Maddy's perfect Life? [Complete]

Okay, so I wasn't going to add any stories for a while, as I have a lot to update with, but I recently found this one and its nearly completed so I thought I would just put it on anyway I hope you enjoy, and If I get enough likes I might do a sequel.

Its about a young girl named Maddy. Its a Harry fan-fiction. Thats all Im going to say, If you want to know more then you'r going to have to read.

Also im sorry if anything is spelt wrong, or anything offensive, I did write this about a year ago, when I had no Idea and had no experience of writing a fan fic.

Thank you!x
<3 Katie x


26. Maddy Comes home! :) x


Maddys pov:   We pulled up outside the house, Danielle was waiting outside with a nervous smile on her face, but when she saw I was looking she stopped the nervous look and smiled rushing over to the car.   "Oh Maddy are you okay?"   I nodded I hadn't really spoke since I woke up and Zayn and Harry told me to go back to sleep. Liam came round taking my arm and I shoved him of.   "I can walk myself I haven't lost a limb!"   I looked at him as he mumbled,   "yeah sorry"   and looked at the ground and back up at me as I burst into tears and through my arms round him.   "Im sorry I shouldn't have shouted"   He hugged me back and kissed me on the cheek.   "Its Okay Madds it's not your fault"   I heard Harry sigh behind me and him having a conversation with Louis quietly. I looked around we were still standing outside there were a couple of fans outside, to welcome me home and  paps were just starting to show up, taking pictures of everything going on, which wasn't much right now I gulped and tried to smile but it wouldn't come. I looked at Danielle for help and she nodded.   "Hey Madds why don't we go inside and I'll make us all a cup of tea?"   I nodded again and followed Danielle inside walking up the stairs slowly and having to sit down when I felt a pain in my stomach. Harry was behind me the other still talking to paps and fans.   "Maddy what's wrong?"   "Nothing Haz im fine just a twinge"   I took a few big breathes before standing up as I want to walk again, Harry put his hand on my shoulder turnt me around and kissed me softly on the lips. He bent down one arm under my back and the other under my legs and picked me up and started walking.   I looked at him and we caught eyes for a moment and I couldn't help but smile.   "If your hurt you can't walk"   He mumbled winking at me before focussing on where he was going. The others were now behind us . I saw them all smiling as I realised this is the first time since I woke up this afternoon that I've even spoke and let Harry come near me. I sighed as Harry put me down inside the flat and I turn't to Danielle slowly walking over to the kitchen.   "Hey Dan do you think you could bring my tea up, I really need some more sleep"   She looked at me a concerned look on her face she looked back at Harry and then nodded at me.   "Sure I'll bring it up in a minute babe"   I walked over to the cupboard getting some painkillers out and swallowing them, Liam tutting at me as he came over and Handed me a bottle of water.   "Your not meant to take them without a drink missy"   He smiled as I gulped down some water.   "ah stop worrying, Im going to go for a lay down sorry guys"   They all nodded apart from Harry, he just looked at the floor then walked over to the couch putting his head in his hands. I felt the tears forming in my eyes and I quickly rubbed them.   "wow so tired"   I turned around and slowly started to walk up the stars. I just changed into Harry's jogging bottoms and one of Louis tops when I felt my phone vibrating. I looked at it.   "Incoming call..  Rachel;"   I sighed before pressing the answer button;   Rachel- Omg Madds are you okay, I mean I've just found out from twitter.   Me- oh, to be honest no im not okay but i don't really want to talk about it.   Rachel- I know im sorry that was a stupid question, oh babe im so sorry hows everyone coping though?   Me- They all are apart from Harry and well me, they all keep fussing.   Rachel- and Harry?   Me- Haven't spoke much I cant Rachel everytime I see him or talk to him I just picture what we could have had.   Rachel- Oh babe you need to talk to him you can't ignore him forever and he loves you and he wanted it to but try and think how he is feeling right now too.   Me- Yeah maybe, sorry but I got to go I need some sleep..sorry   Rachel- okay no problem we will talk soon bye   I ended the call, putting my phone back on the bedside table and turning over pulling the duvet up over my face and letting all the tears come. I don't know how long I'd been like that for before I felt someone sit on the side of the bed. I wiped my eyes and looked up to see Danielle sitting there.   "Hey Madds don't cry whats wrong?"   I sat up, I wanted to tell her everything, but I still sensed her nervousness in her voice, I was going to ask her what's wrong when Zayn came walking in he smiled at me.   "Liam told me to bring your dinner up he told me to tell you that you have to eat"   He placed it down on my table as he sat next to me on the bed the other side to Danielle.   "Im not hungry"   Zayn sighed as he heard the shouting start up downstairs I shushed everyone to hear what it was about and could hear Harry's voice.   "You sent him, why didn't you send me? do you not want me to talk to her?"   I heard Liams voice trying to quiet him down.   "Harry of course i want you to talk to her, just you was busy zayn wasn't so I sent him, Danielles up there to its fine"    Louis- Harry come on just sit down mate and calm down   Harry-  No you know what Liam you have never approved of me and Maddy and you never wanted me to to talk to her in the first place. So Im going, there you can get what you want now, I don't know maybe you want Zayn and Maddy to be together because Zayn's perfect and doesn't make mistakes.    Zayn kissed my head.   "Its okay im going to go sort this"   Danielle took my hand as I started to cry.   "What does he mean he's going were?"   She shook her head as we Heard Zayn go into the front room.   "Oh done with my girlfriend now are you?"   "I thought we sorted this Harry, I told you the only feelings I have for her is the ones that Niall and Louis does she's one of my best friends and thats it"   I heard Harry snarl, as I heard Keys jangle and the door slam shut I couldn't help but scream his name were was he going. I ran to the window opening it as Harry heard and looked up winking at me but tears were falling down his cheeks.   I put my hand to the window, as I couldn't do anything but watch him get into his car, start the engine and drive away. I closed the window and sank to the floor, so now I'd lost a baby and my boyfriend was life even worth living?.   Danielle walked over.   "Im going to go see were he went okay, ill be back in a minute, there's some painkillers on the table"   I waited till I heard her go downstairs before getting up and locking the door, seeing a glass on my dressing table and without thinking throwing it across the room hearing it smash. I heard Danielle gasp downstairs and the boys shout my name, they came running up the stairs as I walked over to my table picking up the pack of painkillers and my drink, before sitting back down on the floor. I heard Liam and the boys try to open the door and then panicked when it was locked.   "Maddy, Maddy are you okay , let us in?"   I opened the pack and swallowed two painkillers debating whether to take them all, as I saw the glinting glass on the floor and seeing the few scars,  I have fading on my arm. I stretched over picked a big piece  up shouting ouch and wincing as I wasn't ready for the sharp bit to touch my skin yet, as I heard them all banging on the door again.   "Maddy please let us in what are you doing?"   Liams voice sounded so scared, but I couldn't let them in. I didn't want to do this anymore, everything went quiet outside though and I took the glass, took a breathe and sliced my first cut to the skin. Opening as soon as the glass touched it. I sighed at the relief of the blood pouring out from my arm. I was about to make my second cut when I heard a noise from my bathroom as, I saw the door open and Zayn come running in.   "No Maddy"   He shouted as I looked up and threw the glass away from me, I screamed in anger and pain. Zayn shook his head before turning the key in the door and letting the others in I put my head in my hands as I saw the look on my brothers face the tears in his eyes. Sam came running upstairs.   "Hey guys I've finished work what's going.....on"   I new she was stood in the doorway looking down at the pool of blood on the floor and the cut on my arm and the painkillers by my side.   "Maddy how many of these did you take?"   She picked up the pack sliding the pack out of the box and seeing only two had gone I heard her sigh. Danielle came and sat by the side of me away from the blood taking my other hand.   "im so sorry Maddy I should never have left you"   I shook my head as Zayn got the first aid kit and started wiping the blood of my arm.   "No he should never have left me, Why? Where has he gone? I can't do this without him Dan"   I saw Liams fist clench, the anger in his face as he walked out the room dialling a number on his phone..   "Where the hell are you, you better listen to this and get back here she needs you stop being so selfish and get back heer..she's already done something stupid are you trying to hurt her". I heard him walk back into the room and sit on the bed.   "Maddy why did you do this?"   Sam rolled her eyes.   "Not now Liam it will depress her more, Maddy I think we need to get you some counselling, did you ever have any after your dads funeral?"   I shook my head and Heard Liam mumble.   "she wouldn't go so there was no point in making an appointment" . Sam got up asking everyone to wait downstairs, Liam at first not wanting to leave me but after a while he did knowing I wasn't alone. Zayn looked at me.   "Looks like im starting a habit of finding you like this princess"   Zayn had finished fixing up my arm and cleaning away the blood from the floor.   "I know im so Sorry Zayn for everything"   He shook he head leaning back and pulling me into a hug.   "don't be Madds your my best friend I love you and hate to see you like this"   I looked at Sam to see her smiling.   "Its okay Maddy I love you both"   I smiled as Sam sat the other side of me and Joined the hug.   "I love you guys so much but I need Harry"   "I know"   They both said together as I put my head on Sams shoulder and closed my eyes hoping that when I next open them Harry will be at my side.         Authors Note;   Hope you enjoy i might be able to put another few chapters on tonight, it all depends really, hope you all like it please continue to Comment, fav and like. Your all amazing thanks for reading!   <3 Katie x      
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