Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


31. Telling Liam.


Maddy's pov;

I waved goodbye to Gemma and Anne, getting in the car and turning the radio on quiet. I sat waiting for Harry to finish saying goodbye to his family. A small crowd of paps and fans were gathering and I waved to a couple of them and they ran over to the car, so I put the car window down a bit to talk to them.

"Maddy can you sign this for me please, we are really big fans your so lucky" I smiled sweetly at the cute blonde haired girl, I took the paper from her and signed it before returning it. "Can we take a picture please?" They asked as Harry got into the car. I leaned out the window more and they snapped the picture. "THANK YOU" they squealed. Harry started chuckling and leaned over kissing my forehead. "I love you my beautiful fience". The fans gasped and stared at us.

"YOUR ENGAGED?" One of them screamed as the paps rushed over swarming the car. I smiled at the fans and showed them the ring on my finger. "Right we have to get going sorry" Harry apologized to them all. They stepped back from the car as he started the engine. "It was nice meeting you all have a good day" I called out to the fans as we drove of. I rested my hand on my knee and every now and then I looked down at the ring on my finger. Was I really going to do this?

"You worried?" Harry asked putting his indicator on to change lane. I shrugged and checked my phone for the time. I felt Harrys hand on my leg and I put mine on top of his. "I love you Harry..what ever Liam does can't change that okay" I tell him.

 "What do you mean" Harry whispers a few minutes after. I ignored his question and closed my eyes to fall to sleep.


"Babe we're home" Harry whispers kissing my cheek. I open my eyes and run my hands through my hair. Great know is the time to face Liam..and the rest of the boys.

Harry got out the car and got our bags before walking to the front door he tossed me the car keys and I locked the car before following him up to the house. Louis answered it throwing his arms around Harry. "IVE MISSED YOU GUYS" He screams laughing and pulling me into a hug. "How comes your back so soon?" Liam asked looking agitated. "We thought we would come home, we have some news for  you all" Harry told him dropping his bags and going into the front room. I followed him  in stopping to see Danielle sitting on the sofa flicking through a baby magazine. Liam coughed loudly and Danielle looked up and then brushed the magazine down the side of the sofa. 

She stood up and hugged me tight and I sat down next to her, feeling like their was an elephant in the room. "So whats the news?" Louis asked before calling Zayn and Niall into the front room. Once everyone was sat down Harry patted my arm and smiled at me. "Show them" He whispered.

I put my hand out and closed my eyes getting ready for the drama. "We're engaged" I told them. The room was quiet so I opened my eyes to look at my brother. He was staring at Harry..if only looks could kill.

"Your what" He sneered. Harry stood up and ran his hand through his hair. "Liam" He said softly. Louis and Zayn moved closer to them..I suppose getting ready to get in the middle in case. 

"Thats great news congratulations" Danielle said happily taking my hand to look at my ring. I thanked her and then looked back up at my brother as he stared at me with hurt in his eyes.

"You can't have said yes..are you stupid?" Liam yelled at me. "Dont talk to her like that" Harry snapped. Liam pushed him aside and come over more to me. 

"take the ring of, your not doing this. He is no good for you Maddy. I tried to be happy for you but first he gets you pregnant and know your marring him. He cheated on you probably more than once and your foolish to take him back" He yelled getting angrier an angrier. I stood up and looked around the room at everyone.

"Liam please..don't make me choose" I whispered close to tears. He shook his head and then looked down at the ring. "You don't understand..Im not making you choose you don't have a choice, take the ring of" He demanded. I looked to Harry and he came walking over. "Liam why are doing this, I love you sister" He told him taking my hand. I saw Liams fist clench.

"Niall can you take Danielle upstairs.." Louis asked him as Danielle stood up and Niall took her out the room. Zayn and Louis came back over to us and Louis was trying to calm Liam down.

"Your not marrying her she is 16..she needs parents to sign for her to her guardian now Im not signing it" He spat.  "Then your've got it all now Liam, your going to have a family. Us were not getting that luck anymore, Im hoping one day we will again but for now I just want to marry her and know that I can spend the rest of my life with the only person that means more than the world to me" He spat back at him.

"YOUR NOT GETTING HER PREGNANT AGAIN NEITHER ARE YOU MARRYING HER" He shouted grabbing Harry and pinning him against the wall. "Either you leave this house or im sending Maddy to go live somewhere else. Or Ill move out with her" Liam told him harshly.

"Liam let him go" Louis demanded pulling him back as Harry stood up straighter. "Im not leaving her, whatever you try to do it wont stop us from being together so your just going to have to get used to it" Harry told him walking out the room and grabbing his coat and heading out the door.

I stood up and screamed his name but he didn't come back. Where had he gone? To his mums? To another girls house again?..Was Liam right, every time this happens is this what I will be thinking?

I started crying and couldn't stop, Liam came over and tried to pull me into a hug. I pushed him away. "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE" I screamed at him. "Come on mate" Zayn put his hand on his shoulder and they both left the room. Louis followed. Once the door was closed I sunk down on the sofa, I put my head in my hands and pulled my legs up close to my chest. I tried to get comfy pulling the thing I was sitting on and noticing it was the magazine Danielle was reading.

The baby on the front with its big blue eyes was staring at me. I flicked through looking at all the baby toys and prams and cots. I felt more tears in my eyes and started crying more. "Maddy" Louis whispered opening the door and walking in.

I couldn't hide the magazine quick enough and he sighed. He came over and sat on the sofa pulling me into a hug, I change how I was sitting so I wad cuddled up to him. "I know your hurting, Harry will be back soon and Liam will calm down" He whispered stroking my hair. "Its never going to work Lou..I need to get out of here..Liams right" I told him sitting up I looked down at my hand and slid the ring of my finger.

"Tell Harry im sorry and that I will always love him" I told him standing up. Louis grabbed my hand. "What do you mean where are you going?" He asked worried standing up to.

"Away...I have to, every time Harry goes out upset..I think he is going back to some random girls house, every time I look at Harry I see what we could have had, the little life that left without even seeing its parents" I told him. He pulled me into a hug.

"Do you need any money?" He asked taking a breathe. He moved away and ran over to the drawer pulling out my passport. "Listen.. go now, take your suitcase your passport, and some money stay in a hotel. Then I'll message you when the boys are out tomorrow and you can get the rest of your stuff that way you dont have to risk a long goodbye or more drama" He told me. I thanked him and pulled him into another hug.

"I love you louis" I whispered kissing his cheek and then running out putting my coat and shoes on and grabbing my suitcase. "haven't got time to wait for a cab I'll drive you to a hotel come on" Louis told me looking upstairs he grabbed his coat and car keys and picked up my suitcase for me. I closed the door quietly and we ran to his car. He threw the case in and we jumped in.


"Sure you want this" He told me as we pulled up outside a hotel not that far away. I nodded at him and took the money that he handed out to me. "Thank you".

I got out the car and waved as he drove of seeing a tear in his eye. I looked up at the hotel and walked in.

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