Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


29. Meeting the Family/ I'll stand by you.

Maddy's pov;

I woke up, hearing hushed voices outside the bedroom door, I rolled over in the bed, to see Harry wasn't there. I felt some shooting pains in my stomach but new it was still effects from losing the baby. I got up remembering I was at Harry's home to meet his parents.

I grabbed my dressing gown and put it on over my shorts and t-shirt, before walking to the door and slowly opening it. To see Harry and his mum standing talking on the stairs.

"Oh morning, beautiful, can i get you anything"

Harry say's as he starts to walk over to me, I shake my head but then clutch my tummy and wince.

"Omg, darling are you okay, come downstairs and sit down, Ill get you some medicine"

Harry's mum sounded panicked, I smiled as much as I could, I really thought she would hate me. She tok my arm and walked me downstairs to make sure I was okay

"Im fine really, thank you, Mrs Styles"

She hushed me and rolled her eyes, before smiling.

"now then, Really you can call me Anne, and im not convinced that your fine missy"

I laugh as she helps me to the kitchen and sits me down on the chair, next to the table. I watch her go to the cabinet and get some medicine out, as she makes me a glass of orange juice and then places them on the table in front of me.

Harry comes down and im aware that he is standing in the hallway, I look at him as he stands biting his lip and looking at his mum.

"go on then darling, then we can chat, and get to know each other properly"

I smile and nod, before picking up the tablets and closing my eyes, flash backs come back to me; of when I had locked my door the night Harry left, when I took tablets and Sam thought I took them all.

Im aware of Harry come and sit beside me, he takes my other hand in his.

"Its okay, I know, Im here take them it will be fine"

he squeezes my hand as I put them in my mouth and swallow them taking a sip of the juice and putting it back on the table.

Anne walks over sitting the opposite side, she sits and sips her drink for a while just examining Harry and me for a while then smiles.

Anne- Well, its nice to finally meet you, Maddy, Harry's told me a lot about you.

Maddy- Its nice to meet you too, Harry never stops telling me about you and Gemma.

Harry- Well im happy your both meeting, hopeful you can meet Gemma soon, She cant wait to meet you!

Anne- so, Maddy, when will you have to return to Seattle? 

Harry- What?

Anne- Well for school, and your house?

Harry looked at me, his face went kind of pale.

Me- Well, urm I was originally only here for 9 weeks, so I only have a few more weeks, then I will have to return for my exams, and stuff.

Harry stood up and went over to the sink, looking out the window.

Anne- Oh, I see you haven't spoke about this yet, Im sorry, I didn't mean to cause any trouble.

Harry- It's fine mum, Really I guess its just my luck isn't.

He moves away from the sick and goes out into the garden, as I put my head in my hands and on the table.

Anne- Oh Darling Im sure everything will be fine, just he falls in love easily, he doesn't want to lose you, it will break his heart.

Maddy- I don't want to lose him either, but i have to go back, I mean I was going to move over after, for Liam to. I was going to do my Exams then sell the house, and move here So i could be with them all.

Anne - Ill talk to him Ill explain for you, it will be okay I promise.

She got up, giving me a hug and then walking out to him, leaving my sitting at the table.

"Oh, Hello, I thought you was still sleeping..Im Gemma"

I stood up smiling at her, Why didn't Harry say she was here?

"Oh Hello Gemma, Im Maddy, Harry never said you was here?"

She smiled and pulled me into a hug.

"Ahh, well they actually, don't know im here yet, I wanted to surprise you all"

She sat down and stared at me for a little while.

"Do you fancy going shopping later?"

She asked looking out the window, I looked where she was looking, and saw Harry&Anne walking back.

"Sure, I'd love too"

I stood up, as Harry and Anne entered the Kitchen, their faces went wide, when they saw Gemma.

"Omg Sis" Harry shouted running to her and giving her a hug.

"I've missed you too, little brother of mine"

Anne laughed and hugged her after Harry did.

Harry- Have you met Maddy, Gemma?

He walked over and took my hand lacing his fingers between mine and kissing my cheek.

Gemma- Yeah, we've been having a little chat, and we going to have some bonding time later on.

Gemma winked at me and ran to the hallway bringing back in a suitcase.

Gemma- I've actually brought presents, and well I got you one to Maddy, I don't know if you will like it, but I thought you would be here.

I smiled, but was surprised. Harry's family were acting like i'd been part of their lives for ages.

Was it because I as Liam's Sister?

She handed out Harry a present, she had bought him a statue of a cat but it had a sparkling diamond belly and engraved on the base was;

To My little Brother Harry

Lots of love

Gemma <3 x

He thanked her and hugged her again, as Anne opened her present, Gemma had gotten her a mum necklace that was also diamonds with a gold chain.

I sat looking at my present, and then opened it, inside was a gold bracelet and when I picked it up engraved on the back was;

Welcome to the Styles Family Maddy,

Lots of Love,

Gemma <3 x

I felt tears in my eyes as I looked up at her.

"Thank you so much, this is amazing"

Harry gasped as he looked over at what I was holding, I raised my eyebrows at him as he gasped.

"Are you trying to scare her off?"  Harry shouted at Gemma, I could see his face turning red.

"Harry dear, calm down, thats not what she is trying to do"

Anne said rolling her eyes and then smiling back at me, I was confused?

Why would it scare me off? Its just a bracelet?


I whispered, he turned around and bent down next to me taking my hand. He took the bracelet into his hands and stared at it for a while, then looked back up at me and taking a breathe.

Harry- Okay, Maddy. This isn't just a bracelet, We all have one, we all wear it on family occasions, to show were all united and its like a bond.

Gemma- I wanted to get you one, because I know how much you and Harry have been through, and that you two love each other more than anything. Your relationship is different, and i really think its forever. So I wanted you to feel part of the family, by having one of these bracelets its like official, for us, without marriage.

Harry- but.. I really need to know that your always going to be there, that you wont run when it gets tough  I mean I know i did quite a few times, but after I give you this, I promise I will not, I love you Maddy, and I will always stand by you, but i need to know you'd do the same.

Me- oh, Harry, I love you too, and you know I'll always stand by you. I promise you I wont ever let us go, I will fight through everything with you, side by side. I'll accept the bracelet I really want to be part of your family, your all incredible and I already love you all. 

Gemma and Anne cheered a little and smiled at each other as Harry nodded, and slipped on the bracelet.

Harry- Liams so going to kill me, but im telling him that you gave it to her Gemma!

Me- Harry, he wont kill you, I wont let him, and ill tell him I accepted it.

He hugged me and sat me on his lap, kissing me sotfly on the lips.

*Few hours later*

Me and Harry were sitting in the front room watching a film, Gemma&Anne went out shopping for food.

I sat looking at my bracelet and Harry looked down at it too putting his hand on mine, and then kissing my head.

"What are you thinking?"

He whispered, as i giggled, He new me to much, and i was a bit scared of that, I didnt know if that was a good thing or not.

"Well is this thing like a promise ring, but your family's version?"

He shrugged a little and then chuckled.

"I guess, but its also a promise bracelt thing for family members, just to make sure that the family stays together, where ever we are, far away or near by, we know we belong with our family, they kind of hold memories too"

I looked up into his eyes,

"thats Beautiful I love you Harry Edward Styles"

He kissed my lips and moved me so I was laying on the sofa, He leant over me so he was laying on top, and started to tickle my belly moving his hand down my leg.

"Styles, I dont think thats a good Idea, You've already had me pregnant once, Im 15 and were in your family's front room, where any minute they could walk in"

I mumbled as he continued to lean in closer to me.

"yeah..well I cant help it, plus they will be gone for ages, and they will never know, ever heard of yolo...I live dangerously"

I laughed as his lips met mine he reached over grabbing a blanket from under the coffee table.

"now if they do come in, they wont see as much"

I shook my head, This boy was crazy, but thats why I loved him, I went to sit up, but he lightly pushed me down again as I gave in and kissed him back feeling his hands make their way back down my body.



Authors note;

Hey, I felt the need to give you all another chapter, I dont know if you want me to carry on writing more of a story or finish it in like two chapters and then do a sequel? Its up to you guys, I could really do with feedback to let me know, as I don't know what to do with the story if you guys dont let me know. I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter, and the whole story really, I've loved writing this story and Im doing Imagines, If you want one, then just go to my One Direction Imagines Movella and comment, I will get on to it straight away!!


Thank you all so much!

<3 Katie :) x

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