Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


24. Sorting things out :) x


(2 weeks later) Maddys pov;   I woke up after a bad nightmare, I'd been having bad dreams a lot lately and I didn't know how to stop. Everyday I'd wake up and wish Harry was there to cuddle up to and tell me everything would be okay. I missed him a lot but I couldn't do anything, my bump was beginning to show a little and I had to go meet the boys today and had to face Harry. I turnt over grabbing my phone 2 new messages;   Harry;   Hey Maddy I cant wait to see you today I hope everything's okay. I still care about you and I miss you so much. I just want the chance to be a dad to my baby and to be there for you xx   I sighed as I flicked to the second message   Liam;   Hey sis, Laura said you haven't been getting out much glad your coming to see us today then, try not to get angry with Harry its not good for the baby..I am proud of you by the way see, see you soon xx   I smiled at Liams text and closed it looking at the empty space of the bed, in the last two weeks not much had happened we got Leah to start at the local primary school but I spent everyday in the house to ashamed to go out with paps outside the house nearly everyday and every memory having Harry in it. Niall and Louis come around a lot and let me know how he is doing apparently he hasn't been out either apart from interviews and photo shoots he has been locked in his room. This isn't what I wanted I wanted him to be Happy move on but I feel like I cant walk away as much as I try. I get up and walk towards the shower setting the heat right and removing my clothes before getting in, under the heat of the water its like it washed away all the problems and you can see clearly. I stand there with the water rushing around me for a while before washing my hair and getting out I dried myself before changing into a summer dress with leggings wanting something baggy so you cant see the little bump. I rest my hand on my belly and smile just thinking maybe this could work?. I brush and dry my hear before taking my phone and ringing the number I have been dying to call Harry;     Me- Hey Harry um im on my way round soon   Harry- Hi Maddy okay want me to come meet you,just because like im dressed and the paps..its up to you? I laugh at how nervous he sounds.   Me- Okay Harry sure, but i know its going to be hard but we need to talk and sit down to sort this out..I still love you Harry you know that right?   Harry- yeah, ill see you soon Madds im on my way now bye.   I put my phone into my pocket hearing the conversation click off and started to feel really nervous. I haven't seen him for weeks and I know Liams happy bout the baby now since he has been looking after me really well and getting exited even when and bought a baby grow but part of me told me that Harry wasn't 100% Happy with it. I walked out into the front room were Laura and Leah were sat watching telly. It was a Saturday and Leah wanted to see the boys so Laura was taking her and I decided to go along. I sat next to them as Laura smiled at me   "Are you sure your ready to see them Maddy?"   I nod pulling Leah on to my lap and kissing her head.   "Hows my little princess, are you ready to go see Harry and the boys?"   She smiled Happily.   "I cant wait, Maddy are you and Hwarry okay?"   I look her in the eyes she isn't stupid I bite my lip before hugging her and replying the only thing I new to say.   "not really but I'm going to do everything to make things right  Leah and im going to try hard to get you to see them more promise"   She kissed my cheek before running off to get her shoes, the boys were like uncles to her but in the past two weeks this was the second time she's seeing them, everyday she would ask. I slide my shoes on and grab my keys hearing a car beep and a car door close and seeing Harry walking to the front door. I feel like crying when I see him the dark circles under his eyes, his curly hair and tracksuit, he was smiling but not the bright smile im use to seeing what had I done?   Laura stands up helping Leah put her coat on, as I open the door and for the first moment when we saw each other again I swear I saw that smile return, but then it went back to his light smile and he put his hand on his neck and bite his lip.   "Hey..urm are you ready?"   I new this was going to take a while but id missed him so much I nodded and let the girls go first before closing and locking the door. Laura took Leah to the car where Louis was waiting and closed the door so paps couldn't see into the hallway. Harry moved closer to me so there wasn't much space and his big smile returned.   " I've missed you Maddy, but I new you wouldn't be able to stay away for to long"    I laughed as I could hear the vain flirty tone it was like it was back to normal already I put my hand on his face.   "I cant walk away Harry, maybe your a magnet?"   He looked to the floor as if he was thinking then looking up he smiled before pulling me in and sealing the little distance, we had and gently kissing me leaving our lips together even when the kiss stopped.   "You don't know how long I have been wanting to do that Madds"   I pull away and take his hand.   "We should get going they might get concerned"   He didn't say anything just gripped tighter to my hand and opened the door walking straight out by my side as we heard interviewers shouting.   "Harry are you two back together?"   "Maddy do you still have the baby?"   "what are you both going to do are you going to raise the baby?"   "Maddy have you thought off a name"   I was starting to feel sick all the crowd around us but Harry just pulled me closer and whispered;    "Ignore them babe, block them out where nearly to the car"   I smile and cant help but think I don't deserve Harry why is he always there when I treat him badly, by leaving at the first sign of trouble? He opens the passenger side door noticing that Louis got into the back with Leah on his lap. I put my seat belt on and Harry smiled closed the door and walked round to get in the other side starting the car up he put his hand on mine.   "you okay?"   "Im fine Haz, hows Liam holding up anyway?"   Louis chuckled as Harry started the car up and drove away.   "What was the chuckle for Lou?"   I turn around and stick my tongue out.   "Ha bit immature that ain't it Madds? Its good to have you back and Liams fine just worrying about you all the time Danielle's waiting to see you at home to"   "Its not immature at all is it Leah? and yeah im glad im back missed you all specially you with your annoying antics Lou and Liams always been worrying, about something what new I cant wait to see Dan!"   I turn the music up a bit as Louis leans forward and kisses my cheek.   "we've all missed you Madds, and im going to annoy you even more now"   We all laugh before singing along to Olly Murs dance with me tonight on the radio. I put my hand on my belly and Smile this is what I want it to be like for her/him. I want this kind of fun and family, I don't want to lose the boys and Im going to make it up to Harry, because over this last two weeks I've learnt how I cant live without him and how we cant walk away from each other, and the baby needs its dad .   We pull up outside 5 minutes later noticing fans outside. I  wince thinking about all the nasty comments on twiter.;   "You will be okay Madd Im hear I promise"   Harry winks before getting out and coming around to help me out. Leah, Laura and Louis get out first walking towards the door as the fans coo over Leah and she runs up to meet them, but when I get out all their attention goes to me and Harry. He smiles and takes my hand I see one fan come up to us.   "Our you two back together now because you make a great couple?"   She smiles and she looks like she's serious Harry chuckles before telling her.   "Well were getting there we need some time thought it was a shock for all of us but I love Maddy so Im going to do everything in my power to get her mine again"   I hear all the fans cheer and start chanting,   "Haddy"   As I laugh and a tear rolls down my face and in that momment its the happiest i've been for weeks, to think some fans still actually like me.  Harry wipes a tear from my eye and takes me by the hand again saying sorry to the fans that he has to go inside now. Walking to the door, I notice all the boys and Danielle&Sam standing at the doorway smiling ,I run to them giving Dan&Sam a big group hug.   "I've missed you both so much"   They laugh and keep me in the hug before releasing me so that Liam can pull me into a hug he waves good bye to the fans and takes me inside sitting me down on the sofa.   "Have you eaten?"   "Its nice to see you too Liam, stop worrying Im fine"   He gets up and shakes his head walking over to the toaster and putting two bits of bread into it and I laugh at how much of fuss he is making. Niall comes over taking my hand and giving me a hug.   "How you been Madds I've missed you"   I can never lie to Niall so I slowly take a breathe and replied.   "Not good really it killed me to stay away from you all, but i thought i was doing it for your own good"   I look over at Zayn as he gives me a smile but doesn't come to hug me, Harry sees and walkes over to the kitchen banging pots into the sink. Liam sighs before butter the toast and I hear him hiss.   "Harry don't start not today"   I put my head in my hands wanting to hide away but pull myself together I was hear to work it all out wasn't I? I stand up and look down before getting the courage to start this conversation.   "so you still haven't stopped arguing with Zayn then Harry"   He stops cleaning the pan and turns around wiping his eyes.   "were not arguing Madds were just not happy with each other"   I sigh before walking over to Harry.   "I know why your not Happy with him, and I don't think its worth you fighting with each other over so just stop please"         Authors note; Enjoy I will try and upload another chapter soon :) but I hope you enjoyed reading this one for know, Im also doing Imagines, so if you guys want one, go check out my Movella called One Direction Imagines and comment a request :)   Thank you all so much!!   <3 Katie x
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