Why Me? (Zayn Malik FanFic)

Chloe Addison is an 18 year old girl. Her whole life has been terrible. She gets abused by her parents and has no friends. School is a misery and it seems like the whole world hates her until she meets Zayn Malik and the rest of One Direction. Meeting in a bad situation, they grow to like each other.


18. Nowhere

Zayn's POV

"ZAYN!" I heard someone shout. I would've recognised that voice anywhere. Chloe.

I ran to the direction of the call. I shouldn't have left her, oh no, what had I done?

I suddenly saw some sainsburys bags strewn across the floor. I looked inside and sure enough, it was the exact things which we had bought. Worry swirled around me. I had lost her again.

I stood up and ran my hand through my hair, wondering what to do. I didn't know where she had gone, there were no clue's. I started heading back to the car, grabbing the bags. As I bent down to get the bags I noticed 3 pieces of something on the floor.

I ran my hands over them and realised that they were parts of a phone, Chloe's phone. She never really brought it with her but I had seen it before. The battery and case had come off. I was guessing that she had dropped it. I picked them up and stuffed them in my pocket. I would check it all when I got home. They boys would be able to help me.

Chloe's POV

The man dragged me down the back of the supermarket. I still had no idea who this guy was but I was sure he knew my dad. Unless I was pretty much hated across the world.

I put my other hand in my pocket trying to find my phone. Sh**. I had dropped it in the haste of my fear. Maybe Zayn would find it? But what could he do with it? He couldn't ring my mum, she was...

He couldn't ring anyone. All the numbers were either the boys or people who I had spoken to about 6 years ago, I could hardly remember their names.

My thoughts were interrupted as I was slammed up against some car. I had hardly noticed where we had gone. It was the old car park of Sainsbury's. My dad would always bring me here and abuse me, then tell me to go and do stuff for him. Stuff which I would never say.

I felt myself shaking badly. This was horrible for the baby but if I told this guy, whoever he was, he would probably treat me worse.

"This is payback from your dad," the man hissed, slapping me harder then ever, shoving me into the car and punching me in the face. I cried out in pain and I saw the man smirk.

"Get in," he snarled. I did as I was told, trying not to show my pain. I slumped down in the chair. I hoped Zayn heard me. Please, Zayn, I need you to come and rescue me, rescue me and the baby, our baby.

Zayn's POV

I arrived home and ran in, leaving the bags in the car. "NANDOS!" shouted Niall. His face dropped at my face. Tears were streaming down my face. "Wha-"

"Chloe got kidnapped," I said hurridly. "What? Oh my god, GUYS!" Niall called. The others came running in, their laughter soon stopping when they saw me.

"What hap-" "Chloe got kidnapped," said Niall for me. I dug the parts of the phone out of my pocket. "I found her phone on the floor, I just hope that there will be someone who could tell us where she has gone.

"Give i-" Louis got interrupted by his phone ringing. He picked it up. As he listened his expression changed. From sympathetic to scared to worried.

The phone call ended. "What happened Lou?" asked Harry. "C-Chloe's father said that we had 48 hours to find her otherwise she would d-die," Louis stuttered.

Tears ran down my face and I crumpled down on the floor. The boys rushed to me," we are going to find her. We won't stop until we find her," said Niall. "They are going to k-kill her," I said, trying to stop my tears. "Not if we find her," said Louis.

He grabbed the parts of the phone out of my hand and started putting them together. "We will find her," said Louis seriously. I had never seen him so determined but I was thankful for it. I knew we could find her. I knew it.


Soooo, will they get there in time??????? Will Zayn's heart be broken???

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