Things Can Change

Jazmin goes from being the loser to the most popular girl in school. All she does is show off her talent. Also with the help of her two best friends she becomes a YouTube star. What happens when Harry Styles from One Direction requests a song for her to sing? And what happens when she meets Harry in person? And when Harry gives her the biggest offer in the world will she take it?


8. YouTube Fame

I woke up and checked the channel. There was over 9,000 views. I can't believe it. Just over night and that many. wow!
*One Month Later*
It's been a month and I've been taking requests for songs. Anywhere from Drake to Blake Shelton I've sang it. I'm going through the requests right now with Alexandra. "Ugh! All of these are rap songs. I kinda wanna do something slow this time." "Then Jaz don't take a request this time." "Alex I promised them I would." "Whatever. Oh wait! Look at this one. 'Isn't She Lovely' Hey didn't Harry audition with that song?" "Umm yeah. But look. Harry requested the song." "No it's probably just someone who likes Harry. You know?" "Well maybe, but I think it's really him." "Well Jaz, are you gonna sing it?" "Yeah I love that song lets head to Dylan's tomorrow." "Sounds like a plan. Bye Jaz. See ya tomorrow!" "Bye Alex!" And with that she left. I was looking through the other videos we did and I can't believe how many views, likes, and subscribers we have. Each video is has over a million views. about 98,000 likes, and around 90,000 subscribers. It's amazing! I actually have people coming up to me on the street and asking for pictures. I'm just blown away by it. I was a no one and now I'm someone. It makes me feel like things can change no matter who you are.
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