Why Me? (Zayn Malik FanFic)

Chloe Addison is an 18 year old girl. Her whole life has been terrible. She gets abused by her parents and has no friends. School is a misery and it seems like the whole world hates her until she meets Zayn Malik and the rest of One Direction. Meeting in a bad situation, they grow to like each other.


2. Dreams

Chloe's POV

Zayn had to leave to do something with his band, One Delusion or something. I had heard the name before in a magazine, girls talking about it in the corridors at school but otherwise I had no clue. Now I was left alone in a cold, white room with no one to talk to but then again, this was how it always was. I sighed and ran my hand across my stomach. I could feel all my bruises there. I only hoped that no one saw them, that I wouldn't be questioned about it and having to make a quick lie on the spot. I hated lying but that was what I had done my whole life, about my family, about my life, about me.

I brought the covers over me softly. The bed was more comfortable than my one at home and even though the room was bare apart from a few screens with my heart rate etc on it, it felt nicer than home, anything was nicer than home.

Slowly I felt my eyes get heavy and begin to close, sending me off into a world of my own. The weird thing was was that I dream't about Zayn.

Zayn's POV

I didn't want to leave Chloe. She seemed so nice, so friendly. Under the hard exterior of bravery I saw an innocent girl who didn't deserve half the stuff it looked like she'd been through. I had noticed the bruises and cuts but I hadn't told the doctor, I imagined that she wanted to keep that to herself. 

It was 7 in the evening and after some recording and a meeting with management the boys wanted to go out. I didn't really feel like it, I just felt like going back to the hospital and seeing Chloe. I didn't know what is was about her but I couldn't leave her. She was coming back with me when she was able to leave and that was final. I wasn't letting her go back to that home of hers,  no way.

I arrived at the hotel at 7:35. I rushed in and the nurse took me to the room even though I already knew where it was. I opened the door to see the doctor in there. Chloe had her eyes closed and for a moment I thought she was dead. The doctor looked up and saw my expression," don't worry. Chloe is doing fine, she is much better now and is recovering quickly. I don't expect her to be up in a while so you might want to be heading home soon Mr Malik." I nodded my head, not really listening to the last part. She was alive and that was all that counted right now.

The doctor left the room and I sat down in the chair next to her. I covered her hand with mine and soon I felt my eyes close, my head lean against the bed and soon I was fast asleep. That night I dream't about Chloe.

//Next Morning//

Chloe's POV

I woke up feeling much better. I felt safe somehow, weirdly, I never felt safe. I looked down and saw someones hand covering mine. I followed the arm right up to the face and realized that it was Zayn. What was he doing here? I slipped my hand away from his and I felt a little less safe, it was as if as soon as I touched him that I felt much safer, that he could protect me. Who was I kidding? After he knew I was better, able to go home, he would leave me and I would be alone again. I felt a tear roll down my cheek but I brushed it away.

5 minutes later the doctor came in. "Good morning Miss Addison, how are you feeling?" he asked. "Um, a bit better but my stomach still hurts a bit," I answered. "That's normal, that's fine. I will ask the nurse to give you some paracetamol," the doctor said leaving the room," by the way you have a very loyal boyfriend. He has been here since 7:35 last night," the doctor said before closing the door and leaving Zayn and I together. 7:35? Last night? He cared for me? He actually cared for me? At least I think he did? No one had ever been this nice to me.

15 minutes later of me thinking about my situation Zayn stirred. He looked up," hey sleepy head," I said before I could stop myself. He smiled," hey, how are you feeling?" he asked. I couldn't help thinking how sexy his voice sounded. His hair was tousled from sleeping and his brown eyes seemed darker, god he was so handsome.

"I'm ok, how about you? You didn't have to come last night, I didn't want to keep you from having fun, I'm not that much of a deal," I said not looking into his eyes. He seemed shocked. I didn't know why, honestly. "You are a big deal Chloe. You didn't just get hit by accident, I know you did it on purpose and I won't ask you why but I can tell you that I care about you and that you are a very big deal to me. So that's why I came last night," he said catching my eye and searching me.

I couldn't help the tears rolling down my face after he said it. Zayn wiped my tears away with the tip of his thumb," I can see in your eyes that you have had a bad life, been through things that you shouldn't have been through and that's just one reason why I am here. I care about you, you are kind, nice, funny and you need someone to care for you and that's why when you are allowed to leave you are coming with me because there is no way you are going back home. My home will be yours."


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