Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


11. Rachel is here!x


Maddys Pov:   I awake to my phone going off, reaching over and groaning at the sunlight shining through the curtains, I grabbed my phone noticing the caller ID was Rachel;    "Morning Maddy"   "Hey Rachel, where are you?"   "Im at the hotel on the corner near the airport I didn't want to wake you all last night and I was so tired"   "Aww Rachel you should have just called, hey ill come get you know"   "Okay babe text me when you get here, no hurries im going down to get a coffee"   "okay Rachel see you in a bit byee"   I put my phone back on the side and looked back at Harry, he was sleeping 2 peacefully so I didn't want to wake him, I resisted the urge to move his fallen curls out of his eyes and got up to get dressed picking out my black skinny jeans and pink and black hoddie and finding my black converse and sliding them out grabbing my bag and phone before slowly closing the door careful not to wake Harry and walking into the front room to see Liam up already. What a surprise.   "Morning Liam, fancy driving your sister to pick up her best friend, seeing as your the best?"   I gave him a pleading smile. "of course I mean I was expecting this seeing as I knew Harry wouldn't wake up this early"   He gave me a smile and jumped up going over to the door and grabbing his keys   "Come on then Madd, before I change my mind"   "Oh god, then I better run"   I said running over to the door and  slowing down once id got out to the hallway   "Cheeky"   Liam shouted as I started walking down the stairs and heading towards his car, when I got outside their was a few fans and a few photographers , I wondered over to a fan that was waving to me.   "Hi"   I said giving her a smile    "Omg hi, we wanted to give this to you, Liam and the guys, we it, its a book with loads of fans twitter names"   "Oh okay thats really lovely I will make sure they see it thank you girls, but can I ask you a question?"   "Yeah?, oh your so lucky to have Liam as a brother"   " I know, do you want me to get one of the boys to come talk to you?"   Liam came walking towards me   "Madd what are you up too now?"   "Hey girls"   He said coming over and winking at his fans.   "Is Niall awake yet, I would really like to meet him?"   One of the girls said who was dressed in a black mini dress and high heels, a bit to fancy but hey i'm not going to judge.   "Actually I think he is up let me just give him a ring"   Liam walked away pulling out his phone, a few minutes later he came back.   "Okay girls Niall will be down in a minute but im afraid me and Maddy are going to have to head off, were meeting someone"   We said goodbye and got in the car.   "Maddy I need to talk to you"   we were 10 minutes away from Rachels hotel,   "what about?"   Liam looked at me then looked away frowning at the car in front.   "Harry, Maddy"   "oh"   I wish this hotel was nearer!   "You love him don't you?"   "Liam it would never work we all know that and im not going to come into your life and mess it all up, I dont want to lose any of you".   "Maddy, you wouldn't lose us just I don't want him to hurt you, his past..well i-its difficult"   "I know Liam, but he is one off my best friends and thats all he will be"   Liam nodded and smiled at me turning up the radio as we pulled up outside the hotel   Half hour later we were back at the flat, sitting in the front room, Niall was sitting eating a bacon sandwich and me, Rachel and Liam were sitting on the sofa watching telly, Louis had just left to meet up with one of his mates.   "Hey im going to wake Harry seeing as its 10:30 and he is being lazy!"   I smiled as I got up and left Rachel chatting to my brother and walked into our room seeing Harry still fast asleep I closed the door as laid on the bed facing Harry and leaning forward planting a soft kiss on his lips to wake him.   "Morning Maddy"   He grumbled pulling me close and putting his arms around me   "Come on Lazy get up Rachels outside dying to meet you"   I said looking up and giving him a cheeky grin.   "Okay then I guess I could get up"   Harry sat up and bent down so he was  leaning over me, pulling me close and kissing me longer than usual.   "Harry,control yourself and get up"   I managed to say when I pulled myself away and got up walking towards the door.   I was sitting next to Rachel chatting about the old times and about how much she thinks Matt fancy's me and how he wanted to come to London to see me when Harry came wondering out of his room and planted himself on the sofa next to me.   "Hey Rachel its nice to meet you"   He said giving her the cheeky smile that I love so much.   "Hey everyone great news!!"   Louis came running through the door running over to me and picking me up, giving me a piggy back around the house.   "Louis what, whats the news?"   Niall and Zayn came and sat down looking at Louis.   "okay so Simon just called and he wants us all to go to a movie premier and also they want us to preform What makes you beautiful there im so excited!"   "Omg thats amazing Maddy, Rachel get your coats were going shopping"   Harry jumped up and grabbed his coat going over to the door leaving the other boys to run around the house trying to find something to wear. Me and Rachel pulled on our shoes and followed Harry out the door.     "What are we shopping for exactly?"   I asked Harry while we were walking around different shops like Linzy and republic.   "Dresses and shoes for you two babes"   Harry replied walking over to a rack of bright green dresses.   "Harry really green? Green dresses do not suit me, your meant to have good taste?"   Two hours later were sitting in Starbucks thats near the flat discussing tonight its now half 1 and were getting ready to head back home to get ready for tonight, we picked our dresses well Harry picked mine and he finally picked a good choice of dress.   "Tonight it going to be so much fun"   Harry took my hand while we walked back to the flat with Rachel telling him all my embarrassing stories;   "Omg I remember on her 8th birthday she came running in from the garden and ran straight into her dad and went head first into her birthday cake"   Harry was laughing so much I thought he was going to pass out.   "Stop laughing at me Styles I can easily find out your stories".   We got back and sat around letting the boys get to know Rachel so many questions being asked and her answering every single one, I was secretly watching the time waiting for the time to get ready for the movie premier.       Authors Note;   Feedback?   Thank you so much to the people that have Faved this story, you do not know how much this means to me. Im so sorry this isn't a really good story, but this was so long ago that I didn't even know how to make it so good! :)     Thank you your all amazayn!xxx   <3 Katie :) x 
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