Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


19. Meeting the Family/ Harry&Leah!x


Harry's pov:   I sat watching Maddy sleeping on the plane she looked so peaceful, when Liam pocked  me.   "hey styles is it normal to stare at people when they sleep then"   He whispered sending Louis into fits of laughter waking Maddy, she slowly sat up running her fingers through her hair she smiled at me and then asked how long we had left of the journey. I turned on the telly in front of me clicking on the flight page seeing the little image of the plane and the arrow for our destination,   "hmm around 20 minutes baby girl"   I leant over and kissed her on the head Liam and Louis making kissing noises behind us.   "grow up boys"   Maddy said turning around and poking her tongue out at them.   Liam's pov:   I felt a bit of pride looking at my sister she was being so brave an to know I was related to her was amazing. I knew how happy Harry was making her and how happy she was making Harry I couldn't help but smile as I looked at Harry watching Maddy sleep, I know it sounds creepy but I could see he was just checking on her from the way he looked at her. You could tell he just wanted to keep her safe and in his arms. I was still a little annoyed that they were together because Harry was like a brother to me all of the boys were and I knew if something happened I'd have to stand up for my sister, I'm the only family in London that she has apart from Laura her cousin who moved here a few years ago.   Me and Louis were laughing at something I had just said to Harry when I saw Maddy wake up she sat up and grinned talking to Harry and then turning around to us sticking her tongue out Before telling us to,   "grow up"   Which made Louis laugh even more. We only had around 20 minutes left and then we would be in Seattle I started to think about my Dad I hadn't seen him since I was 10 he moved away when I was only 6, but he kept coming back to visit. I thought of the way that he never even told me about Maddy and his new life, so meeting Maddy was like finding out everything new about my Dad and now I was finally going to meet the rest of his family. My cousins from my dads side and finally getting to meet Laura&Lucy. Madds told us all that it was only going to be a small gathering she said she didn't want to many people.   Maddys pov:   We finally landed we were in Seattle I got out my phone and sent a text to my Laura;   Hey cuz, so I've just landed in Seattle are you here yet or still in London can't wait to see you again you still living in same apartment?xxxx   I then typed out a text to Lucy before making my way with the boys and Sam to collect our luggage, Rachel had already run ahead because she was meeting her family and making her own way to the funeral tomorrow. ....Lucy;   Hey cuz, just landed in Seattle collecting bags and will be on way hope everyone's okay see you all soon..the boys can't wait to meat you all!xxx   Louis came over passing me my suitcase.   "you okay baby?"   He whispered taking my hand. For some reason all the boys called me baby but Harry said it in different way to the rest.   "yeah of course I'm fine, I have my superman with me don't I"   I squeezed his hand and looked him in the eyes I could see he wasn't convinced but him being Louis he just shrugged and pulled me into a hug. I could see all the paps going mental with their cameras taking photos of the boys and of me and Louis hugging.  None of the fans new about me and Harry yet we were keeping it quiet for a while so all the paps started shouting things like our you dating, I saw Harry got fed up with this so I let go of Louis and walked over to Harry, pulling my suitcase along. I took Harry's hand and whispered in his ear.   "I love you Harry Styles"   I saw him smile as he leant down.   "I love you two"   We waited for Niall to join us, noticing he had took time out to go get a sandwich we all laughed as wee headed out to the taxi. That my cousin had sent to get us. I let go of Harry hands and looped my arm round Sams.   "hey girly"   "well someones happy?"   I smiled at her ,   "yeah it's something about this place, makes me feel close to him and bring backs memory's"   We laughed and joked until we got out to the cab they boys slung the suitcases into the boot, letting Sam and me slide in first and then them in. Just as I was sitting Down waiting for Zayn to get in I felt my phone vibrating I pulled it out looking at the caller ID Laura;   Me-Hey cuz where abouts are you?   Laura- Hey I managed to get an early flight so I'm at Lucy's, Leah and everyone else is here she can't wait to see you.   Me- aww okay well we just got in the taxi on our way and awe my little Leah my little beaut of a cousin, does that mean mums there then with her sister Leah's mum?   Laura- okay we all can't wait to see you and the boys of course Leah keeps going on about Harry&Louis being her favourite, and no Madds your mum isn't here we didn't think you would want to see her for a while the police told us everything. But hey we will talk more when you get here yeah?   Me- okay yeah I'm err going to go then we won't be long by cuz love you    Laura- bye love you too.   I was really close to my cousin Laura more than I was to Lucy because Laura was closest to my age being 19 whereas Lucy was in her 20s. I was sitting day dreaming when Liam put his arm around me.   "what you worried about sis?"   I looked at him.   " you know me too well, I was just worried about tomorrow with my mum and everything she knows I told the police everything what's she going to do to me Liam?"   ... Liam turned himself around taking my hands and looking me straight in the eyes.   " she won't do anything to you princess because we won't let her I won't let her, as long as we're around you we will help you as much as we can and were always going to be here for you just try not to worry"   I nodded and looked at Louis laughing at him blowing me a kiss.   "your soo immature Lou!"   I said chuckling at him.   A while later we were pulling up outside we all got out dragging our suitcases along to the front door, as I knocked I heard everyone inside shouting and I heard Laura's fimiliar voice as she came to the door.   As soon as he opened it she threw herself into my arms holding on to me.   "aww Madds I've missed you so much, this must be really hard for you come in"   She looked at the boys smiling at each one .   "hey Madd you never told me they all were so good looking"   I saw Louis blush as I winked at him.   "haha yeah hey Laura this is Louis"   Laura stepped aside letting them all in.   "hey Louis, everyones in the back garden Madds so just drop the suitcases in the hall and go on through".   I Walked along the well known house remembering all the times I baby sat for Leah seeing as her and my aunt spent a lot of time here. As soon as we walked into the big back garden I saw everyone sitting around the pool Leah playing with her dollys. I creeped up behind her.   "oh Leah so I don't get a hug then?"   I said pulling a sad face.   "MADDY!"   She screamed running and jumping into my arms,   "hello beautiful what's my big girl been up to then?"   I waved and said hello to everyone else introducing the boys and Liam leaving them to talk as I climbed up the tree house with Leah to talk to her;    Me- what you been up to Leah?   Leah- nothing really, mummy said I can't go tomorrow and I've missed you so much Maddy. The other night I couldn't sleep and I just wanted you to sing me to sleep.   Me- aww Leah you know you can call me whenever  you want how about I'll sing you to sleep tonight, yeah and I think your mummy's right it's not a nice place for you to go too, but it won't be long before we come home and you can see me and the boys then.   Leah- Maddy?...can I meet Harry and Louis?   Right at that point Harry crawled up the tree house ladder knocking on the wall.   "can I come in please?"   Harry said with puppy dog eyes Leah laughed and replied with a yes, Harry came In and sat next to me kissing me on the cheek.   Leah- are use to together?   Harry- yeah we are, Maddy is amazing isn't she? And I love her so much!   Leah- yes she is! Maddy's going to sing me to sleep tonight. Harry? Your my favourite out of one direction can I have your autograph?   Me- you know Maddy for a 6 year old you really are intelligent and more mature than Louis!   This made Leah laugh.   "well she must get it from  You"   Harry replied lifting Leah up and sitting her on his lap.   " and of course you can little princess"   He said giving her a kiss on her head.   "your my second favourite girl so know I have my two favourite girls with me, my princess and my little princess"   Harry took my hand and I leaned on him putting my head on his shoulder and using my other hand to tickle Leah.   "I've miss you so much Leah"    We had a BBQ for dinner and after dinner before it started to get late the boys sat round the bonfire and Niall played his guitar as they took it in turns to sing, Niall starting of with stereo hearts and then Louis taking over with Valeria.Then Zayn singing I got a feeling, lastly Liam and Harry singing torn.  My family clapped the boys at the end telling them how amazing they were none of my family apart from Laura and Leah new I could sing but they would soon find out.   It was now half 8 and it was time to put Leah to bed and say goodnight to Louis after I got him to stop running around the garden giving her piggy backs. She said goodnight to everyone, the boys each giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek as me and Harry led her upstairs to her bedroom. I helped her get her pjs on and picked her up putting her down on her bed , pulling her duvet over her as I softly started singing a song I knew I could get Harry to sing along to. I started the two lines and then left the rest for him to sing;   Me- isn't she lovely, isnt she wonderful Isnt she precious.   Harry- less than one minute old, and I never thought through love wed be making one as lovely as she. Oh isn't she lovely made from love.   We both Sang that last line again together just looking at Leah with her eyes closed;   oh isn't she lovely, made from lovee.    I gently planted a kiss on her head Harry then doing the Same before he walked over to me, putting his hand on my waiste.   "your amazing with children "   He whispered in my ear before pulling me closer and locking his lips on mine the kiss was passionate and lasted a few minutes leaving butterflies in my tummy. I smiled into the kiss before I pulled away taking his hand and walking back down stairs announcing to my family that we were going to go to bed . Seeing as we had to be up early and the plane had left them really tired I gave them all a hug before showing the boys the rooms they were staying in.   Louis&Liam in one room and Zayn&Sam in the same room as Niall.   "night guys"   I whispered careful not to wake Leah, I gave Liam a hug good night.   "night sis don't worry tomorrow will be okay get some sleep "   I nodded before Harry picked me up and carried me into our room because I was too tired to walk he put me on the bed leaning over me before tickling me.   "Harry stop!..Harry!"   I managed to get out in between laughs Harry finally stopped just staring into my eyes a look in his eyes that showed pure lust as he breathed deeply and bit his bottom lip.   I put my arms around his neck and pulled him down kissing him on the lips, Harry kissing me back again and again and then pushed me further up the bed getting up and locking the door before returning to me and taking off his top and getting into bed. He hovered over me before I felt the whole weight of his body on top of mine as he ran his fingers through my hair.   "I love you Maddy!"   He whispered, before carrying on.             Authors note;   Hey please continue to read, There are more chapters that i'm going to upload now and the rest of the night for you, I'll probably be up till like 1 in the morning uploading and writing again :)     Thank you for the comments/ likes and favs Your all Amazayn!!xx   <3 Katie :) x 
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