Why Me? (Zayn Malik FanFic)

Chloe Addison is an 18 year old girl. Her whole life has been terrible. She gets abused by her parents and has no friends. School is a misery and it seems like the whole world hates her until she meets Zayn Malik and the rest of One Direction. Meeting in a bad situation, they grow to like each other.


9. Falling

Zayn's POV

We decided to split up into groups. Chloe and I. Harry and Louis. And then Niall and Liam. Chloe and I headed off to the shops as we needed to get her some clothes for her. She was wearing my hoodie, her jeans and some sunglasses so no one would recognise her.

I was wearing a hoodie, some jeans and sunglasses so we were basically matched. She looked very cute in my hoodie, it was a bit big for her but it was sweet and she looked very pretty.

"Where do you want to go?" I asked her taking her hand. I tried to ignore the sparks tingling up them but I was hard.

"I don't mind. I hardly know any of these shops. I never came to this place or went shopping, I was..." she trailed off and I knew that she didn't want to talk about it.

"Well... how about Forever 21?" I asked pointing at a shop on the right. "Looks good," she smiled.


We had about 10 bags of clothes stuffed to the brim. I was carrying 6 and Chloe was carrying 4. "Do you want to sit down for a bit?" I asked, my arms literally about to fall off. "Yes please," she said almost dragging her bags across the floor.

We went into Starbucks and sat down. "What do you want?" I asked. "I don't mind, you choose," she said smiling. I wanted to kiss her but I knew I couldn't.

I suddenly realized that I was staring at her lips and she blushed. I smiled and said," ok sure but don't blame me if I get you the wrong thing."

Chloe's POV

He left to get us something to eat and I couldn't help think about how he was staring at me. Probably because I am ugly. There had been times when I had wanted to kiss him but I couldn't.

I looked out the glass wall onto the shoppers passing by. Suddenly, I saw a butch looking man with a horrible face. He reminded me of one of my dads friends. Dave. He was horrible and mean, almost as bad as my dad. I hated him. He had abused me as well.

I quickly looked down. Even though I was disguised I couldn't run any risks. "Chlo, are you ok?" Zayn asked me. I looked up to see a confused Zayn.

"Yeah, um, I'm fine, just thought I saw someone, that's all," I muttered. He looked at me with confusion before sitting down opposite me.

"Oooh, what did you get for me?" I asked excited. "Some hot chocolate and a chocolate chunk cookie," he said passing me my food and drink. I took a sip of the hot chocolate," mmm, this is SO good!" I exclaimed grinning like a fool. Zayn grinned," I thought you would like it." "This is just... amazing!" I exclaimed again dipping my cookie into my hot chocolate.

Zayn laughed again. "I can't believe you have never come here before," he said. "How did you know?" I asked rasing my eyebrow. "You look cute when you do that," he said smiling. I blushed and looked down, trying to hide my face.

There was an awkward silence," so um, I knew because, well I actually guessed because most people have had this before and you didn't know what you wanted so... yeah," he mumbled.

I looked up and smiled at him, my gaze flickering towards his lips. "Well you guessed right," I said softly. He smiled and I longed to look at his eyes. He sensed what I was thinking and took off his shades.

I smiled and took mine off as well. We just looked at each other for a few seconds. It was beautiful. I had never felt this way about someone in my life.

I was falling for him.

Zayn's POV

Chloe took off her sunglasses as well. Her eyes sparkling with happiness. I had never felt this way about someone in my life.

I was falling for her.

Our eyes broke apart when we heard," OH MY GOD, IT'S ZAYN MALIK!" I quickly put on my sunglasses and so did Chloe. Sh**, I shouldn't have taken my sunglasses off. 

We grabbed our bags and with some free fingers I found Chloe's hand. People started crouding round us. I could feel Chloe shaking. "It will be ok Chlo, I promise," I said as we weaved our way through the army of screaming fans.

Chloe's POV

"...I promise," Zayn said. I felt a bit safer but I didn't like this at all. Who knew that teenage girls could be so scary?!

I felt my hand slip from Zayn's ever so slightly. Someone was pulling me. I couldn't see who it was.

Suddenly, my hands didn't feel so safe and I knew I wasn't with Zayn. Someone was tugging me. The hand was ruff and I didn't feel safe. 

I found myself out of the the crowd and facing the man I saw earlier. Dave.

"Thought I wouldn't recognize you," he snarled. 


NOOO!!! Horrible Dave!!!!!!!!! What will he do to Chloe???

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