Things Can Change

Jazmin goes from being the loser to the most popular girl in school. All she does is show off her talent. Also with the help of her two best friends she becomes a YouTube star. What happens when Harry Styles from One Direction requests a song for her to sing? And what happens when she meets Harry in person? And when Harry gives her the biggest offer in the world will she take it?


9. Harry's Request+Jazzy's Jab

*the next day*
"Okay y'all, lets get to work." I said. "Jaz I was sorta thinking that the music video could just be you sitting in the sound booth paying your guitar." "That's a great idea Alex." "Okay., but you'll need to put emotion in it. Like perform the emotion." "Haha! Okay! Is everything ready Dylan?" I asked. "Yeah. What song are you singing?" "A song Harry Styles suggested. It's 'isn't she lovely'." I said. "Okay and your point is?" "Don't ask if you don't want to know!" "I wanted to know the song not the requester." "It's Harry Styles! How are you not freaking out Dylan?" "Jaz we don't even know if it was really him. It could be a fake." Alex said. "It's really him. I know it. I'll prove you wrong. Lets just get this thing going." I said. I got in the booth and Dylan gave me a thumbs up to show he was ready. I started playing my guitar and singing. "Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she precious? Less than one minute old. And I never thought through love we'd be making one as lovely as she. But isn't she lovely made from love?" I continued till the end. When I was done I looked at them through the glass. The were shocked. All I could think was I did horrible. I failed them. I failed myself. I failed my mom and dad. "Th-that w-was amazing, Jaz. Where did the come from?" I saw a tear roll down her cheek as she said that. "Was it okay?" I asked worriedly. "Okay? No it wasn't okay!" Dylan said. I just looked down at my guitar and my eyes started to water. "It was amazing! I've never heard your voice like that before!" He said with excitement. "Really? I thought it was horrible by the way you guys were acting." "Yeah!" They said together. "Well I'll go post it. " Alex said. "Wait we need to preview it. " I said. "No, we don't it was phenomenal." She said. "Okay!" I said. "No! Don't. We should put up a video of Jazmin telling her fans about herself." Dylan said. "Yes, yes, yes! That's exciting. You should do do it Jaz!" Alexandra said. "Well okay. To Dylan's room we go." I said. We went to his room and I sat on the bed. Alex turned the camera on, set it on the desk, and she sat to the right while Dylan sat on the left. "Umm. It's Jazmin here. Coming to you from the one, the only Dylan Hollifield's bed room." I said the last sentence in an announcer voice. "Come over here and sit Dylan." I said patting the empty space next to me. He sat down and I continued. "Okay, so this is Dylan. He is ONE of my best friends. He records my voice and my playing. Without him y'all wouldn't know me. So I gave to thank him. Also, I would like to thank another person. Alex!" Alex came running over and jumped on me. I grunted and started to laugh with everyone else. Then I pushed her to the floor. That's when Dylan and I laughed harder. Finally when we calmed down and Alex sat on the bed I continued. "This is Alexandra Hill. She does the video stuff. Also she is the one who came up with the idea of doing this and putting it on YouTube. So I have to thank her for that." I looked on either side of me where they sat then I said, "I think we should give out our twitter names. Starting with Dylan and going down the very short line." I said laughing. "Okay mine is @ddhollifield." "Care to explain why?" I asked him. "The first D is for my first name, Dylan, then the other D is for my middle name, Dewain, and well Hollifield is my last name so yeah." He said. "Nice! So mine is @Jazmin_1D cause my stage name is Jazmin and I'm a fan of One Direction. " I said then looked at Alex. "Mine is @its_alex because well I'm Alex so yeah." "Okay," I started, "this is supposed to be a video for you to get to know me. So i'm 16 so is Alex and Dylan is 17. My favorite color is green." Then I pointed to Alex. "Oh, umm, blue. " she said. Then I looked at Dylan. "Mine is green as well." "Nice!" I said giving him a high-five. "We all live in Tennessee. We are the bestest friends, if that's even a word. I have an older brother, Alex is an only child, and Dylan has a little brother. I guess that's all for now." I said then I started using the announcer voice and said, "This is Jazmin straight from Dylan's bedroom. This has been Jazzy's Jab. Bye!" I started to laugh. "Jazzy's Jab?" Dylan asked. "Well it needed a name!" I said. "I liked it! Well I'm gonna go put these videos up and then I'm off!" Alex said then left. "Yeah I'm gonna head out. Bye Dylan. " I said then left.


So there are your two chapters I promised. I've started to write in my first period and in my forth period type it up. When I get home and have my homework done i post. It's working out really well. I'll just start doing that. Well let me know what you think of the story so far.
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