Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


21. Run Away or Fight? :/ x


Maddys Pov;   It was so hot in this room I was tossing and turning, dreaming of my dad walking home from work all different ways my mum would murder him and then tossing him into the river, but she said she didn't do it physically, the man? She got in the car with him did he do it? Did he murder my dad? I started to sweat as in my dreams, I could see my Dad running, someone chasing him, he tripped the man caught up with him he had something in his hand, my dad tried to get him but the man hit him over the head with this weapon. He then dragged my dad into a parked car and drove. I woke up screaming, Sam came running into the room.   "Maddy Maddy are you okay, its fine im here"   She came over and sat next to me grabbing tissue and wiping the tears and sweat from my face. I sat up.   "Bad dream huh?"   She whispered as she passed me a drink of water. I nodded and took a deep breathe.   "W-wheres Harry?"   I managed to say still shaking.   "oh they will be back soon babe they all had to go to a quick interview that Simon set up while there out here, we were wondering when did you want to go back?"   I got up finding my shorts and t-shirt brushing my hair and putting sunglasses on.   "umm well when are we going to New York and Australia?"   I said walking to my dressing table and picking up the funeral clothes placing them in my suitcase.   "Oh Maddy, um Simon's moved the dates were going and were not going Australia any more just New York, he thought it would be best for you to stay home for bit longer and guessed the boys would want to be with you"   I bit my lip and nodded as I saw my phone light up I walked over thinking it would be Harry to see the caller ID; Mum I answered and switched it to load speaker;   me-Hello,what do you want?   mum- well that's no way to say hello to your mum, that just wont do.   Me- what do you want? I don't want anything to do with you any more.   Mum- Oh but the thing is baby girl you have to because some one blabbed to the police, so some one has to pay,meet me?   Me- Im not paying for anything you should Pay Rot in hell! im not crazy im not meeting you!   Mum- Meet me and I'll show you were your dad died I'll tell you everything, who done it, and why, its either you meet me or someone will come and get you, which way would you like it?   I ended the call shaking I threw the phone down on the bed running to my wardrobe and collecting my suitcase.   "Sam go and pack please we have to go all of us we have to leave"   "Maddy calm down okay nothing is going to happen and we can't leave yet we can't leave till tonight we will have to book flights and wait for the boys to get back"   I sank to the floor knowing Sam was right. What was I going to do? What would my Dad have done? I ran to the toilet suddenly feeling sick, I'd been feeling sick a lot lately. I wiped my mouth and walked back to my phone seeing Sam packing the rest of my stuff I started to ring Liam;   Liam- Hello Maddy are you okay?   Me- No Liam you have to leave tonight okay please promise and you'll come straight home stick with the boys I don't wont you to get hurt, leave without me and ill meet you there.   Liam- No Maddy what's going on, what do you mean leave with out you and getting hurt? (I could hear Harry shouting in the background)   Me-Please Liam just do it, do it for me and do it for Dad, she wants me and to get me she will go through you lot I don't wont you getting hurt okay promise me you will go, back to London pack and leave straight away, Im going to stay a little longer and sort her out then ill fly out and meet you all I'll get Laura to leave with you all.   Liam- Maddy im not promising to leave without you, im not letting her hurt you I promised dad that id look after you,  were on our way back now we will be home in like 5 Minutes.   Me- i'll be gone by then I have to find out what happened, Liam I have to know and she's the only one that can tell me if I don't go to her they will come for me or they will come for you.. I love you Liam, I love you all so much and tell Harry..I love you.   I ended the call knowing that I'd been on Loudspeaker for the past few minutes. I walked over to Sam she stood up as I gave her a hug.   "Madds what are doing babe don't go there"   "Sam, I have to you heard her Im going to go home, to my old house to meet her there im going find out everything that happens, I wont leave that house okay if I don't ring you in a few hours then send the police, but don't let the boys come, don't let them see me dead okay"   "oh Maddy your like a little sister to me, please don't get hurt I would never forgive myself"   I grabbed my phone and house keys waving goodbye to her and heading downstairs seeing Leah watching Sponge bob I walked over to here smiling.   "hey Leah, can I have a hug?"   She jumped up and wrapped her self around my waist as I pulled her over to the sofa and sat her on my lap.   "You be a good girl okay and promise me whatever happens you will be a good girl for Lucy and tell her I said thanks for everything, will you remember that"   Leah looked up at me and nodded and smiled.   "maddy were are you going?"   I put her down and stood up.   "home, Ill see you soon hunny"   I grabbed my coat and watched her go back to her cartoons before heading out the door and starting my walk to my house, I got to the corner when a text came through on my phone Hary;   Baby don't go anywhere till we get back please, I need to talk to you, I will come with you I don't wont her to hurt you I promised I would look after you!xxx   I closed the text and Carried on walking, I didn't want Harry to get hurt either. I began to feel weird kind of sick again but a little bit faint, I manage to not be sick and find my way to a corner shop buying a drink of water and starting my 5 minute walk to my house.   Harrys Pov;   We were in the car everyone was silent, Zayn had just got of the phone to Sam she told us everything, all the things her mum said and that Maddy was going to her house to find out everything and that she said not to let us come and find her dead. If she doesn't call in 2 hours and to call the police. I had just sent her a text but had no reply, I was scared, I wanted to protect Maddy I love her. I couldn't survive without her, Liam was sitting looking out the window holding his phone and biting his Nails,   "Liam im going to go get her from her mums, im not waiting 2 hours, I cant let anything happen to her I just can't"   He looked up at me tears in his eyes.   "I know im coming to I cant sit by and wait for her to get hurt or die, and im not letting you go alone Haz im not letting you get hurt to"   The others was looking at me and Liam not knowing what to say they all wanted to come deep down but was scared to ask knowing we would tell them no. I saw Zayn put his head in his hands starting to hear him cry. Why was he crying over Maddy? The others weren't?   "Zayn what's wrong?"   Niall nudged him he sat up and wiped his eyes before looking at me straight in the eye.   "Nothing don't worry"   He went back to looking out the window, I know him and Maddy were close because he found her when she was bleeding on our bathroom floor but there must bee something else. Then I remembered they kissed just after he found her, then it made me think before the funeral she went out he went out straight after. I looked at him starting too feel angry he could tell I was looking and looked at me. Louis put his arm on my shoulder.   "Harry"   He said sternly.   "Are you fucking my girlfriend Zayn?"   I couldn't help spitting out, it was in my head it would have drove me nuts.   "What Harry? of course not I have Sam"   He said looking at me confused.   "So then why cry? and what happened when you followed her out before the funeral, and then what the fuck did the kiss mean after you found her in the bathroom"   Liam sat up looking at Zayn and then at me.   "Look Harry,nothing is going on between me and Maddy okay you got her, she picked you didn't she and know I have Sam and I'm happy with Sam so just leave it"   The car pulled to a stop outside the house;   Liam- Zayn what are you saying that you wanted Maddy, before you had Sam?   Zayn- Im sorry okay just forget I said anything, me and Maddy are friends nothings going on.   Harry- how can I forget you said anything you just SAID YOU LOVED MY GIRLFRIEND.   Zayn- YES OKAY I DID but not any more them feelings went, we're just friends.   Zayn opened the car door slammed it, walking inside going up to his room and probably packing his and Sams bags. we all got out Liam looking at me and deciding we should go straight to Maddy's house, the rest of the boys going in to talk to Zayn.   Maddys Pov:   I put my key in the door, I wasn't scared at all I new what was coming I heard my mum shout out.   "Steve is that you sweetie?"   I walked in slamming the door behind me and walking into the kitchen.   "No mum its me"   I stood in the doorway staring at her as she turned around and smiled.   "Oh im so glad you came to your senses, Steve is out looking for you, must call of the search"   She walked over to her phone typing something and then putting it back down.   "Your quite smart you, aren't you putting all the pieces together to know it was me, thing is I only planned it I didn't do it, you have Steve and Gary to thank for that"   She walked up to me and pushed me against the wall putting her hands around my throat.   "Im not scared of you mum"   "Oh you should be, see there was no need to DOB me into the police now was there and see you haven't been around for a while, I have been getting really angry"   She let go of me as I sank to the floor holding my neck the pain was worse when she let go, she walked over to the door as a man came walking in she told him to go sit and watch telly. He looked at me giving me an evil smile before kissing my mum and walking into my front room.   "Why are you doing this mum?"   "oh I thought I wasn't your mum any more?"   She grabbed my arm and pulled me to the stairs.   "Get up there and go into your room Ill be up in a minute for a little chat"   I got up checking my phone was still in my pocket, I walked upstairs and into my room the memories flooding back, the room was just like how I left it. I took my phone out my pocket and sent a text to Harry;   Im at home, Mum and a man called Steve our here there downstairs, she tried to strangle me, she Is coming back up soon I cant talk, putting phone on silent so she wont know I Have it I love you Harry, I think she is going to Kill me xxxxxxxx tell Liam I said bye& I love you xxxx   I slid my phone back in my pocket and hoped this all would be over soon.  I heard my mum coming up the stairs as I sat on my bed she walked in closing the door after her.   " I use to spend a lot of time in your room after you left, I use to like playing darts with your pictures"   "Why do you hate me so much, what have I ever done to you mum? your the one that gave birth to me?"   "How I wish I didn't your stupid and worthless"   I saw her pick up half a bottle of Vodka and downed more of it, picking up an empty bottle and smashing it on the corner of my dressing table she picked up a shard of the glass.   "lets play a game, oh but by the look of you arm you have already played it this might not hurt as much then"   She put the shard down before walking over and slapping me, pushing me of the bed. I hit my head as I fell.   I woke and could feel a sticky substance sliding down my face I new it was blood my head was thumping, I tried to move my hands but could see that my Mum had tied them together when id passed out. I stood up and walked towards the dresser, seeing my face in the mirror, I had blood running down my face and a big bruise on my eye. I started to feel sick again as I sat down and threw up all over the floor and then I must have passed out because the next thing I was aware was my phone vibrating and the door slamming shut.   I heard someone slowly walking up the stairs.   "Maddy where are you?"   It was Liam.   "Im in here"   I mumbled feeling light headed the door opened and he run in  un-tying my hands,   "Maddy oh god are you okay"   "Liam you have to go they will be back soon"   "its okay Harry's downstairs on the look out"   I heard the key in the door as me and Liam gulped and creped to the landing .   "Oh it's Harry isn't it?"   "What have you done to Maddy?"   I heard Harry scream in pain as we saw my Mum pick up a baseball bat and hit him in the stomach with it. I cried seeing the pain in his eyes I saw a crow bar and picked it up feeling all the energy back in me as I walked to the top of the stairs watching my Mum leaning over Harry ready to kick him. I creped down the stairs and as I got to the second stair I swung the bar hearing it smack my Mums head and watching her go flying, sliding along the floor and passing out. I could tell she wasn't dead she was still breathing. I walked slowly up to Harry.   "Maddy, you saved me"   He manage to whisper ,I wiped a tear from my eye and sat him up leaning him against the wall I kissed his lips.   "I love you styles I told you not to come"   Liam came walking down the stairs phoning the police He sat my mum up and tied her hands and feet together with string he found in the kitchen. The police got here as she started to wake up the door was left open so they could just walk in. The ambulance people helped Harry into the car before coming back for me, my head feeling really dizzy. Liam walked by the side of me and got in with us before the door closed we saw the man I recognised to be Steve and another, that must have been Garry also with Leah's mum walking up to the house. They started speaking to my mum as the police took her away also arresting them three for helping to abduct me and for the murder of my dad. I smiled as they were finally doing the time for there crime.   I closed my eyes and leaned back as the ambulance man was bandaging my head and I drifted of to sleep.   Liam woke me as we pulled up outside the hospital the others already waiting outside, Sam rushed up and pulled me into a hug taking me in.   "Sam please come with me and get the boys to go with Harry"   She nodded as the boys gathered around Harry.   "Guys im going to take Maddy to get checked out its best if you all go with Harry and we will meet you there after"   They all nodded but Harry sat up.   "Maddy"   I walked over to him taking his hand.   "I love you Madds"   "I love you to"   I kissed his head and walked off into the hospital with Sam. I was sitting in a waiting room chatting to Sam telling her everything that happened when a doctor called me in. Sam took my hand and we walked into the room I sat on the bed and leaned back feeling a little pain in my belly. I winced as the doctor stared at me for a little while.   "Maddy im Doctor Crane, hows your head feeling?"   "um its making me a little Dizzy and I think I've passed out a few times, and got a bit of a headache"   Sam cam and sat on the chair next to me.   "Okay well I will take a look at it and give you some pan killers but I think your head should be fine, Maddy did you have any other pains anywhere?"   I nodded.   "I just felt like a shooting pain in my belly, is that normal?"   He walked over and took a little beaker and funnel along with a test tube,   "Maddy have you been feeling sick a lot recently?"   I nodded.   "yeah I keep being sick but, isn't that just from stress I mean, my dads funeral was yesterday and with everything that's been happening".   He shook his head.   "It could be stress, but I must ask you to go to the toilet and wee in this, I will then take it for testing to see if you have any infections or anything"   Sam looked at me I was confused but she put her hand over her mouth. Did she know something I didn't? I walked over to the bathroom it took me a while to actually go to the toilet I was beginning to feel dizzy again I just wanted my Dad.    I walked out of the toilet handing the doctor the tube, he smiled at me before announcing that he will be back in a few minutes with the results before leaving. I walked back to the chair and looked at Sam.   "Maddy, how many times have you been sick?"                  Authors notes;   Still more to be uploaded Enjoy reading, and stay close as more chapters will be up in about 5 mins :)       Feedback? Thank you your all amazayn!!x   <3 Katie :) x
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