Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


12. Movie premier! :) x


Harry's Pov:   It was getting later and later, I took Rachel and Maddy out to get some clothes for the movie premier and I couldn't wait to see Maddy in the dress I got her. I must admit I was feeling very nervous in a way I wanted to impress Maddy but a part of me told me that I should walk away..that I was getting to attached, but somehow walking away just wasn't an option for me I knew I wouldn't be able to.. to live my life  without her, without the feeling of holding her as she sleeps.   I kept telling myself my feelings for her were just best friends feelings but there different to how I feel for the boys.. I know deep down inside I don't deserve her im just going to hurt her in a way I don't mean to but its just me its what I do. Its now half 5 and im sitting in mine and Maddys room on the bed I've just changed into my suit and trying to put on my tie, Maddys getting changed in Rachels room, My mind starts to wander on about how bad things could get and what our relationship would be like..but I get waken up by  Maddy standing in the door way biting her lip and smiling at me, her eyes glinting in the light.   Wow she looked so amazing the black and white dress I had chosen making her figure stand out so perfect showing off her curves and the white high heels making her a bit taller.   "You look so sexy"   I started walking over to her as she leant against the door frame   "Why thank you styles, shame I cant say the same to you"   She winked at me as she took the tie from my hand and pulling it round my neck fixing it so it looked perfect, I pulled her in closer towards me, It was like she was a magnet I couldn't help wanting to be close to her the whole time not wanting to let her out of my sight.   "Harry..I"   I cut her off while she was speaking I leant in and pushed our lips together, feeling her kiss me back as the kiss got more passionate, my grip getting tighter on her waist pushing her from the door frame into my room, and towards the bed closing the door with one quick push on our way, I wasn't thinking I needed Maddy at that moment.    Maddy took the lead pushing me onto the bed and leaning over kissing me again, leaning over me I could feel my heart beating so fast, the need growing the hole time. Then everything stopped I sat up watching Maddy bite her lip and get up off me and standing up walking towards the door.   "Omg..Harry..I'm sorry this can't happen, I don't know what got into me, Hurry  up and get ready okay?"   I didnt have time to reply before Maddy had pulled her dress down and ran her fingers through her hair before opening the door and walking out towards the front room probably where everyone else was waiting. I stood up looking at my reflection in the mirror, I tucked my shirt in and run my fingers through my hair I grabbed a chewing gum from my bedside table before leaving my bedroom and heading into the front room   Maddys Pov:   Were all in the car its nearly 6 o'clock Im sitting next to Rachel and my brother, Liam new something happened as soon as I left Harrys room he could see the confusion on my face. I felt like crying this was meant to be the best night and yet I kept thinking about what happened between me and Harry I looked over to where Harry was sitting to notice he was looking at me a guilty but sorry look on his face..I wasn't angry at him it was my thought I let things go to far I began to feel nervous as Niall told us we were 3 minutes away and to get ready for the fans and paps. Niall and Rachel were getting really close as they were talking I heard Niall tell her that when they get out he will get out first and then take her hand and lead her to where they have to go I could see she was nervous herself she has never even spoke to fans before. I felt my brother put his hand on mind and squeeze my hand.   "Maddy are you okay sis?"   I heard Liam whisper.   "Did something happen...i mean with Harry?".   I looked up at my brother I couldn't lie anymore.   "Liam can we talk later, I really need a brother to sister talk?"   Liam nodded and pulled me in close giving me a tight hug.   "Im always here for you sis".   We pulled up outside already hearing the screaming from the hundreds of fans outside Me and Rachel looked at each other grinning before getting out once Niall had opened the door and took her hand, and Harry had opened my door before taking my hand.   " Your fans await, princess"   Harry said taking my hand and closing the door behind me.   "There your fans Harry"   I said as we started walking behind Rachel and Niall leaving Liam and Zayn walking behind With Louis way in front chatting to one of the fans.   "Not just ours though Maddy look"   Harry pointed out to one of the fans in the middle with a banner saying One direction and underneath that was; 'Maddy Payne rocks'   I smiled and waved at the fan I couldn't believe I had fans too I mean yeah they all follow me on Twitter and tweet me but thats different right?. I let go of Harrys hand walking up to a fan and chatting to her.   "Hey babe whats your name?"   "Macey, omg I cant believe im really talking to you can i have your autograph?"   I laughed before nodding and taking her note pad signing my signature and giving it back to the girl before calling Harry over.   "Omg could i please get a picture with you both it would be just soo a dream come true, you both look so good together".   I was about to say that we weren't together as Harry chuckled and quickly replied   "Sure thing"   and put his arm around my waist pulling me into the picture with the fan I smiled before making my excuses and walking away from the fan and catching up with Liam, walking into the venue for the premier.   We got put in our own little v.i.p section at the top with a balcony to see when the boys preform.   "Maddy can I talk to you?"   Harry asked putting his hand behind his back playing with his hair at the back, as i've noticed he always does when he gets nervous, everyone looked at us knowing something was up but Liam frowned and made an excuse about going to the toilet. I followed Harry outside  into the hallway   "Are we okay Maddy, I mean you seem a bit annoyed with me?"   "Harry were fine, im just confused at the moment okay, I need time to think and what was a mistake it should never have even got that far"   "but Maddy nothing happened okay we, you stopped it..Maddy I think I love you"   Harry looked down at the floor not meeting my eyes and bit on his lip, scared of what I would reply.   "Oh, Harry we cant im sorry im messed up, im broken no one can fix me and as much as I love you too one of us would get hurt, its better if we just stay as friends I don't want to lose you"   He looked up and took my hand smiling at me and then pulling me into a hug   "Okay baby what ever you want, I just want you in my life I would do anything for you"   I took his hand and pulled him back into the v.i.p box taking my seat next to Rachel;   "Hey Maddy are you okay babe, whats going on with Harry?"   "Rachel its okay babe im fine, isn't this fun and there's nothing going on now, whats with you and Niall?"   "what you mean now?..we will talk about this later okay? and yeah omg this is soo amazing, and nothing yet"   Rachel winked at me before telling me she was going to get a drink and deciding she would get me one too, I missed my best mate so much Im so glad she is with me know I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather spend this time with. My phone vibrated in my pocket as Liam came and sat beside me I looked at the contact the sent me the message Mum;   Hey Maddy, you having good time? I hope your not, how comes your always the lucky bitch that gets what ever she wants well when you get back it, I can make sure you get nothing you want oh and dont forget me know will you, miss you so much :) xxx   I slam my phone shut sure that Liam just read the whole of that text..looks like my mum had been drinking I looked around at  the boys and smiled feeling a tear in my eye at that moment i was so happy i was here with the boys instead of at home where my mum could make my life hell and make me hate myself so much.   "Maddy why would she say that?"   Liam looked at me confused he reached out to grab my arm, I'd put a black cardigan on before leaving noticing a few of my cuts still taking there time to disappear, Liam took hold of the exact wrist that hurt the most as I winced at the pain Liam frowned getting even more worried as Harry walked over.   "Maddy"   Liam whispered before pulling my cardigan up a bit   "Stop!"   I shouted before standing up and pulling my cardigan down before storming out of the vip booth with Rachel following behind.   "Maddy wait, talk to me"   Rachel grabbed hold of my hand and walked me to the fire exit to get some air.   Harrys pov:   Omg so Liam somehow suspects and im going to have to tell him what she does. Liam looked at me as Maddy stormed out of the room.   "What Harry did you know?"   Liam looked angry but a bit hurt too and maybe a little scared. I nodded slowly before going and sitting next to Liam the boys gathering around us.   "Whats going on?"   Louis mumbled picking the right time to start being serious.   "Why Harry you should have told me shes my sister don't I deserve to know?"   "of course you do Liam but it wasnt my place to say okay, and she hasn't done it since she's been here I took the blades away, I told her I would help her she wanted to tell you in her own time"   The boys gasped as they suspected what we was talking about, Liam stood up telling us all he was going to get some air call Danielle and calm down ready to talk to Maddy.   Maddy and Rachel came back before Liam did Maddy looked like she had been crying but Rachel assured me that they had spoke and she was fine sometimes girls just need to cry. 10 minutes later Liam came in looking less pale and had pulled himself together, He made his way over to Maddy and they sat in the corner discussing things for a while I couldn't help but smile I was proud of the fact that I helped her to not do it again for a while and that Liam finally new and she didn't have to hide it. I wanted to go over and tell her this but it was to late it was time for our performance. I winked at her as me and the rest of the boys made our way down towards backstage.   Maddys Pov:   I grabbed Rachels hand pulling he the way the boys were going.   "Maddy were are we going I think its safer to stay here"   "yes its safer Rachel but when do we ever do anything safe?   "Were going to watch them from the bottom of the stage come on"   I said pulling her behind me as we got to the downstairs doors where the security was and were Paul the boys security/band manager was standing.   "Hey Maddy, Rachel um im not sure if its safe for you in there"   "Please Paul we will be fine"    I gave Paul my puppy dog eyes.   "okay but if you don't come out at the end of their performance then im sending the security guys in"   I thanked him and gave the security a smile before pulling Rachel in with me pushing through people and walking straight towards the bottom of the stage.   2 minutes later the start of what makes you beautiful fills the room as we see the boys come jumping on stage, I see Harry looking up at the vip box, a confuse frown on his face when he sees the box is empty I see him scan the crowd as his eyes catch mine and he gives out a smile before singing the chorus with the boys.        Authors notes;   This is just to let you know that there is more chapters still to come tonight, and im going to upload the next one straight away so please don't stop reading, and Thank you so much for faving and liking the story and also for sticking with it and reading it. It means so much to me! :)     Thank you all <3 <3 Katie :) x
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