Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


10. Simon calls/ Rachel is on her way! :) x


Maddys Pov:   "Omg"   I couldn't help but scream as I was sending Rachel the text for her plane ticket.   "What"   Harry shouted pannick in his face.   "Madds whats happened?"   My brother came running from the kitchen frowning at Harry,he still hadn't said anything since we got back he just changed and went for a walk before returning and making himself and Zayn some dinner.   "Huh? oh nothing sorry i was just sending my best mate her information for the plane ticket, I cant wait for you all to meet her, you'll love her!"   "Well if she is anything like you, then im sure Harry will love to jump into bed with her"   Liam grunted sending a glare at Harry.   "Liam please nothing happened I have already told you this me and Harry are just best friends and we will never be more, it just wouldn't work,we all know that!"   Liam gave in and gave out a smile before going and sitting on the sofa with Louis and Zayn.   "Im going out to see Danielle, Maddy you wanna come?"   Liam said getting up and grabbing his coat from his room and taking his phone and keys.   "No im ok thanks tired might just ring Rachel and then go book another night at the hotel"   Liam looked at me and bit his lip staring at the ground for a little while   "well seeing as your bags here why don't you come stay with us im sure Harry won't mind sharing for a while as long as nothing happens and your just 'best friends'"   Liam said raising his eyebrows at the last two words and giving a smile before walking out and going to his car.   I was standing in the kitchen watching Harry making me dinner. As I felt hands come from around my waist and Louis giving me a hug and leaning his head on my shoulder.   "You know if you don't want to share with Harry I don't mind sharing Madds"   Louis said with a glint in his eye. I chuckled.   "Yeah i bet you wouldn't Tomlinson! its okay im fine with Harry, but ill have to move out to stay with Rachel".   "Hmm well we could find her room here Madds?"   Zayn turned around at this point.   "I don't mind moving into Nialls room for a while and she can have my room Maddy"   "Aww thank you so much Zayn, I love you!"   I ran over and gave Zayn a cuddle before jumping into the seat next to him and cuddling up to him watching Spider man on the telly. A little while later Harry came over with my bowl of pasta and meatballs.   "There we go princess"   he said sitting next to me and planting a kiss on my forehead.    "Thanks Prince charming"   I sat up from cuddling Zayn noticing that he was looking at my pasta   "you want some?"   I said putting some pasta on my fork and feeding it to Zayn.   "So what time is Rachels flight tomorrow?"   Niall asked giving a smile and getting up to get a drink.   "Well she is leaving at 6 oclock Seattle time and will be landing around half 11"   At this point Liam came crashing through the door with Danielle running behind,   "Danielle"   I screamed and ran to give her a cuddle me and Danielle have spent a lot of time together recently with the boys having interviews and meetings and seeing she she is dating my brother.   "Hey Maddy, Liam has great news"   She said taking my hand and leading me back to the sofa.   "Hey Niall you want the rest of this pasta"   I shouted and before i knew it Niall was behind me and taking my bowl out of my hands and finishing it off. Liam waited for everyone to sit down before carrying on with his news,   "okay so Simon just called me and he wants us to fly out to New york for 2 weeks to do some shows and  interviews out there and the after that he wants us to fly out to Australia for a week or two and one of out shows will have Cody Simpson as are guest!"   Liam blurted out without taking many breathes in between his sentences.   "Wow thats amazing, Liam calm down though breathe"   I said walking over to my brother and giving him a hug before going to get him a bottle of ice cold water.   "What about Maddy and Rachel can they come?"   Harry said biting his lip .   "Of course they can Harry you don't think im leaving my 15 year old sister and her mate in our house alone do you!"   Liam said coming over to me and taking the water from me and giving me a wink before taking his seat and pulling Danielle onto his lap.   "Omg really! Thank you so much bro!"   I said running back to my seat jumping on Harrys lap and taking my phone of him.   "Hey Styles you finished reading my texts, cheeky"   I said winking at him and creating a new text to Rachel:   Omg Rachel pack for a lot of hot weather we are going for two weeks to New york then a week or two to Australia :)xx Love you lots BFF!x   I sent the text before putting my phone back down and going off to have a shower.   Harrys Pov:   Maddy had just headed off to the shower and put her phone back down on the arm of the chair I was getting involved with everyone chats when I felt her phone vibrating I notice that she had an incoming call it was Rachel. I shushed the room before picking up her phone;   "Hello this is Harry Styles talking"   "Omg..really, Hi err is Maddy there?"   "she's in the shower at the moment, oh so you dont want to talk to us then i see how it is"   I put the call on Load speaker   "Hello Rachel!"   Louis and Niall shouted out one after another   "Hey everyone, I cant wait to meet you all, has Maddy been  good?"   "Maddy has been an angel, why is she not normally?"   I said trying to get as much information from her as possible.   "Im not saying anything, Hey Liam whats it like knowing Maddys your sister im glad she found you"   "Yeah its good she's a nice girl and im happy she found me too, cant wait to meet she, she talkes about you a lot."   "Are yeah well she would im amazing she will always be my bffl"   Rachel replied hearing her laugh and some boys talking in the background all I heard was; hey is that Maddy can i talk to her and rachel reply not know Matt and no actually its One Direction you know the band thats just become big out here. I couldn't help think who's this Matt sounds like he has a crush on her to me, I would know im a boy myself.   Maddys Pov   I just got out the shower and i changed into my shorts and vest top that I sleep in, walking out of mine and Harrys shared bedroorm and noticing them all talking to a phone, I could hear a girls laughter it sounded like Rachel then all I heard was   "Hey Harry is Maddy going to be long"   Thats when i noticed it was my phone.   "Guys"   I shouted before jumping onto the sofa and brushing my hair while picking up my phone and taking it off Load speaker;   "Hey Rachel whats up?"   "Hey Maddy finally your out, just called to see how you are I cant wait to come im leaving in like an hour had to get a later plane so might not land till midnight now, Im at the airport know Matt and Jake have just turned up im so excited!"   "oh okay well text me as soon as you land and ill probably be at the airport already anyway, I know im so excited to"   "Sorry, Madds I got to go mum&Dad are moaning about me getting something to eat ill message you when im boarding and when im landing"   " Bye Bestie cya soon"   "Bye Rachel"   I put the phone down and stared at the boys.   "I love you all"   I said smiling and looking straight at the telly.   "someones tired"   Louis mumbled making everyone laugh.   "hmm you are right for once Tomlinson i need to lay down"   I said as Harry Pulled me in close giving him a hug.   "Here put your head on my lap and feet on top of Zayn"   I gave a chuckle before reply.   "no Styles that isn't fair on Zayn"   Then before I knew it Zayn and grabbed my feet and placed them on top of his legs and left me putting my head on Harrys lap.   "There know sleep princess Payne"   Zayn whispered leaning forward taking my hand and planting a kiss on it.   I must have feel asleep with Zayn tickling my feet and Harry playing with my hair because the next thing i remember is Harry picking me up of the sofa and carrying me into our room and placing me in bed .   "Night Harry"   I mumbled as I sensed Harry going round to his side of the bed.   "Night baby,see you in the morning, Rachels boarded her flight by the way babe"   "Thanks Harry night"   I said kissing his cheek before turning round and falling asleep aware of Harry putting his arm over me and cuddling into me.        Authors Note; I have more chapters to upload guys, sorry they are taking so long im just quickly going through them to check and actually recall what I had written.    Enjoy :) Thank you all so much!x   Continue with FeedBack please?x   <3 Katie x
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