Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


17. Police call in! :) x


Maddys Pov:   Sam woke me gently tapping me and calling my name, I opened my eyes and for one minute forgot what was happening and thought about texting my dad then I heard Sam let Harry in he walked over and sat next to me.   "The police are here baby"   He said taking my hand .   "they want to talk to you alone but said that you can have two people with you if you need to"   I nodded my head as it sank in what had happened and I remembered my dad was dead and I was never going to see him again. I fault back the tears and stood up, taking a deep breathe.   "Okay im ready lets get this over"   Harry pulled me into a hug.   "Im so proud of you! He would be too"   I let go of Harry and turned to Sam she smiled as she opened the door, Harry put his arm around me and led me out and down the hallway to the front room, Sam following behind us. I walked in noticing a young women in police uniform sitting down talking to Liam and next to her was a young police man he looked older than the women though. The Man gave me a sympathetic look and told me his name was constable Smith I took a seat on the sofa next to Liam,   "Maddy Payne"   I whispered through nerves and not wanting to cry;   Smith- This is constable Jones and we will be dealing with this case, im afraid we can't have this interview with everyone in this room, were aware Liam is your brother so we think he should stay but you can have one other person for support, Or we can take you down to the police station for the interview?   Me- Um no here is fine, I need Harry to stay with me and Liam. I don't think I can do this without you. I turned to Harry with pleading eyes.   Harry- Of course Ill stay babe. Harry took my hand and sat down next to me.   Louis- okay, were going to go see Simon then, Harry text me when its okay for us to come back yeah?   Harry nodded and Niall, Rachel, Zayn, Sam&Louis made their way to the front door Louis grabbing his keys and closing the door after them. Then the interview started;   Jones- okay, Maddy this must be really hard for you but we really need you to try and answer all are questions. How long ago did you Leave America?   Me- umm about 3-4 weeks ago now.   Smith- and how did your dad seem and how was your mum then?   Me- What..what do.. you mean how was my mum? and my dad was fine he always has been he was a happy kind man he helped everyone he could.   Constable Jones looked at her work partner and wrote something down on a notepad   Jones; you didn't answer the question Maddy, How was your mum?   I got up walking towards the kitchen and getting a glass of water standing just staring into space looking towards the police, I couldn't tell them could I? wouldn't it just make things worse for me in the long run?   Liam- Maddy? answer the questions, what's wrong?   Me- are you asking about my mum my dads the one that's dead!   Smith- Well see your mum is part of the suspects, she had no alibi, well or at least she wouldn't tell us one. So it's really important that your truthful to us Maddy and seeing your reaction I suspect there is something going on that your keeping from us?   Me- She wouldn't, she loved him, He meant everything to her, He was the only one she ever cared for!   Jones: Maddy, how was your relationship with your mum?   I gave a sarcastic laugh and put my glass down and looked at Liam remembering the text we both read at the movie premier from my mum and I think he remembered at the same time.   Liam- Maddy, that text? your keeping something from me, from them. Maddy you have to tell us OUR DAD IS DEAD!   Harry- Liam calm down! Maddy what text baby?   I went and sat back down next to Liam and Harry taking his hand and looking to the floor, I knew I had to tell them everything.   Jones; Maddy?   Me- Okay, Okay.. she gets drunk sometimes and..our relationship isn't great, I admit me and my dad was closest he was the only one that protected and cared for me through everything.   Smith- Did she ever get angry when she was drunk?   Me- yeah, mostly at me..but she wouldn't have hurt my dad ever!   Jones; because she saved that for you?   I felt tears forming in my eyes. As I nodded feeling Harry's grip tightening on my hand and looking at him I saw tears in his eyes Liam had his fists clenched he looked like he was getting really angry.   Smith; Okay Maddy I know this is really difficult but your going to have to tell us everything from the beginning. You want us to find your dads killer right?   I nodded and had a sip of my drink and taking a deep breathe I looked up at the police.   me; It started when I was 10, my mum had just lost her job at an office and had nothing else to do all day. I stopped going to school a lot because I was being bullied but I never told anyone, partly because mum wouldn't care and dad had to start doing more hours at work to pay for everything so I didn't see him as much, My best mate Rachel used to call a lot to see if I was okay she new about the bullying. One Monday I was sitting in my room watching telly when I heard my mum go out it was only half 9 in the morning so I didn't think it weird at all.   I looked up seeing Smith writing stuff in his notepad and Jones looking straight at me nodding for me to carry on.   Me; She came back not long after, and then a few hours past and she came up to my room and walked in, She was acting weird I knew she was drunk as soon as she walked in I could smell the alcohol as she sat on my bed and looked at me. I saw her face turn to anger as she started blaming me for her losing her job and the argument she had with my dad over it. She would say that she wished she never had me that I was ugly and worth nothing to her at all. I couldn't stop the tears from coming any more as I put my head in my hands.   Liam moving over and taking me into a hug.   "shh Madds okay, im here your safe now"   I wiped my eyes taking a breathe and looking back at the police to carry on with the story.   Me; She got drunk nearly everyday after that but was always sober for when my dad got home at about half 8, I didn't know what to do what was worse staying home and having her come in my room and have a go at me and... or go to school and put up with bully's. She made me feel so down I wanted to die! She made me feel like that, she's my mum she was meant to care for me and love me!   Harry; Is that when you first started to cut?   Me; yeah.   I mumbled and looked down at my arm.   Jones; Maddy, you self harm? Can we take a look at your arm please?   I hesitated not knowing what to do. What would they do? W ould they take me away from the boys?.   Harry new I wasn't going to so he let go of my hand and gently rolled up my sleeve showing my flesh that had a few scars and the cut from the argument with Harry. I winced as my top caught my arm.   Smith; Oh..god.. this is bigger than we thought okay, Maddy you do know were going to have to get you to see a Councillor to help you stop doing this to yourself. To help you feel more positive about your self someone for you to talk to in confidence?   me- okay.. ( I mumbled)    Jones; Okay here's are card were going to go back to the station we will ring you if anything comes up and we don't have enough evidence at the moment to charge your mum so we might need to come back at some point to ask more questions but if you think of anything or need a chat then just ring that number okay?   I nodded and mumbled thanks as Harry got up following the police to the door I heard them whispering things and then the door close as they made their way out.   Liam came over and pulled me into a hug my head resting on his chest.   "Sis why didn't you tell me"   "because it wouldn't have changed anything just made it worse, Liam you don't know her she is dangerous the people she knows".     "Maddy? why didn't you tell the police this they could have killed dad?"   "please Liam I will tell them but after the funeral because I don't want to tell them then face mum her knowing im scared what she will do"     Harry went over to the freezer pulling out two pots of Ben&Jerrys one fish food and one cookie dough He pulled out 2 spoons and a spork for Liam coming and sitting next to me passing Liam the cookie dough ice cream and his spork before opening the fish food and giving me a spoon.   "Shh lets not talk about it for a while okay I'll text the guys tell them they can come back and then we will watch a film and just enjoy being together we will face other problems as they come up"   I smiled and pulled Harry closer leaning up and planting a kiss on his lips .   "I Love you Haz"   "I love you to Madds"   He picked up his phone and I watched as he typed a message to Louis;   Hey mate, you can come back now police have gone bring back some drink and ice cream going to watch a film and try forget about this for little while to cheer madds and Liam up?x   We were half way through the film Shrek and were halfway through the ice cream as everyone else came walking in Niall first with a tesco bag full of ice cream and chocolate, the girls came over giving me a kiss on the cheek asking if I was okay and then sat on the floor next to the sofa I was sitting on Niall coming over and giving everyone spoons and giving everyone Ice cream as well as saying that he bought Liam another cookie dough and me and Harry another fish food... I smiled at all my friends and how much I realised I loved them and needed them         Authors note;   I could really do with some Feedback! :( please continue to comment, fav and like the fanfic :) I have a  few more chapters to upload but I need to know whether you want these chapters now or tomorrow?  I don't want to bore you, and you all might be tired, so let me know?   Thank you all so much guys your all amazayn!!xx   <3 Katie :) x
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