Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


4. The plane journey :) x


Maddys pov:   I turnt my telly on and put the headphones in and was watching EastEnders omnibus when I could sense someone staring at me. I took a headphone out and turnt to look at the boy who I just met, I was right someone was staring at me it was him!.   "Hi"   I said because it looked like he wanted a conversation and I didn't wont to sound rude.   "Hey, my names Harry, Harry Styles"   He gave me the same smile he did at the air port,   "Hi, im Maddy, Maddy Payne"   I laughed as the thought of James bond came into my mind. He chuckled but looked at me with a questioning look,   "Payne?"   He looked confused,   "Yeah? why so confused?"   " Oh, sorry no im fine its just I know someone with the same last name, what brings you to London your American right?".   I could then see how much my accent was different from British accents.   "er yeah, well im just going for a holiday I have 9 weeks off school and im k-kinda looking for someone"   I stammered that last part not knowing if I should really tell him.   " oh, someone?,boyfriend?"   I laughed as I replied   "Noo, my brother actually".   At that point I saw harry turn and look behind at someone and then back at me.   "Do you know who I am Maddy?"   "Im not sure, I thought I have seen you before, but I don't remember".   He looked at me for a second before nodding his head,   " Maddy ,I know I just met you and this is crazy but if I gave you my number would you call me maybe, I mean like I could show you around London?"   How could I resist that beautiful smile.   "Yeah of course, but Harry who are you?"   " Im Harry Styles, im 18, and im from the band One direction".   OMG!I felt my heart thudding as if it was going to come right out of my chest.   "Oh wow, was not expecting that"   I must have fell asleep, because I was only aware of the sound of the captain saying we were coming into landing in 5 minutes, and I could hear laughter as I turnt around I could see 4 other boys at around the same age as Harry leaning over him, One of the boys looked to me as the eldest one was drawing something on Harry's face, as I tried not to laugh the boys looked at me and just smiled although I was aware that one of the boys was just staring at me as if he new me but didnt know how, then I noticed how much he looked like me, we had the same eyes and the same hair colour..could my prediction have been right could Liam from One Direction be my brother?, im assuming the boy was Liam what if it wasn't, what if it was Louis?   Harry Woke as the boys quickly raced back to there seats,   "Harry you need to put your seatbelt on, the planes going to land"   I advised him.   " Thanks"    He yawned back. I had to try my hardest not to laugh at what he had on his face. I jilted as the plane came into landing,I never liked planes.   I was collecting my bags when Harry came up to my, security guard in toe   "Hey Maddy, here give me a call, it was nice talking to you!"   "Thanks, you too"   I replied with a smile as I headed off to get a Taxi to my hotel I would be staying at. I could not wait to ring Rachel and tell her about meeting Harry on the plane, I thought I saw a flash when Harry was talking to me with his security guard but I must have been wrong because its still sunny, so it couldn't have been a storm? Could it?
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