door was wrenched open and I was pulled out hard. I was dragged across the ground, trying not to make a sound. I saw other men's faces come closer and then what seemed like a massive shed behind them.

I was thrown in and I collapsed on the floor. I grabbed my stomach, fearing for my baby. "You really thought you could escape?" hissed a voice. I didn't reply.

Lights flickered on and the memories came flooding back. As I looked around the dismal and forgotten inside, I recalled the days when I used to come here as a child. There was a house on the other side of the field, where I used to stay with my family.

This shed had been a place where my cousins and I would come and play, it had tv's and game stations. A kitchen and loads of board games. It was super fun and I missed it .

My dad took me and my mum away from my family. We came back here once for a holiday. My family weren't there and this shed had been ripped apart. It was the worst holiday of my life, needless to say that was where my mum...

My thoughts got interrupted by a man smacking me around the face," we have called your 'pretty boy'. He has 48 hours to come get you otherwise... death will get you."

The other men chuckled evily. "You better hope he loves you because therwise you are going to be in some deep sh**," the man snarled again.

"While, pretty boy comes and finds you. You and your dad wil be... lets just say, be having a reunioun," another man snarled.

I got another slap before feeling 2 of the men grab me by the wrists and drag me across the floor. They tied me to a chair and left me there. "Night princess," one of the snarled before slamming the door shut.

I was alone. Once again. In the place I feared more than home. The place which I had once loved. The place which would bring 2 people to their death.

Zayn's POV

We waited ages before Chloe's phone was able to use again. It was very old, some sort of brick. I flicked through the numbers, reading out the name and number to Liam if I thought they could be useful.

Liam would write them down and soon we had a reasonable list. "Let's start," said Niall.

I nodded and picked up the phone. I typed in the first number and the phone started ringing. After a few rings someone picked up," hello?" "Er, hello," I replied awkwardly.

"What's up Chloe?" the person said. "Um, well, this isn't Chloe. This is her, er, boyfriend and I was just wonder-" The phone call ended. "Well that wasn't very nice," stated Harry.

I shook my head and rang another number. It just ended up going to voicemail.

We went through the list, gaining nothing but voicemails or people hanging up the phone. The second to last number was someone called Liz.

I sighed before ringing 'Liz'. "Hello C," Liz said happily. "Er, hi, this isn't actually Chloe," I said, running my hand through my hair. "Oh, who is this? If this is her father, I swear to god I am going to kill y-" "No it isn't, this is her boyfriend and please don't hang up on me, this is serious."

I heard Liz chuckle," don't worry I won't hang up, whats the matter?" "Well, this has something to do with her dad or at least I think it does," I said nervously. "Ugh, what has that bast*** done to her now?" she asked, hate rolling around in her voice.

"I think he has... kidnapped her, let me tell you what happened," I said. I told her from the beginning, from when I found her on the road to her being raped and then to the supermarket when I last saw her.

"I was wondering if you had any idea where she might be, I am worried sick and I need to find her. They said we had 48 hours and it seems to be going to quickly," I hurried. "Don't worry, I have a pretty good idea as to where she could be," Liz said.

"Meet me at the train station in 15 minutes," she said. "Ok, I will be there with, er my friends as well. We all know her and are really worried," I said. "Ok, bye," she said and the phone call ended.

"We are going to the train station... NOW!" I said urgently. The boys grabbed their jackets and we sped out, jumping into my car and raced to the station.

We looked around, trying to spot a girl who had any resemblence to Chloe. I didn't know if Liz was related to her but I just assumed.

"Um, excuse me are you Chloe's boyfriend," said a voice from behind. I turned round to see a girl, older than Chloe and taller but still smaller than me. She looked a bit like Chloe but Chloe was much more beautiful.

"Yes, yes I am, are you Liz?" I asked hopefully. "Yes, we need to go now," she said hurridly. I nodded and motioned the boys to come over. "Let's go."


So will Liz know where to go???? Will they get there before anything bad happens???

Plz fan, like and comment!!! :)

Love you guys,

Mina x 

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