Things Can Change

Jazmin goes from being the loser to the most popular girl in school. All she does is show off her talent. Also with the help of her two best friends she becomes a YouTube star. What happens when Harry Styles from One Direction requests a song for her to sing? And what happens when she meets Harry in person? And when Harry gives her the biggest offer in the world will she take it?


5. Everything Has Changed

I woke up the next morning and got ready for school. I went downstairs and saw my brother. "Morning! Would you like some pancakes?" "Jake you know I don't like them. They make me sick, but thanks anyways. I'm just gonna grab something from Starbucks on the way." I have my brother a kiss on the cheek and left. I stopped by Starbucks and got breakfast and went to school. When I walked in the door everyone looked at me. That never happened. The only people that ever looked at me were the ones who liked to cause me pain. Now it was everyone. I KNOW I've made and impression now. I wonder if its good or bad. I made it to my locker, which happens to be right next to Dylan's. "Hey Jazmin! It seems that people are noticing you more. Haha! I guess you made them recognize you." "Yeah I guess so, but its not gonna change anything between us. Dylan we are always gonna be friends, and besides I don't want a bunch of fake friends. I'll stay with my true friends. You and Alexandra." "Did I her my name?" Alexandra smirked. "Yes. Yes you did." I said. " okay good. Hey Dylan we are still on for your house after school right?" Alexandra asked. "Yeah, did your brother allow you to come Jaz?" "Yeah, only on one condition." "And that would be......" Alex said. "That he would be the first to see the video besides us." " that's not a problem I don't think. Do you Alex?" "Nah. It'll be 'ight." "No. Just no. Alex you are far from black you can't say that." I said. "Oh hush up! I'm off to class anyways. Bye!" And then Alex walked away. "Off to algebra we go." Dylan said smiling. Dylan and I both have the same 1st block. So yeah we walk together. We made it to class on time when the announcements came on. "Good morning students and facility! It's principal Stephens here. I would like to say congratulations too our very own Jasmine Kelley! Jasmine won the talent show this year. And this years prize to the basketball game at home tonight! Jasmine please come to the office after school to receive your prize. Thank you all and have a good day." Ugh I didn't really wanna win I just wanted to be noticed and not be picked one......well I guess I've been noticed. After class everyone was telling what an amazing voice I had and asking if I could teach them to play. It was sorta weird. Then the quarterback on the football team asked to go on a date with me. I guess people are starting to like me. I turned him down cause he only just noticed me yesterday. The whole day went by like that. I wasn't even commented on how much food I got at lunch today.......that's a first.


Okay so I'm wondering. Should I put a chapter up every night?
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