Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


20. The Funeral! :( x


Harrys Pov:   I got woken up by someone banging on our bedroom door I got up and found more clothes that were thrown around the room, sliding on my jeans and a fresh new t-shirt. I headed towards the door.   "Harry, Maddy its me Leah"   Came a little voice, I smiled as I opened the door and bent down.   "Morning Beautiful"   I heard her give a little chuckle,   "Harry,n-no one else is up and im wungry"   I laughed at the way she said hungry and took her by the hand.   "Come on then, little one I'll make you some breakfast, we can make Maddy some too"   She smiled and gripped my hand as I silently pulled the bedroom door shut and walked Leah down the stairs and towards the kitchen.   "So Leah what do you want for your breakfast"   I said picking her up and placing her on the chair at the breakfast bar.   "ummmm,food"   I laughed at her serious face as I walked over to the cupboards looking to see if they had the ingredients,   "What about pancakes with  chocolate sauce?"   I saw her face light up as she nodded and I got to work pulling out a frying pan and the ingredients and the chocolate source, setting out two plates, one on a tray for Maddy.   "Harry, Do you love Maddy"   I turned around flipping her pancakes to see her with a smile on her face.   "yeah, I do love Maddy, she means the world to me"   I finished flipping her two pancakes and placed them on a plate spreading some chocolate source on top as Laura came walking downstairs and into the kitchen.   "oh morning Harry, Morning Leah"   She walked over and gave Leah a cuddle.   "morning auntie Laura, Harry made me breakfast"   "Morning Laura, do you want some pancakes?"   She laughed and went to sit on the sofa.   "No thanks Harry, not hungry, but its nice to see Maddy found someone that can cook, or she would just be eating take away food all the time"   I went and sat on the sofa to talk to Laura, deciding it was still to early to wake Maddy, she did have a long day ahead.   Laura- "So how did Maddy find you then?"   Me- Oh we met on the plane and I gave her my number so we could meat up and then she told me about her finding her brother and that her last name was Payne, so I kind of had a hunch.   Laura- Oh right, you lot live in London right?   Me- Yeah, Maddy's moved in with us instead of staying in a hotel. You've moved from where you lived haven't you?   Laura- Yeah I wanted to get out of this place so I moved to London I don't think its far from you lot actually.   Me- Oh cool you can see Maddy more now then, I better get her pancakes cooking and go wake her up.   Laura nodded and I got up and walked over to the Kitchen noticing Leah was finished with her pancakes.   "Hey Leah, you want to get down or do some colouring?"   "Colouring pwease"   I took her plate to the sink and walked over to the table picking up a colouring book and pens placing them in front of her.   "there you go darling"   She thanked me as I set to work on Maddy's breakfast. It was half 9 when I finally finished her breakfast I set it nicely on a tray with a glass of orange juice and a fork, as well as a flower from the garden in a glass. I smiled at my work as I picked it up and started my trek upstairs and to the bedroom door.   Maddys pov;   I rolled over in bed and expected to cuddle Harry, but woke when I didn't feel him there. I looked at my clock saying half 9, where was he? I went to sit up when I heard the bedroom door open and saw Harry walking in with a smile on his face his curls bouncing as he walked.   "Morning baby"   He walked towards me carrying a tray and sat on the bed next to me giving me the tray.   "I made you breakfast"   "Morning Haz, aww babes you didn't have to, thank you"   I gave him a kiss before looking down at my breakfast, I wasn't that hungry really as I was really nervous for today, today was the funeral and I really didn't want to say goodbye forever. I didn't have the heart to tell Harry so I picked up the fork and started to eat my pancakes stopping after a few bites to feed Harry some. When I had finished my pancakes Harry took the tray and put it on the floor taking me in his arms and leaning back on the bed .   "your nervous aren't you?"   He said looking into my eyes, I nodded as i felt tears in my eyes.   "Don't cry Madds everything will be okay I promise Im always going to look after you"   He said kissing the top of my bed and fastening his grip on me.   "I know Harry, I-I just can't say goodbye forever"   He sat me up moving my hair behind my eyes and looking me in the eyes taking my hand,   "So don't say goodbye forever just say goodbye, its not forever were ever you go he will be with you, and in your memories, he would be so proud of you"   I nodded and tried to put a smile on my face.   "well I better get ready, we have to leave by 11, Harry you need to go wake the boys and get them ready and"   He stood up.   "Calm down Madds, I have everything under control, just focus on getting yourself ready"   I stood up and walked over to the chair noticing my clothes I looked at Harry just standing there staring at me as I looked down and noticed I had nothing on.   "Get out perv"   I said sliding on a pair of Louis's Jogging bottoms and Harry's Jack wills Jumper. Harry laughed as he went out the bedroom door and I heard him banging on the boys doors.   "Liam are you awake"   I heard him saying as I quickly headed towards the bathroom. I locked the door and turnt the shower on and set it to the right heat placing my ipod on the side, turning it onto One directions Album and singing along to One thing. I heard the boys getting up and heading downstairs after a while probably already dressed. I finished washing my hair and stepped out of the shower wrapping the towel round me, as I stepped out of the bathroom, Ipod in my hand . I was heading towards my bedroom when I head someone do a wolf whistle I looked around seeing Louis walking down from his bedroom all dressed in his suit.   "Well don't you look smart Lou"   I said sticking out my tongue. He laughed before replying;   "well I didn't know we could go in just towels, Im sure your dad will be very happy with you wearing that"   He walked past me and winked before I glared at him and headed into my room closing the door and going to my wardrobe, taking out a black blouse and some black skinny jeans with a black cardigan. I got dressed and looked in the mirror, Black clothes looked so depressing I brushed my hair before turning on the dryer to dry it. I pulled it up into a bun and found the crystal earrings my dad had bought me on my last birthday, before picking up the necklace I took from his stuff that my mum had so kindly gave to Lucy and the rest of the family. Already getting rid of his stuff and he has only been gone for 5 days today.   I finished getting ready noticing the time was now half 10 I suddenly felt sick as I started walking downstairs grabbing my black converse before sliding them on. I walked into the front room were everyone was sitting in silence all dressed and looking at the floor, all heads turnt to look at me as I stood in the door frame biting my lip holding back the tears as Leah came running and gave me a hug.   I noticed then that they all looked at a person sitting in the corner of the room, I didn't notice her at first but I looked at her and new it was her straight away.   "Hi, Mum"   Liam and Harry looked at her, Harry clenching his fist he obviously didn't know it was her before I said something.   "Maddy, we all don't need to leave for like half an hour"   Lucy told me getting up and pulling me over to the side.   "please don't argue with your mum today, uncle wouldn't have wanted you to be arguing with her"   "your not the one she would beat up when she got drunk"   I hissed before announcing I was going for a walk I grabbed my jacket even though it was a nice day and walked out of the door and down to the park near the house sitting on the hill watching the wild horses running around.   "Hey Madds, thought I'd come keep you company"   Zayn came and sat next to me.   "Did you follow me the whole way?"   "Yeah well I wanted a cigarette and needed to be far away from that place, the tension in there is bad between your mum, Harry and Liam"   I chuckled watching Zayn light up his fag and take a puff from in instantly relaxing when smelling the smoke.   "you shouldn't smoke Zayn it's bad for you"   I said taking the fag out of his hand and taking a puff of it myself.   "Maddy! and neither should you, your brother would kill me, not to mention Harry would go mental"   He grabbed the fag back from me and gave me a glare before smiling at me and putting his arm around me.   "see you cant stay mad at me, you love me"   He chuckled.   "Of course I do babe your one of my Best friends and I will always look out for you"   I grabbed his hand as he put out the fag running and pulling him along to the park and taking seats on the swings.   "Zayn I really don't want to go, I don't want to never be able to hear his voice"   "I know Madds but, you can always hear his voice in your mind he will always be with you were ever you go"   "Yeah, I just don't want to have to do this alone"   "You wont be alone Madds, you have got all of us and the rest of your family were here for you, we should be getting back we have to head off soon"   He stopped swinging and took my hand pulling me up and walking back to the house, we were heading up to the house and a few fans were waiting.   "Maddy"   They shouted running over and giving me a hug, as if we were good friends .   "Im so sorry about your dad a ll the fans send there support and love, your not alone be strong"   I smiled at the two girls and said thanks trying hard not to cry I didn't think the fans would want to send me support more like threats. They waved goodbye as I got closer to the house seeing everyone waiting outside. Liam with tears in his eyes as I could see the funeral cars pulling into the road in the middle was the funeral car with my dads casket in the back. I saw it and everyone looked over to me I took a deep breathe but couldn't stop the tears, they all flooded out, as I couldn't help but scream and fall to the floor.   "Maddy babe"   Harry came running over taking me into his arms I put my head on his shoulder.   "I don't want to say goodbye Harry, please don't make me"   "I want my Dad"   I looked up seeing Harry start to cry Liam and Laura came walking over as the cars parked waiting for us to get in, Liam bent down;   "Maddy, you have to go or you will regret it, Im sorry but you have to say goodbye"   Liam took my arm and Harry took the other helping me up and walking me towards the Car, My mum just standing there smiling. I shook the boys of me and wiped my eyes walking over to my mum.   "It was you wasn't it, you bitch! how can you be smiling your meant to Love him, that's my dad! THATS MY DAD!!"   My mum just gave me a cold stare as Harry came and pulled me back .   "Leave her, Maddy she isn't worth it!"   I noticed the police standing by watching the motion, Jones&Smith they came with us on the plane journey to carry on with the case. My mum didn't know they were behind her.   "im not the bitch darling you are, you ruined his life, everything he did he had to worry about you, its your fault he is dead you left"   I turned pale at her words;   "its your fault he is dead, you left",   "so you did do it, you couldn't hurt me so you hurt him! "   I walked up to her in her face clenching my first.   "Go on im here now hurt me, Im not scared of you any more mum"   The police stepped in at this point seeing me clench my fist.   "I don' think thats a good idea, Harry maybe you should take Maddy to the car"   Jones said as my mum walked off to the second car getting in with Laura and Lucy and other family members. Harry walked me over to the car, but I pulled back taking his hand and walking over to the one with the casket. I put my hand to the glass and felt tears falling again. I put my head on the glass feeling close to my dad, as I felt a cold and adrenaline run through me, as if my dad was giving me the power to go on to get through this.   I smiled as I whispered.   "Night Daddy, I love you"   Before turning around and nodding at Harry, then we both headed back to the car where the rest of the boys were, and sliding in taking Liam's hand I gave him a hug.   It took us 15 minutes to get to the funeral place, it was the longest car journey ever, as we parked up outside and the vicar came and met us all telling us what was going to happen. He showed us to the small room it was all happening in and we all took our seats, the boys and me at the front one side, the rest of the family filling up the seats the other side. We all rose as the boys left me and helped the funeral people carry my dads casket, Liam at the front. I could see he wanted to cry but he pushed back his tears walking slowly ,bringing the casket to the front and sliding it onto the platform with the curtains around it. Liam then  collected a photo of him and putt it on top of the casket. I took a deep breathe as I looked at the casket and the boys joined me on the bench, as we sat down and the vicar started talking reading out passages from the bible. He then read out a prayer that we all joined in with, we then all joined in with a hymn . I began to feel nervous as my I noticed my mum sitting at the far back away from the family with the police officers behind her as the vicar asked Liam to do his speech, knowing it was my turn next. I let go of his hand as he stood up and made his way to the front, walking over to the casket and putting his hand on it looking at the photo. I heard him whisper;   "I love you dad"   Before walking back and taking to the stand I could hear his heavy breathing through the mike..Liam;   I never was as close to my Dad as Maddy was, I never got the chance to spend as much time with him, but I wish I had, as a child I use to wish my parents never got divorced but in a way im happy they did or I wouldn't have Maddy as my sister. I don't think I could survive without her in my life now, so I must say thank you Dad and that Im going to look after Maddy, and we are all going to miss you so much, but we want you to be happy. So all I have to say now, is rest in peace Dad and I'll miss you but will always remember you.   I heard him take a deep breathe wipe a tear from his eye, look over to were my dad lay and then walk back to me looking my straight in the eyes and smiling at me . I wiped the tears away from my eyes as the vicar asked me to come up, I stood up taking Liams Hand.   "come with me please, I cant do it alone"   He  nodded and came back to the stand with me as I looked at the casket and smiled before taking to the mike and starting;   Thank you all for coming, my dad was a good man, he was kind&Loving and he didn't deserve to die, but someone once told me the good die young, so I hope the person that did this to him suffers in there long life. I have a lot to say thank you to my dad for all the good memories, he wasn't just my dad as I was growing up he was also my best friend along with Rachel, but he was the only one there for me the whole time. (I looked straight at my mum) You see my dad for me was my mum as well because I don't have a mum, to be honest I've never really had a mum just one that pretends. My dad was the one that cared he was never selfish and I respect him so much, I hope I can make him proud and be just like him when im older I hope I do take after my Dad. I miss you so much Daddy and I love you always, im going to miss your beautiful singing and guitar playing but Ill never forget you or anything you did. The last thing im going to do is leave you with something that's really close to me.   Harry got up walking to the front pressing play on the stereo that would start playing,  Harry starting off singing first as he pulled out another microphone;    I've been alone with you Inside my mind And in my dreams I've kissed your lips A thousand times I sometimes see you Pass outside my door Hello!Is it me you're looking for?   I can see it in your eyes I can see it in your smile You're all I've ever wanted And my arms are open wide   I took over singing as Harry came and stood next to me taking my hand;   Because you know just what to say And you know just what to do And I want to tell you so much I love you! I long to see the sunlight in your hair And tell you time and time again How much I care Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow   Hello!   Me and Harry both sang together;   I've just got to let you know Because I wonder where you are And I wonder what you do Are you somewhere feeling lonely?   Before we stopped and walked over to the casket my Dads voice filling the whole room as everyone started to cry I could even see a tear in my mums eye;    Or is someone loving you? Tell me how to win your heart For I haven't got a clue But let me start by saying I love you   Hello! Is it me you're looking for? Because I wonder where you are And I wonder what you do Are you somewhere feeling lonely? Or is someone loving you?   Tell me how to win your heart For I haven't got a clue But let me start by saying I love you!   My dads voice echoed out as everyone looked at me shocked at how I managed to make this happen and probably at my singing, Liam walked over to me and whispered.   "Madds you never told me you could sing?"   I smiled before hugging my dads casket as I sang the last two lines again;   "but let me start by saying..I Love you"   I kissed the photo of him before the vicar came over.   "I am sorry for you loss, you can take the photo"   I nodded and replied thanks taking the photo to my seat with the boys and watching the curtain go round the casket taking his body away, this was it I was to never see my dad again. The last song came on playing Stevie Wonder- I just called to say I love you, as  everyone stood up then making their way out signalling  it had finished, and everyone was heading over to see the flowers that had been layed out.   I walked over to my mum with Zayn following behind, as Harry was talking to Liam because he walked off crying, I know he hates to cry in public.   "Are you Happy now?"   Zayn stood behind me looking around for the police.   "Never been happier, my baby girl"   "Don't you dare call me that I hate you! and you wont get away with this"   She walked closer to me.   "Oh I already have seeing as it wasn't me physically and there is no proof at all, crimes been done and no ones doing time, but you never know you may not have that much time"   I sniggered.   "oh right and is that a threat then? much love to you to"   Zayn pulled me behind him.   "STAY AWAY FROM HER"   "Okay you leave her alone go get on with your life and she is right you wont get away with this"   My mum simply laughed before walking off and meeting a man at the end who was waiting in a car. Then they simply drove off without looking back, Louis come running over picking me up.   "Maddy babe are you okay, did she hurt you?"   I shook my head before turning around and heading towards the car that was waiting for the boys. Liam and Harry were already sitting in their as they pulled me into the middle of them and both hugged me.   "Everything's going to be okay we will all look after each other"   Harry mumbled in to my hair and looking up smiling at Liam.           Authors note;   I really don't like reading this chapter, makes me feel sad everytime, sorry for the depressing scene, but im hoping that all of them bonding was making up for that? and the cute moments with Maddy and the boys, and Maddy&Liam.   Anyway please continue with likes, comments, and faving ...aslo Feedback?   Thank you your all Amazayn!
<3 Katie :) x 
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