Things Can Change

Jazmin goes from being the loser to the most popular girl in school. All she does is show off her talent. Also with the help of her two best friends she becomes a YouTube star. What happens when Harry Styles from One Direction requests a song for her to sing? And what happens when she meets Harry in person? And when Harry gives her the biggest offer in the world will she take it?


3. Alexandra's Idea

"You know what you should do? You should make a YouTube channel. You know for like your singing. And I know Dylan is good with like recording sound and stuff. He could record you and I could film a music video. That way you could be a YouTube star. You know a lot of people become famous from there. Sorta like Justin bieber." Alex said. "Haha that's funny. I'm not talented enough to do that, but thanks!" " yes you are. Are you kidding me? We ARE making a YouTube channel AND you will sing." "Ugh fine! Oh, shouldn't we ask Dylan first though?" "Psh, you know he loves you he would do anything for you!" "Alex we are just friends!" "I know but he is like your brother and you tell him everything........he wants you happy. So if you asked him he would say yes." " that's mean! You make it seem like I use him." " you know that's not what I mean Jaz!" "I know I'm just saying you're just that close." "Okay well we should call him." I pick up my iPhone and dial Dylan's number. "Hey Jaz! I saw the video Alexandra sent me. I didn't know you could sing. You're amazing!" "Well thanks! That's what I was actually calling you about. Dylan would you want to record me doing some covers of songs? Because Alex wants to make a YouTube channel for covers that I sing. And also she is gonna be making music videos so that we can put up. Would you be up for that?" "Wow! That's an amazing idea. Or should I quote you?" "Don't! I don't even say it anymore." "AmaZAYN!" "OMG Dylan! Why?" "Cause I can. And I would love to help you. We can use my dad's recording studio!" " do you think he would let us?" " yeah! I use it all the time. And it's just for random stuff!" "Okay! Thanks Dylan! Do you think we could come in tomorrow after school tomorrow?" "Yeah, my dad won't mind. It's been years since he has even been in the studio!" "Oh. Okay we'll ill see you tomorrow! Thanks again! Bye!" "No problem! Bye!" I hung up and told Alex. All I can think is 'I can't believe this is happening!' So me and Alex talk for hours about what song gonna do first. We finally decide on 'They Don't Know About Us' by One Direction. We thought its by our favorite band and its slow. So it will show off my voice. "Hey Alex!" I said," it's getting late its 9 so I should go home. Jake is probably POed haha!" " okay Jaz! Bye." I left her house and got in my car and went home.
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